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I decided to pick this book up after watching Zodiac which was completely enthralling, however this was not the case for this book.The book was definitely well researched as it contains information from various sources,witnesses and reports.The book goes into extreme detail which was interesting at times but most of the time, it was just too much.

It feels as if Robert Graysmith just dumped all of his findings into the book without editing anything.Some of the details feel completely irrelevant or miniscule enough to leave out, like the fact the witness was wearing a watch or how their hair looked.The massive loads of information dumps made the book incredibly hard to read at times and nearly put me to sleep.

Zodiacis a short enough book but I really did find it hard to sift through this,I kept telling myself I'd read more but most days I couldn't force myself to pick up the book again.I constantly found myself zoning out, despite the gripping facts but they were presented in such a boring manner as the important aspects of the book, were attached to plenty of irrelevant facts.

The mystery of the Zodiac himself was intriguing along with his numerous letters and writings.The rare photographs inside of the book were interesting and I enjoyed examining them.The book did get exciting when it came to the two main suspects who act in peculiar ways.

I much preferred the film to this, this could have been a great book if it was edited better and the writing was adjusted. Let's say you're a serial killer. Now let's say what gets you off more than anything except your killings, is to taunt the cops with letters that mock their inability to catch you. You, of course, do not want to be caught, but there is always the possibility.

Now let's say you just happen to work at a famous newspaper, one of the papers to which you like to send your letters. How lucky for you, or how wonderfully designed, because as a member at the paper you are insinuated into the investigation, giving you access to evidence and the actual police working on the case.

Now let's say you're an artist. An artist who is capable of duplicating the "killer's" writing if you want. No one will later suspect when you "figure out" how the killer writes his cryptograms. But then you take it a step further and announce you are going to write the definitive book on the killer.

Suddenly you have even more evidence being heaped in your lap, and now you are able to fix many of the mistakes of the police. No one would possibly suspect you.

Now you want everyone to know who you've killed, so you reveal all your victims in the book, suggesting that they are "possible" victims while knowing they are far more than "possible." How marvelously taunting, and how much more superior does it make you than the police?

But it gets better. Now that you are writing the book, you can talk to the police, in every county, about their suspects, and you can choose the suspect they most like and speculate at will about that suspect's guilt, fully deflecting the investigation from yourself while you gleefully go on with your life, writing about yourself and your life's great work until Hollywood comes knocking and asks to make a movie of not just your obsessive killing life but your obsessive writing life.

Everything that you've written, the fiction of you and the fact of your killings, is now being made by one of Hollywood's greatest living directors, and unbeknownst to him or anyone elseyou are the killer. It is the ultimate joke. The ultimate gag. The ultimate mystery. And you can now die as the most famous uncaught serial killer since Jack the Ripper (or is that Walter Sickert?).

Now wouldn't that be something?

Things to keep in mind before you read this.

1) Have you seen the movie? Because going by reviews here, if you see the movie first, you won't like the book. I suspect because people can't grasp the idea that the movie can get away with more in the name of entertainment than something sitting on the True Crime shelves can. This is "true crime," not "fiction based on a real event." Also, the movie covers things in the author's real life, which the book isn't about to do. They're just different. Stop being that person who disparages a book because of a movie, or vice versa. They can all be good and different. How did I even get on a rant? Next!

2) Every bit of nonfiction has biases. Anyone dedicating enough of their time to write a book on a topic will be biased in some ways in all cases. Anyone dedicating so much time to a murder case that their wife leaves them over it is going to be crazy biased. Just keep that in mind before reading any nonfiction, especially True Crime.

3) This is about the victims. The Zodiac killer was never caught, so it's not like we have interviews with him, or a diary, or other evidence from his home. There are the letters, but those are meticulously designed for the public by the killer, so those only say so much. What this means is that a book about the Zodiac killer is a book about the victims. We get background about them, especially the early victims, and what can be pieced together from the crime scenes. But note that this isn't a book where you can learn about how a serial killer ticks because he is never caught. Everything in that vein is guesswork. It's still very interesting to go over the evidence, but keep in mind what you're getting into. Lots of detail about the victims actions the evenings in question, and then some guesswork about their actual deaths.

Ok, you cool with those three and are still here? This entire case is fascinating. The beginning of this book starts slow due to the aforementioned talking about victims, but I ended up getting through the last 2/3rds in a sitting, so it gets going after a bit. By far the most interesting aspect of this case are the letters Zodiac sends to newspapers. I was mostly on audiobook, so I don't know if the book proper has photos, but if not, or you are also on audiobook, be sure to check out the photos of the letters. https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Zodiac...

The book is pretty heavyhanded with minor details that aren't important, but I chalked that up to being forced to tell a story when the author doesn't have most of it. And he's not a writer. I still enjoyed it all a lot, but it isn't always a super smooth read. Again, not an author. He only has half a story, if that. And it's in True Crime, so he can't just make up mess to fill in the gaps. Though I will admit to a couple of "what? That's too coincidental" before reminding myself that this all actually happened. Life is insane.

The largest problem I have with the book, which I enjoyed and recommend, is the last 20ish percent. I mentioned biases previously. Our author has some extremely strong biases against a particular suspect that he goes full ham on in the last portion of the book. That the suspect was never charged should tell you immediately that the evidence isn't as strong as the author is making it out to be. That the suspect died a few years after this book came out and there wasn't any evidence in his house after hurts the author's case even more.

But! Other than that, it's a strong book. I obviously can't tell you if anything in it is accurate, but I'm not reading it in order to attempt to solve the case. I'm just here to read about one of the most interesting serial killers in US history.

Yes, Maximus. I was quite entertained.