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New haircut Looks lovely, thank you I ll gladly pay 100 pounds for it.Sex with fianc Yes, it was great, very satisfying.No, you do not look fat in that dress.Meet Natalie Butterworth She tells white lies Wait, did I just describe every human being ever Imagine what would happen if your ability to tell lies got taken away from you It happened to Natalie, and it s every bit as humiliating and awkward as you can imagine Natalie becomes the victim of a hypnotist and can only tell the truth when she s asked a question.So when her fianc asks her how the sex was, she goes,Well, you know Short Could have been longer Longer time wise, I mean, not willy wise though, of course, that would be lovely too I didn t have an orgasm, but what else is new, heyAnd when the shopkeeper asks Natalie what she thinks of the sweater she s making for her husband, it gets even worseI told her that even if I was stranded stark bollock naked in deepest Alaska with only a perverted old Eskimo with skin disease to keep me warm through intimate cuddling, I would still refuse to wear itNeedless to say, a very long list of problems starts piling up She has to tell her mom and sister that she hates what they ve done with the wedding preparations, her fianc refuses to speak to her, she can t do her work properly, and worst of all, she can t find that bloody hypnotist again.So she goes on a wild rabbit chase with her best friend Meg to find this hypnotist, and they end up in his hometown, Little Trooley Little Trooley has an old and rustic bar called The Old Whimsy The Old Whimsy has a very charming and handsome bartender called Riley You probably don t need me to tell you what s going to happen Natalie Butterworth thinks Riley is very shagadelic, which poses a whole new range of problems, because she s engaged and he has a girlfriend On top of that, the villagers are loving Natalie s problem and are glad to help her make it public.But it wouldn t be chicklit if nothing went wrong Sod s law and all that Yours Truly was completely and utterly hilarious Natalie was such a cute and ditsy main character she actually made the Must dash Haha, moustache joke and I d love to have her as a friend Also because this woman knows how to cook, and she loves food as much as the next personBut you can cook You know about food Yes I suppose I can cook and I do know about food I love food I eat a lot of itInstant BFFs, am I right But really, this book made me smile and laugh than I can count It was painful in its awkwardness, but so incredibly funny, and really very cute.So why not 5 stars You know that part in the book, nearing the end, where everything has to go wrong, only for everything to be right again I thought that part was a little hectic too many things going wrong and it made me a little tired Other than that, I d recommend this book to anyone who needs a good laugh, because for that purpose, it s absolutely perfect. Yours Truly is brilliant, entertaining and downright enjoyable Feel free to include some superlatives in there at your convenience as they are all deserved Kirsty Greenwood is a fabulous author and I am eager to read anything else she writes In parts the storyline reminded me a bit of Liar Liar, but in a very loose way I loved every single second of this book, which I read in one sitting. If you re looking for a FUN and light read, this one is for you Sure you had said a little white lie, right To not hurt someone feelings or to spare your own.The thing is Natalie is constantly saying it No,I m not saying she is a compulsive liar, she got to the point she doesn t want to let anyone down So the story starts with her at the hairdresserwhere she gets the most HIDEOUS haircut ever, just weeks before her wedding She wants to say somethingthat she hate it, that it s awful, that she is not going to pay for itbut she doesn t want to hurt her feelings so she lies.Then, she got home and her sister and mom,have bought her wedding dress How in the world she doesn t have the right to choose her dress And this one is ugly, it have all the things she doesn t like in a dress And of course, she can t say she loathes the dress To put the cherry in the top of the cake, she have dinner with her fiance.he made it himself Oh a guy that can cook, pretty much heaven Wrong It taste like rabbit food, and she is the expert,her dream is to become a chef.To add to that, the sex is just blagh, she never have orgasms with him At this point, we already establish she have a BIG problem We just want her to tell everyone what she is really thinking and OH BOY, do we get that One night, she goes to the hypnotist with her best friend Meg and while everyone things the Amazing Brian is a fake, because it didn t worked on Meg, Natalie discovers the hard way she was the one hypnotized.Are you guessing, how did she finds out After her fiance asks after sex, How was that, then, baby Well, you know Short Could have been longer Longer time wise, I mean, not willy wise, though of course, that would be lovely too I didn t have an orgasm, but what else is new,hey You ve left me unsatisfied, if truth be told, Olly Yep, every time anyone ask her a question, she has to tell the absolute TRUTH What can only delivers truly hilarious and embarrassing moments Now Natalie must track down the hypnotist to make him, turn it off how else she is going to get married or live like a normal person In the quest to find Brian, she meets Rilley She never got so attracted to anyone beforeOh wonderful sexual tension Everything just gets complicated, when you can only say the truth,right I just loved this story, it cracked me up and made me feel all fuzzy inside,ehehe.Just FUN, FUN, FUN 5 hilarious stars I tried to like this one, but ultimately the character of Natalie worked my nerves The premise of her getting hypnotized to tell the truth was truly hilarious in a couple of places, but I don t think the author did enough with it And in the end, she wasn t that great IMHO considering that she went from being a doormat to just being a jerk about things and not discussing them I did like the ending with her choosing herself though, and we do get a nice HFN.Natalie is slated to marry her boring, but nice fiancee She is troubled though by him saying that she s almost perfect talking about her weight And it doesn t help her mother and sister chose her wedding dress she looks like a bedazzled ice skater And she has a job she hates with a boss who talks down to her When she and her best friend go out to a pub to meet a hypnotist, Natalie wakes up to find that if she is asked a direct question she has to tell the truth Trying to track down the hypnotist has Natalie traveling back and forth to Little Trooley while trying to make amends with her fiancee and family.Natalie is kind of a beige character I didn t feel for anyone who just lets everyone walk all over them Natalie s reasons are that her father left her mother, so she now has to be close and do whatever she says Same issue with her sister forcing her to dog watch, and her eating food she doesn t like and having boring 5 minute sex with her fiancee She is just passive to her own life When Greenwood has her telling the truth, I did crack up a few times But it just got old after a while Natalie apparently can t be anything but blunt and rude when telling the truth so you go from feeling sorry for her, to feeling sorry for the people she s talking to.The other characters read as wafer thin in this one Natalie s two love interests, interested me not at all Especially since one of them had a girlfriend and that whole thing turned into a mess that had me not liking anyone.The writing was okay, I wish that we had spent time on Natalie s love of cooking When the author went in that direction I found myself interested The flow was not good though Natalie runs away from Little Trooley I think like three times I was tired of her going back and forth there to look for the hypnotist and it wasn t plotted very well The ending was good with Natalie setting out to do something for herself, but she gets a nice surprise and a HFN ending. This book was an easy, entertaining read that I truly enjoyed However I gave it only three stars because when I first read the summary, truth telling spell, or hypnotism, my expectation went super high, and, as it often happens, great expectations are hard to attain to The beginning annoys you at almost an unbearable level, you want to shout to Natalie Come on girl, don t be such a push over this way Greenwood builds enough tension in you that when the truth telling part arrives you are demanding some retribution for Natalie However, I wished the long due confrontation with some of the other characters had momentum and force hence the three stars instead of four.Overall the book is witty, smooth running, and relaxing Towards the end there are also some unexpected turns of events that make the overall plot less predictable. Also posted on This Chick ReadsCopy provided by author in exchange for an honest review If you re a fan of chick lit, you must be familiar with the ultimate chick lit blog Novelicious Before becoming an author, Kirsty was known for her great, honest reviews on this blog, inspiring chick lit enthusiasts with her writing and recommendations I was over the moon when I heard she decided to make the leap and publish her own novel It s a rather brave step, being a blogger you are so familiar with the things bloggers like and dislike But, despite being very good in reviewing I must say the day she decided to write her own book is probably one of the biggest days in the history of modern chick lit As a reader and a fan of this genre, I m truly grateful to her for giving us this fantastic and enjoyable comedy.The story is brilliant, centered around Natalie Butterworth, engaged to be married to quite a boring chap if I may add One day she attends a hypnotist s night at the local pub with her friend and that s when things start getting weird Instead of hypnotizing her friend, she s the one who ends up as a victim of the spell Natalie has always been very kind, telling the odd little white lie here and there, just so she won t insult anyone I actually know a person like this in the real life, and I am in awe of these type of people They do everything for others, hardly ever tell their own opinion for whatever the reason, and still end up underestimated and unacknowledged for whatever they do Truth be told, it really isn t even healthy to be that nice and not speaking out about your own needs But anyway, I could understand Natalie and liked her from the beginning But when that spell starts working, she s not able to tell even the smallest lie, when asked a question she says only the truth This was hilarious, as noone was expecting this from Natalie and was shocked to see her literally pouring out truth in everyone s faces That s what I liked the most about this book, the brilliant concept As I said, baring in mind Kirsty has read god knows how many chick lits before publishing her own work, must have added stress and burden to her Coming up with an original plot after reading so many great books, must have been tough But Kirsty pulled it off and I applaud to her for that I was engaged throughout, rooting for Natalie, slightly hating her fiance but we are supposed to hate him, I guess and giggling till the very last page Yours Truly is one of these feel good reads which you will devour in a sitting or two Very entertaining and surely would look magnificent on the big screens Who knows, with so many great chick lits being made into movies, I honestly don t see a reason why this one shouldn t It s got all the necessary ingredients to be a hit Fantastic debut and a must read for all chick lit rom com women s fiction fans Kirsty s second novel will be published April 2015 and I m than excited about it Smashing debut, can only imagine how awesome her second novel will be. Originally reviewed at Novel Escapes Move over Sophie Kinsella and let Kirsty Greenwood wiggle in beside you Yes, this is an incredibly bold statement, but Greenwood s debut novel, Yours Truly, is so similar in voice and style to Kinsella that I couldn t wait to shout it from rooftops, so I bumped all my other reviews to post this one I loved every word, and you will too Seriously funny, fast paced, with perfect comedic timing, Yours Truly has brilliant characters to root for and a fabulous storyline This is chick lit at its best Pick this one up NOW Meet Natalie Butterworth She likes to keep the status quo She tells everyone what they want to hear Then one evening out with her bestie she s accidentally hypnotized to never tell a lie Only she has no idea She returns to her cozy, secure and peaceful life with new fiance, Olly, and when he asks her a question, she answers, a brutally honest assessment flying from her lips that s far from complementary Astonished, horrified, and dismayed at her outburst and offending her finance, Natalie Butterworth discovers she can t stop telling the truth and her perfect life begins to unravel.This novel is absolutely hilarious I laughed so hard I cried, I giggled throughout and I couldn t help but smile at Natalie s adventures and got than one who s the nutter glance on the subway as I tried to control my laughter I m fairly certain Yours Truly is the funniest book I ve ever read Period What could be funnier than having a main character that has absolutely no control over the truth spurting from their mouths when asked a question Even the little white lies we all tell each other to protect those we love are blurted out as the truth, never mind the bigger things we may want to keep to ourselves The possibilities were endless and I frantically flipped pages to see the trouble Natalie s truth telling would get her into and whether she would find the hypnotist in the tiny village of Trolley before it was too late to salvage everything she loved in her life.I love novels where the heroine realizes that life isn t quite what she wants it to be and then pushes it forward in the right direction, regardless of the kind of shove she gets You can t help but root for Natalie She s really lovely, even with her pushover ways I loved seeing her growth and realizations I enjoyed the ending I teared up I really enjoyed it Really Got that yet No Ok, here s I loved the tiny English village, the dreamy bartender, her bestie Meg and even her overbearing sister and mother The entire cast of characters was well drawn and delightful Holy Foccachia is my newest, most favourite phrase, especially with the need to eliminate foul language around young parroting nieces and nephews.Yours Truly is a fabulous debut from Kirsty Greenwood Fans of Sophie Kinsella s Shopaholic series and Lindsey Kelk s I Heart series will love this one This book should be made into a movie Really.I can t wait to see what else Kirsty Greenwood gives us next FYI This novel is heavy on Britishisms, so if you re not familiar, it may detract from your enjoyment I ve read so much British Chick Lit that it didn t deter me, but wanted to throw that out there You can always read the preview on. Loved this, Kirsty Greenwood s writing is very much like Trisha Ashley and Sophie Kinsella who I love would highly recommend this to anyone who likes the sophisticated style of chick lit (EBOOK) ⚟ Yours Truly µ Your Bum Does Not Look Big In That DressMmm, It Tastes Delicious Of Course You Re Better Looking Than Jon HammNewly Engaged Natalie Butterworth Is An Easy Going Girl She Ll Do Anything For A Quiet Life And If Telling A Few Teensy White Lies Keeps Her Friends And Family Happy, Then So What It S Not Like They Ll Ever Discover What She S Really Thinking Until One Night, Thanks To A Pub Hypnotist, Natalie S Most Private Thoughts Begin To Bubble Up And Pop Out Of Her Mouth Things Get Very Messy Indeed Especially When Some Sticky Home Truths Offend Her FiancNatalie Must Track Down The Hypnotist Before The Wedding Is Officially Cancelled So Along With Bad Influence Bestie Meg, Natalie Finds Herself In The Yorkshire Parish Of Little Trooley A Small Village Bursting With Big Secrets, Nosy Old Folk And Intriguing Wellington Wearing MenWhen The Girls Get Stranded In The Village With No Means Of Escape And No Way To Break The Hypnotist S Spell, Natalie Is Forced To Face The Truths She Has Been Avoiding Her Whole Life Una stellina troppo C una sola definizione plausibile per questa infima sottospecie di carta straccia, ed merda Vorrei essere pi raffinata e composta, ma, date le circostanze, il rispetto che sento di nutrire verso il mio gusto letterario me lo vieta Vorrei usare un linguaggio pi soft, ma sarebbe una mancanza di riguardo per il resto dei libri di tutto il mondo Pensate che giusto qualche secondo fa, quando ho cercato di aggiungere questa lettura ai miei scaffali, mi si aperta una finestra con scritto fail Pure le piattaforme virtuali hanno ben presenti i livelli cui si abbassa questo aborto.Ma qui l unica da incolpare sono io Ebbene s , mea culpa Cercavo qualcosa di ultra leggero per riuscire a superare un periodo di sovraccarico mentale, e invece mi sono ritrovata a dover tenere a bada conati di vomito per via di un romanzetto Per me, un reato Comunque sia, agevolata dal fattore e book portami dove ti pare e allettata dalla falsa carineria dei primi capitoli, ahim , ho continuato questa scalata del dolore Ma il vero e proprio masochismo da parte mia ha inizio solo dopo, quando, ormai quasi a met , mi rendo conto di non potercela fare e continuo lo stesso, saltando una pagina s e una no per tentare di salvare la poca materia grigia rimastami Sono arrivata alla fine con la sensazione di essere stata truffata in modo venti volte pi beffardo e infingardo di quanto non lo sia stata la beneamata protagonista di questa commedia dell orrore romantica e di aver buttato nel cesso due giorni della vita.Ma perch Come per magia da considerarsi pari a un incontro ravvicinato con una folta macchia di cactus Innanzitutto e questa banale da dire, lo so, ma devo dirla ugualmente scritto male Avete presente la teoria delle scimmie dattilografe Avrebbero fatto di meglio Sicuramente avrebbero avuto pi fantasia, non avrebbero seminato qua e l , a caso, qualche termine ricercato per ostentare una inesistente propriet di linguaggio, avrebbero saputo fare a meno di ridondanti ehm e mmm per rendere credibile una scrittura in prima persona e al tempo presente che d l impressione di essere immotivata e priva di significato quanto una tempesta a cielo sgombro, non sarebbero scaduti nell abuso di punti esclamativi e puntini di sospensione e avrebbero avuto qualche guizzo stilistico in pi che qui, invece, manca I personaggi, poi, sono uno pi irritante e fasullo dell altro L ipnotista si salvato fino a quando ho voluto credere che avesse giocato alla protagonista il brutto tiro che il perno della storia per pura malizia Alla fine si scopre che una specie di Babbo Natale magico onnisciente mi rifiuto di mettere l allerta spoiler e mi caduto dal cuore Dulcis in fundo, la trama, che, b , la ciliegina sulla torta Si parte da una tizia che, sotto ipnosi, costretta a dire sempre la verit Siccome era una smidollata, questa novit le sconvolge l esistenza Va a cercare il tizio che l ha ipnotizzata per annullare l incantesimo come lo chiama lei , e l incontra un figo di cui si innamora e che fa innamorare senza alcuna ragione apparente, se non che nei romanzi rosa le cose vanno cos e basta Aggiungici una dozzina o due di macchiette insopportabili che fanno cose a caso e bevono in continuazione dalla notte al d , un inciucio familiare alla Beatiful, un pub ristorante scelto appositamente per dare un tocco di originalit ed ecco a voi, direttamente sui vostri e reader, Come per magia, che poi la contrazione di Come per magia, vorrei non essere mai stato pubblicato.Ora che mi sono sfogata, sto incredibilmente meglio Cercavo qualcosa di fresco e leggero, e invece, causa probabile la mia praticamente nulla esperienza per quanto riguarda questo genere, mi ritrovo ancora pi stressata di prima Chiss se mi andr meglio al prossima volta.