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I m so happy I took a risk on this new author, what a wonderful read, what an excellent writing Everything was surprising from start to the very end, even though it was a very long book Very realistic, original dialog while the story took me through many emotions including laughing out loud at the dry British humor sprinkled through the book I loved it despite the things that usually bother me, such as no hero s point of view and the heroine with weight issues theme whining, uncertain heroines But this time, even though she s only slightly overweight, her desire to be slimmer matched her characterization perfectly She was both weak and strong and focused on her romantic dreams and her story is told in such a real, emotional way that despite her low self esteem I had to root for her But than that, I loved the H h love story We get to know the hero through his actions, not a worthy hero at the start, but a true hero by the middle, and no sappy words in his vocabulary either Just a typical guy so refreshing and I just adored him A keeper.HERO is Playful, a prestigious editor of an entertainment magazine, a ladies man focused on the moment, sexy, extremely charming and easygoing, with serious commitment issues due to his past When he meets a bookish young woman wanting to get some experience before the guy of her dreams comes back to town, he decides to accept the temporary relationship for reasons we only get to know in the book.SCENES CONTENT several hotGENRE TONE contemporary mixedLENGTH 551 pages Don t you get it, Neevy What you look like is just one part of who you are but it s not all you areI fell in love with Neve and Max while reading this book What started as a mortifying sexual experience quickly morphed into a cautious friendship practice relationship then real and physical love Through all of the changes these two experienced, there was never a time I didn t enjoy this story It s always witty and funny, sometimes sad and I was rooting for them both the entire time Max was fumbling at her girl parts now and Neve was sure her clitoris was actually recoiling as it tried to evade his touch. To say Neve and Max s relationship gets off to a rocky start would be an understatement Neve used to be overweight and has spent the last three years getting healthy and taking the weight off The problem is she still sees herself as that same fat woman She s managed to lose close to 200 pounds but she still can t accept the fact she looks good She meets Max when her sister, who happens to work at a fashion magazine, drags her to a work party Enter Max He s good looking, charming and not known for turning down sexual advances from beautiful women They don t meet pretty but Max somehow ends up back at Neve s apartment Told you he was a charming bastard Neve has practically zilch in the way of sexual experience and because her true love will be coming home to London after several years spent in the U.S., she wants to rectify that whole I m not sure what to do with your penis thing After finally making it into the bedroom things take a turn for the awkward All she could do was sit there and stare half in horror, half in fascination at Max s straining cock It looked painful and it looked much bigger than she d imagined, and it looked as if it was never going to fit inside her and it looked so other that all Neve could do was keep looking at it until it became familiar The way she did with a particularly troublesome crossword clue. Needless to say that particular sexy time does not end well Neve s body issues eventually put an end to all things hard and that leads to of the cringe worthy awkwardness When they reconnect a week later to make sure the other isn t permanently traumatized, they begin a friendship and enter into an agreement of sorts Neve needs practice for the time when the love of her life comes home, sees her and immediately wants to do her and be her man Max is a manwhore and has never had a relationship Why not be each other s practice relationship Non sexual, of course and just for the sake of gaining some much needed knowledge What could go wrongLook, short of fucking some circus freaks and posting the video on YouTube, you name it, I ve done it At least twice Having a relationship and not even a sexual one is so straight, it s practically pervertedMy favorite part of the story was watching these two grow, both individually and as a couple Neve needed to start seeing herself as the rest of the world did Max had a rough childhood and has kept everyone at arms length as a result Being together begins to heal them both The very best part These characters are both fun The ride they take together is funny, sweet, sexy and sometimes heart wrenching You can see them falling in love, but they refuse to admit it to each other and to themselves The relationship s destined to end, as agreed, and either want to risk putting themselves out there For the reader, it quickly becomes obvious these two are made for each other They were working their way through the chocolate covered strawberries Max biting off the chocolate and passing the strawberry to Neve when he was done. See It was meant to be Read this book, People [Download E-pub] ☨ You Dont Have to Say You Love Me ♶ Sweet, Bookish Neve Slater Always Plays By The Rules And The Number One Rule Is That Good Natured Fat Girls Like Her Don T Get Guys Like Gorgeous, Handsome William, Heir To Neve S Heart Since University But William S Been In LA For Three Years, And Neve S Been Slimming Down And Re Inventing Herself So That When He Returns, He Ll Fall Head Over Heels In Love With The New, Improved HerSo She S Not That Interested In Other Men Until Her Sister Celia Points Out That If Neve Wants William To Think She S An Experienced Love Goddess And Not The Fumbling, Awkward Girl He Left Behind, Then She D Better Get Some, Well, ExperienceWhat Neve Needs Is Someone To Show Her The Ropes, Someone Like Celia S Colleague Max Wicked, Shallow, Sexy Max And Since He S Such A Man Slut, And So Not Neve S Type, She Certainly Won T Fall For Him Because William Is The Man For Her Right I simply adored this book You Don t Have to Say You Love Me took me by surprise and it turned out to be a real GEM of a book It was witty and so much fun to read It is that type of book that will leave you with lots of warm fuzzy feelings Neve has so much going for her She is smart, funny, and beautiful She is a happier person now but she wasn t always happy She is making changes in her life and becoming the person she has always wanted to be Max puzzled me a bit He is a player A guy who doesn t do relationships, sleeps around and is a bit arrogant Not much to love right But there was so much to him And that so much is what will draw you in and without doubt you will fall in love with him Things in Neve s life are changing See, Neve has always been overweight and has never experienced a real relationship with a man But after losing over half her body weight, she is ready She loves someone, or maybe it is the idea of this person that she is in love with It is her William.As things would have it, William is in the states working but he plans to return to England soon and Neve needs to be ready for when they reunite Because she has no clue what it is like to be in a relationship with a man, she comes up with this plan, sort of a test drive of sorts to get ready for her relationship with William Not everyone thinks it is a good idea Her sister Celia has doubts but she loves Neve and will go along with whatever she decides.Have you ever heard of a pancake relationship No Neither have I Part of the plan made sense and hey why not give it a try What could go wrong getting involved with a handsome and sexy man with no strings attached But whenever the heart is involved, does anything ever go as planned This sexy man ends up being Max Neve and Max are different in so many ways but when rules are established and boundaries are set, he agrees to the pancake relationship figuring there really isn t much that could go wrong I loved watching Max and Neve get to know each other As they spend time together sharing day to day things, inner secrets and intimate moments, the boundaries begin to blur Both of them are experiencing feelings of a real relationship but they just keep tucking those feelings aside It wasn t supposed to be a real relationship it was only supposed to be pretend So what will come of these two You Don t Have to Say You Love me was so much than just a love story It was about friendships, acceptance, perceptions of oneself and others and it is about the unexpected It is about learning to let go of your inhibitions and just be yourself And last but certainly not least it was a sexy read too Some of the things Max said or did to and for Neve on a sexual level had me completely swooning over him When Max finally stripped Neve of her intimacy fears, my god they were insatiable Neve as well gave a special piece of herself to Max He was finding his way too and the moments when she would just hold him or kiss the top of his head just melted my heart.Oh geez,I almost forgot about Keith He is Max s sweet dog Your going to love him too I definitely highly recommend this one I hope you decide to give it a go if you haven t already I ll leave you with one of my favorite quotesNeve thought that her appetite was the most robust thing about her, and she didn t kiss Max so much as she devoured him Graceless, messy kisses without any thought or reason, but simply because she hungered for him Kissed him with everything she had and everything she was, and she didn t know why she could kiss Max and have him kiss her with the same fierceness but still be greedy for the next kiss and the one after that and the one after that and the one I loved this book You want to know why Well first because my bestie across the pond Lisa Jayne recommended this book to me Two, I love all things Brit especially lisa so from the get go I was ready for and I quote Lisa here love love love made easy peasy lemon breezy Finally a character I can relate to Sure I trip at work all the time but there s no billionaire there to rescue this Anna Hell no My heads in the clouds but I do get a healthy dose of reality quite often So Neve in this book was just So ME likeIssues that were real.self esteem, height, weight, wardrobe issues, catty skinny sister from hell, everything looks better in dim lighting wrapped up with a monotonous job hey i make legal drug dealing kinda geeky glamorous and pinning over Mr Wrong I ve since rectified that situation this chica was real I loved her story so it was a race to her happily ever after Now enter Max Who could ask for anything He was a true gentleman through and through Yeah it s true He could knock the knickers off of you too google it if you re not familiar w the lingo I did Don t judge So this story to me was than two people faking a relationship It was about a strong foundation of friendship to chisel away at those walls Neve had put up when they launched this pancake relationship It was a great journey 4 great giggly, google referring to story about true love that involved than a gentleman s sausage and a ladies strawberries while bumping real uglies Lisa Jayne you re a gem Thank you for this book Muuuuahhhh DNF 11%This just isn t working for me Characters are one dimensional and the writing style is cringeworthy. I really enjoyed this story It s a lot chick lit in style than a lot of things I usually read, but I really had a good time with it I LOVED the dialogue and all of the literary references It made me flex my English degree and literary minor muscles Also, I felt really connected to Neve I too was a chubby kid that got teased for it, except my nickname was Hippo not Heave Now I never became obese and I thinned out by late middle school thanks to sports, but I definitely understand getting over the hurdle of feeling like a fat person in a thin person s body Typically, the romance of the story is my favorite aspect and I did love it here however, I think my favorite part of this story was Neve s mental journey and her coming to terms with her own self and her own body.My favorite part of that journey view spoiler When she finally stopped cowering behind low self esteem and punched that bitch Charlotte in the fucking face I could have gone for her beating at Celia like a dirty rug a few times too, but it was nice to see at least Charlotte get her comeuppance and to see Neve FINALLY stand up for herelf hide spoiler I listened to the audio of this book and was so sad to see it end Over the hours I listened I became endeared to these characters I loved Neve and Max Their love story wasn t always pretty, but it was real, and to me that makes it beautiful Thank you for recommending Lisa Jayne and Chris for gifting this fantastic audio Love you girls 3 5 Pancake stars It s been a long time since I ve read a sweet romantic book that I just fell in love with Every minute I listened, I smiled There was nothing I didn t love The perfect light chick lit book I read so many heavy books, lots of tears and intensity, and I love those types, but every once in a while a book like this is invaluable Neve is the total package Oxford graduate, smart, gorgeous, funny and sweet But she s still single She has been her entire life After losing half of her body weight in the last three years, she s ready Ready to start living life, to fall in loveShe was so fed up with unrequited love and platonic love and all the other kinds of love that weren t passionate, romantic, can t live without you, I have to have you right now, the beat of your heart matches the beat of mine love Max doesn t do relationships or commitment He does sleep around a play the field Max works with Neve s sister and when they meet, well, I can t really say they hit it off Eventually, they become friends Neve tells him about her idea for a pancake relationship Max is all for it Practice, a trial run No sex No handholding Those are the rules But they spend time together, date, hang out and do other things I loved loved loved Max and Neve together And Keith can t forget about him Both of the main characters were so fantastic Max was charming, cool, sweet and sexy You will just be drawn to him He is so funny and lovable Neve is the typical self deprecating woman, she s insecure and so relatable to a majority of women She s intelligent, comical and all round the type of girl you want to be best friends with At the beginning their pancake relationship, Neve confides in Max that there is a man she writes letters to, a man she went to Oxford with that lives in the states He s coming back to England in several months and their time together will be over They can still be friends, but thats all Little by little, though neither one acknowledges it, it s apparent Neve and Max s Pancake relationship is starting to turn into the real thing Even though they both still say their relationship is pretend , it still doesn t change the fact that real feelings are involvedThat was the worst thing about having a relationship with someone, even a pretend relationship You opened up, let someone in, and when it was over, they had all the ammunition they needed to completely destroy you Sometimes, you don t realize how deep your feelings run for someone until you ve lost them Sometimes, love hits you when you least expect it And sometimes, someone who seems all wrong for you is just what you need And maybe the first Pancake isn t always so bad A story about love, seeing beyond the surface, friendship, and how sometimes the most unexpected things turn out to be exactly what you need It s funny, sexy, sweet and one of the most lovely books I ve ever read Listening to it was so much fun If you are looking for a feel good romance with two lovable character that will make you laugh, make you cry and make your heart swell, READ THIS 3 LOVE, love, LOVED IT First time reading this author but it sure will not be the last A character I can relate to Neve is Fat, or so she thinks she is but she has been losing weight She works in Archives, down in a dark, dank room Max is sexy, popular, good looking He works for a Fashion magazine Neve needs some experience in the love department as her one true love is returning from the States and she wants to be perfect for him So Max and Neevy start a relationship A Pancake relationship don t ask, just read it..I loved their relationship, their friendship, their trust, their humour I loved the dog, Keith, even though I don t really like Staffys I adored her friends I LOVED her Mam, well she was Irish I could just imagine her saying those sorts of things that she did say Well, I wouldn t mind if he looked a bit like Pierce Brosnan, but he ll do, she snorted Honestly, Neevy, you sound like a love struck teenager I should have stopped you reading so much and made you get fresh air when you were little OK, maybe you have to be Irish to GET it.Neve, her struggle with losing the weight Fair play to her I did go to Boot Camp over 2 years ago and it was tough brought it all back when she was talking about Jumping Jacks, Squats, Sit ups Need to get back to it again soon Maybe Neve can be my inspiration.And her Dad, typical Yorkshire man maybe a man of little words So glad when they got together again Aniston v Jolie you can keep the two of them They do nothing for me but then again I am not a man.There is a lot of stuff in there that is so typically British that I get as I watch British TV, read the British magazines Just realize that I have been to the UK four times already this year Eastenders, Coronation Street, Marks and Spencers I hope that non UK Irish readers can get it also as it would be a shame if books by authors from the UK are not being read across the Pond.I was of a kind of girl myself, never really got into Not sure why actually..I could ramble on and on and on about this one Seriously, it was an excellent read Of course, I would have loved an epilogue but my happy little imagination is always Happily Ever After, five, ten, fifteen years down the road as for the sister in law, don t get me started on her.Will be stalking Lisa Jayne s Bookshelf for her favourite books as it was her review recommendation that made me pick up this one Those Brits are good for something I suppose