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Terrible Just Terrible.Let me just say, I LIKE Sophie Kinsella Can You Keep a SecretAdorable The Undomestic GoddessFunny Cute So I went in expecting to like Wedding Night In fact, I tried really hard to like it But this book it s just awful There is not one likeable character not one in the entire book Each person we re introduced to is irritating and incompetent than the last The plot is inane and predictable and the whole book is about a hundred pages too long.A little excerpt to show one of the particularly grating things about Wedding NightOh, Fliss She erupts into a massive sob I really, really though he was going to propooooooose Oh God Oh Lottie I cradle the phone, wishing it was her Lottie, sweetheart I spent three whole years with him and I thought he loved me and wanted babeeeeees But he didn t He didn t And no, I did not add those extra o s and e s to make a point The book is actually written like that I really don t like writing a bad review of a Sophie Kinsella book, because usually they re lovely But if you re like me and you ve read a few bad reviews and you re thinking, Oh, I ll just buy it anyway maybe they re wrong Well I reckon you d be better off re reading one of her old books instead. Actual rating 3,5This will be just a brief review.This book was really fun, especially at first Lottie was, to me, relatable character now you ll probably think I m crazy but guess what I am.Fliss was likeable at first, but after a while, she started annoying me view spoiler especially when she crossed the line and putedt her sister s life in dangeour just to stop her from having sex hide spoiler [Read Epub] ♊ Wedding Night ⚖ New York Times Bestselling Author Sophie Kinsella Returns With Her Trademark Blend Of Sparkling Wit And Playful Romance In This Page Turning Story Of A Wedding To Remember And A Honeymoon To Forget Lottie Just Knows That Her Boyfriend Is Going To Propose, But Then His Big Question Involves A Trip Abroad Not A Trip Down The Aisle Completely Crushed, Lottie Reconnects With An Old Flame, And They Decide To Take Drastic Action No Dates, No Moving In Together, They Ll Just Get Married Right Now Her Sister, Fliss, Thinks Lottie Is Making A Terrible Mistake, And Will Do Anything To Stop Her But Lottie Is Determined To Say I Do, For Better, Or For Worse I m usually a huge fan of Sophie Kinsella I usually devour her books within a day But Wedding Night made all the difference I really had trouble finishing it, I only skimmed over the last pages I was never sure whether the book was supposed to be funny or just sad After having read the opening chapter the proposal scene I actually thought of quitting right then and there This scene was just completely embarassing as were many others The book just didn t feel like Sophie Kinsella at all Had I read it without knowing who it was written by I would have thought that I was reading a debut novel by a new author who hadn t found a publisher and now was giving this book away as a kindle freebie and still had to learn a lot I haven t been disappointed that much by a book in quite a while. This is a hard book to review because I wanted to like it so much because I generally like books by this author but it fell disastrously flat for me and I am so sad because her last novel I ve Got Your Number I actually ended up liking a lot After my mess last year, I had to make sure I was judging this book on it s own qualities and not my love for the author I think what the biggest problem is for me with this novel is that there really isn t a single character that isn t an idiot I mean, we are all idiots in some form but this book has them in spades Most of Kinsella s books revolve around the one heroine that is a dingbat and gets themselves into one scrape after another while around her is a slew of pragmatic people This book is a bunch of hair brained idiots and you don t feel yourself rooting for anyone because they are all morons Lottie rushes into a marriage on the heels of a breakup, Fliss makes one bad decision after another trying to keep her sister from getting married, Ben doesn t seem to have than an iota of a redeeming quality in him, Lorcan is probably the best of the lot but he has issues himself and even Richard you want to smack a time or two The only character I was cheering for was Noah, the compulsive liar That s NOT good I really, really, really was looking forward to a fun dip in the silly book pool with this novel but even as a lighthearted beach read I can t recommend it I finished it, so there is that There are way too many better books out there to spend ones time enjoying. 4.5 Stars Yeah.I am a major Kinsella fan In fact I own every single book she s done under Sophie Kinsella, and I still re read Twenties Girl every few months My expectations, you can imagine, we re super high for this book However it just didn t cut it My brain kept shouting How could anyone be so STUPID the whole time I was reading Lottie s POV Eventually I skipped Lottie and Ben s story and went straight to Fliss and Lorcan They were at least bearable and had some pretty good amusing and endearing moments I guess I didn t feel any particular connection to any of the characters Which is strange because one of things I love most about a Kinsella novel is how much I can relate to the main character, even thinking aloud YESI totally do that too But I didn t do that once for this book So I can t believe I m rating a Kinsella book so low, but it s the truth something ironically that none of the characters in this book could do and that s why everything blew up to gigantic unrealistic proportions. First things first, I absolutely adored Wedding Night There are so many mixed reviews about this book, and I will be honest to say I was hesitant to start it because of the negative reviews I had read I saw so many references to how this was nothing like Kinsella s previous books, how they couldn t stand one or both of the characters, and was just overall disappointed.I don t understand these negative reviews at all Was this different than previous Kinsella books Yes But that in no way made it rubbish I loved the alternating point of view, and I ended up loving both Lottie and Fliss I laughed out loud so many times, and the Kinsella storytelling was still quite evidentIf Muhammad won t come to the mountain, the mountain has to cancel all his plans and get on a plane Lottie She was so adorable She wanted so much to be married to Richard and when that went down the drain she jumped at the chance to marry Ben, even though they had not seen each other for ages I didn t take offence to the traumas she had to go through on her honeymoon at the hands of her sister Fliss I thought they were quite funny Even though I knew she was feeling miserable, we all knew it was going to work out in the endMy great moment of triumph It s all turned to dust I wasn t the heroine of the hour I was the thoughtless, stupid villain Fliss I think because Lottie s name appears first in the synopsis, a lot of people assume that this is her story I also think that is why a lot of people say they didn t like Fliss, because she took up a lot of the story I don t think this is Lottie s story at all This is a moment in both of their lives where one event has turned into a life changing moment for them both I loved Fliss Were the actions that she took to prevent Lottie and Ben from putting the sausage in the cupcake extreme Absolutely yes but they were hilarious I can t even caught how many times I laughed out loud And seeing as how I listened to the audiobook, and a lot of times I was at lunch at work I had quite a few people looking my wayYou can t switch sides I glare at him in fury I was never on your side, retorts Lorcan Your side is the nutty side I also loved the side characters, Richard and Lorcan I had to warm up to Richard at first, but once I saw how much he truly cared for Lottie it was easy to love him And Lorcan I fell in love with him His own story touched my heart, and I adored his interactions with Noah, Fliss son It was a joy to watch him and Fliss move closer together as the story went on Ben was just a tool for most of the book, and I think my dislike for him is what helped me find the tormented honeymoon so darn funny.I would strongly recommend this book to any Chick Lit fan, as mentioned before it is different from other Kinsella books but it is still really great You will laugh, that is guaranteedYou fall in and out of love, but when you really love someoneit s forever This is my first review for an audiobook version I used to be a member of Audible years ago when I had to commute a fair distance to work Now that I no longer have that commute I never really found myself with much time to listen to them But I decided that when I was doing such things as cleaning, showering and sometimes at lunch at work, instead of listening to music it would be better to be reading a book So, I am a proud renewed member of Audible and will always have one audiobook on the go, on the side of my normal Kindle reading It took me about three weeks to get through these 13 hours, but the story flowed nicely and I never found myself lost when I went to restart my listening I loved the narrators Finty Williams and Beth Chalmers They were easy to listen to and I enjoyed the way they altered their voice when speaking for a male character So as far as the audible version is concerned, I give two big thumbs up.ChristineRainy Day Reads Was this book really written by Sophie Kinsella I mean yes it has her usual style of protagonist s, but in this novel, I couldn t even find the tiniest way to like them or to sympathize with them This book was all about one lie after another Three out of the four main characters spent the entire novel lying their knickers off, and it was always for the good of someone else or even worse, merely lying to oneself so they could keep telling themselves that what they are doing is all for love This is a book where you have to go beyond suspending your disbelief and into out right fantasy land because there is no way that in the real world that something like these machinations could ever happen At least I whole heartedly pray that these types of things could never happen.Lottie expected her long term boyfriend Richard to propose to her, and when he did not, she went off the deep end Oh, it didn t happen right away It took a while as it usually does for her and her sister Fliss was quite worried about her However, what Fliss never expected was that Lottie would mend her broken heart by marrying someone she had had an affair with 15 years ago when she was just a teenager Fliss seems to think that if she could keep her sister from consummating her marriage, then things would work out in the end right What follows is the story of Lottie and Ben trying their darned hardest to consummate the marriage and being thwarted at every opportunity This should have been an uproariously funny novel It was not It became painfully unfunny, pathetic, frustrating, and downright annoying at times I really wanted to throw this book against the wall I was so frustrated with it, but I plodded on I just had to see how it ended Unfortunately, it ended JUST the way you would have expected it to end It ended on a trite, cliche, cute, too sweet to be real note that had me nearly in a sugar coma With a storyline like this dull, shallow, and unlikable characters, I can genuinely say I will never reread this book and pray they never make a movie out of it. I usually like light hearted reads, but Wedding Night is beyond cheesy, cringe worthy, and unbelievable The two main characters are supposed to be professional women but their stupid actions do not mesh I actually didn t like any of the characters at all, and it felt absolutely manipulative throughout As far fetched as Sophie Kinsella s stories go, this one is too unbelievable The concept of chasing after two impulsive people to stop them from getting it on during their honeymoon is an interesting one, and maybe it could be pulled off with different characterizations or with a different premise But what they re trying to stop from happening, and the attitude and manner in which they try to stop itwell, it stretches way too far beyond suspension of disbelief That element of crassnessit s too crude I want fun, cheerful, affable and charming characters when I read this genre I picked this up to have my mood lifted, not to be annoyed It s meant to be funny, and maybe there was some future comedy of errors sexcapade film in mind when it was written It just doesn t ring true, though The chemistry is off, and it doesn t hold together or deliver happy laughs just uncomfortable ones I am a big fan of Kinsella s work, but this book was extremely disappointing It lacked her usual finesse and wit I ve come to love in her other books It just doesn t hit its mark.