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E-PUB Ì Vampire Academy Collection × Tear Into The Utterly Addictive Vampire Academy Series This Holiday Season Now You Can Have The First Three Novels In The New York Times Bestselling Series In A Special Edition Box Set Find Out Where It All Began For Guardian Rose Hathaway And Her Bloodthirsty Best Friend Lissa In Vampire Academy, Watch All The Delicious Drama Unfold In Frostbite, And Fall In Love With Shadow Kiss For The First Time, Or All Over Again Includes The Later Edition Printings By Razorbill Vampire Academy ISBNFrostbite ISBNShadow Kiss ISBN I read all three books one after the other and I loved them I m completely hooked This might be my new favourite YA vampire series.I can t wait to find out what happens in the next three books. FANTASTICThis is without a doubt one of my favorite YA Fantasy series.I do love Richelle Mead, her series Succubus Blues is also one of my favorite UF series ever.What you ll find in this series Entertainment from beginning to end Action, emotion, badassery, growth, adventure, VAMPIRES, fighters, excitement, suspense, intrigue, passion, love.Great plot Brilliant story evolution, believable succession of events and excellent plot development.Fantastic characters and character development Intelligent, brave, responsable, tough and feminine heroins that make smart choices Hot, mysterious, loyal, intriguing, inteligent and badass male main characters Characters than mature, learn and behave accordingly to their ages, circumstances, and life lessons Incredible relationships Intense and developed romance with out of this word chemistry and longing True bounds of friendships and loyalty.Exemplary This series has it all I have reread it many times and I will do it again I eat this series up My favorite book within this series is Blood Promise Book 4 , which is one of my favorite books of all time However, the book that truly made me a hardcore fan of the Vampire Academy was Shadow Kiss Book 3 , the final part enthralled me and trapped my heart I do have some issues with Spirit Bound Book 5 regarding Rose s relationship with Adrian, her thoughts and actions regarding him and Dimitri It bothered me, and I don t really see how it was that relevant to the story The way the relationship unfolded made little sense to me, specially because of the small time lapse everything happened in If we had had a much longer time interval, her feelings and thoughts would have madesense to me The audiobook narrator is very good My first time with these books was by paperbacks, after that, all my rereads have been by audiobooks I highly recommend this series, both to YA and adults, females and males It is just great.P.S The movie is appallingly TERRIBLE and does an atrocious disservice to these books It should be staked in the heart This is the box set of book 1 to 3.I already had the non box set book, but my friend, Angeliczaizai offered me the box set, and i can t help my self to refuse her offer I was falling in love with Vampire Academy since i read the first book, because the idea of the story was so different with the Other Popular Vampire books.I mean, the main character is still 17 years old school girl like Bella and Zoey, yes but Rose has a very strong character She s smart, has good sense of humor, stubborn, and tough not clumsyAnd that makes VA one step front of them.And the story of this book not tells about Love Story between human n vampire, this book tells about Dhampir half human half vampire who trained to be a great guardian to protect Moroi mortal vampire from Strigoi immortal Vampire, of course the bad one And another reason why I love this book, because Rose the Main character is not a charming princess She s just a dhampir Even though she was popular. popular with her smartass reputation This is a nice book, everybody will fallin love with Rose, with folklore about Moroi and Strigoi, and i think the plot s good too, good dialogs..a little bit rush in the beginning, but nice in the ending.But don t you try to give this book to your under 15 age sisters Because this book doesn t shy about sex, there are a lot of parts when Rose tells us about BLOOD WHORE Dhampir let Moroi drink their blood during sex. Ok Ok Well I fell in love with this series after the first page And I was like OMG So this book gos down as my 2 favorite book in the entire universe Can t wait for the fourth book to come out