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It s funny because throughout the whole book she s been freaking out about her friend, Sam liking her since he gave her a red carnation Somehow, he meant to give her a pink carnation for friends Ha wow Communication is key. not really tht good #DOWNLOAD KINDLE î Totally Crushed (Candy Apple) à Candy Apple Is A Fresh, Fun Take On Fiction For Girls A New Line Of Single Titles With Pep And Pizzazz Targeted At The Solid Middle Grade Reader Pink For Your Friends Red For Your Crush What Could Be Simpler Annabel Is Thrilled To Find A Red Carnation At Her Locker On Valentine S Day But When It Turns Out To Be From Her Best Guy Friend Sam, Things Get Messy Fast Annabel Could Never Like Sam THAT Way But Her Best Friend Phoebe Does Annabel S Perfect Valentine S Day Is Turning Into A Perfect Disaster Who Knew A Little Red Carnation Could Make Life So Complicated I love a great mystery or surprise, and this is the perfect book for that To not give it away, I can t get into the details But, I will tell you that there is a happy ending A good one, too.The main character, Annabel is great She is pretty much the typical middle schooler Anxious, and into guys Not that much though.I liked this book, and I hope you do too Reviewed by Randstostipher tallnlankyrn Nguyen for TeensReadToo.comValentine s Day is almost here, meaning candy, flowers, and plenty of drama The best presents besides the ones from your friends and loved ones are the ones from a secret admirer When you get a present from a secret admirer, your first thought is Who could have sent me this Your biggest wish is that it is from the really hot and really popular person your biggest nightmare would be if it was from your best friend who you only have feelings of friendship for.Unfortunately for Annabel, this is exactly her problem At first she was ecstatic to have a carnation at her locker, since it could just possibly be from her biggest crush, Jude Then she found out it was from her best friend, Sam What s a girl to do Annabel just can t believe that the girl Sam has been crushing on was her and not her best friend, Phoebe, who actually likes him How could she possibly let him down easily So now it is up to Annabel to resolve disaster, while making sure no one gets hurt But Annabel still needs to find a date to the Skate Party, and since Jude doesn t seem a likely possibility at all, can she find a guy who is just as cute, and maybe even cuter Mixed messages, over analyzing, crazy love triangles Who knew seventh grade could be so entertaining I remember this being my least favorite book when I was like 11 Okay, so we all get what this book is about, right I mean, realistically, I loved this book It was entertaining But what I hated, was the fact of obvious ness Really So the main character, Annabel, was freaking out through the entire book about how she couldn t be together with Sam I need to stay as far away from him as possible By then, it was ridiculously obvious that she was worrying over nothing In the end, Sam was TRYING to ask Annabel if she liked the PINK carnation he sent her Pink friends, red crushes, white teachers She d gotten the red one by accient, and Sam really liked Phoebe, not her I was right in the endthere was a mix up with the delivery Ugh, books just irritate me with their obvious ness I mean, maybe I m just too smart for these books wink wink All the Candy Apple Poison Apple are meant for younger readers, I get that But, all in all, I think I really liked this book It just needs some surprises. This is so SWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTT 1 11 I honestly think this kind of book is really wonderful I am thankful the author thought of making a book like this I honestly ship Annabelle Lawson and Alex Hoffman Totally Crushed by Eliza Willard I liked this book because it was very dramatic and thrilling to read especially when Annable found out that her best friend Sam had liked her for the longest time and she didn t even know until he confessed The main setting in the book i m reading takes place in Winchester middle school The main characters in the story our Annable, Phoebe and Sam The main conflicts in the story begins on Valentines Day when people give red carnations to the people they like so Annables best friend Sam secretly gives her a red carnation and Annables trying to figure out who had gave her one and then she finally finds out it was her best friend all along, she was so surprised because she never thought of her best friend as a boy friend or another way Well her other good friend Phoebe likes Sam so Annables stuck in the middle of their friendships because Annable doesn t want to upset her friends I would like to recommend this good to one of my friends that like drama and exciting books. Totally crushed was a fantastic book because it had a lot of explanation in it I loved how the author was dragging me into the book like it was a movie or even better, I was living her actual life Anyway, altogether, I give this book 5 awesome great big stars for a HUGE sucess Enjoy.Love,Stephanie Gallant, Age 10