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A beginners chapter book based on the popular Nancy Drew series, Keene if that is your real name does a wonderful job of creating a modern mystery with a lovable cast of characters The Clue Crew, consisting of Nancy Drew, Bess Marvin, and George Fayne, is looking into the case of a missing vintage doll How could it be possible that something was stolen out of a 30 year old time capsule that has been untouched since it was first buried The case takes the Crew through the history of River Heights Elementary School Could it have been one of the school s original students who took the doll before it was buried The illustrations by Macky Pamintuan are few and far between Most are small page fillers made with digital ink and are very simplistic While I ve always been one for elaborate drawings, the small number of pictures and their relative simplicity actually tend to add to the book, not distracting the reader from the main draw of the narrative Instead, Pamintuan s illustrations seem to be in place to give a little something extra to the text, while slowly weaning young readers off of picture books as they transition into longer, chapter based material. This gets a 5 stars from Lucy, 6 yrs old the first chapter book she read completely independently I m afraid I ve heard a little too much about why this book is amazing. A fairly typical entry in the Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew series We ve been slowly working our way through the series and we like the characters Our girls have become less enthralled with the books as we ve continued through the series I think they are growing out of them and perhaps it s time to introduce them to an older Nancy in the original series.The mysteries are not scary and they aren t too difficult to solve they often have a twist or two in the plot to keep us guessing, so I am actually somewhat impressed with the writing especially for a short chapter book for young readers The illustrations are entertaining and complement the story nicely.This story involves a 30 year old time capsule that is unearthed, but ends up missing a valuable doll The mystery isn t too complicated and we enjoyed reading the story together. This is a contemporary realistic book and is intended for the readers of the primary age group This book is about Nancy Drew and her friends Bess and George They discover that a vintage doll has gone missing from the school time capsule The time capsule was buried by the students of River Heights Elementary than thirty years ago Nancy and her friends find the doll and decide to display the time capsule items in a glass case at the school Nancy and her friends get to participate in making a new time capsule This is a small chapter book and was fairly easy to read and understand I would use this book before having the children create their own time capsule. ( READ EPUB ) ⚇ Time Thief ⚔ A Mystery For The History Books River Heights Elementary School Has Been Waiting A Generation For This Day To Come All The Kids In Mrs Ramirez S Class, Including Nancy Drew And Her Friends Bess And George, Have Gathered To Watch Principal Newman Dig Up The Time Capsule That Was Buried Over Years Ago But, When It S Unearthed, A Very Important Vintage Doll Is Missing From The Capsule How Is That Possible It S Been Buried This Whole Time Did A Classmate Steal It Before The Dig Nancy Drew And The Clue Crew Are On The Case