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A lively story of three adventurous ladies who know how to enjoy themselves anywhere. I was given a free copy of this novel by the publisher, in exchange for an honest review I was intrigued by the idea of a novel about the romantic lives of three overweight women friends As I was reading the story, though, I had a hard time understanding how the book wanted me to feel about these women Are we meant to laugh at their lack of self insight, their excesses eating, drinking, smoking, etc , and their constant trips to the bathroom to shit or vomit, and at their sexcapades with married men while on vacation in Greece Or are we supposed to be sympathetic towards them Or both Had to say I did not think them funny, or like any of them Perhaps I am not just the intended audience, but I just did not get what this author was trying to do with this book Many people are unconsciously or consciously disgusted by obesity this book would only reinforce, rather than counter, such prejudices. @DOWNLOAD PDF Ã Three Fat Singletons Ì Dotty The Virgin, Mary The Divorcee, And Jesse The Man Eater Are Best Friends With Four Things In Common They Are Single, Obese, Pushing , And Unsatisfied With Life Together They Explore The Fat Underworld Of London Including Blind Dates, Internet Dating, Phone Sex And The Possibilities Of Lifetime CelibacyWhen A Week Long Getaway To Greece Turns Into A Whirlwind Of Romance, Sex And Horrific Embarrassment, Each One Of Them Will Have To Decide What They Really Want In Life This book was new and unique, from start to finish Definitely one of a kind in what I ve read in a good way.The characters were very human that s the best way I can describe them ALL their flaws were out for the reader to judge at times with too much description for my taste, but nevertheless This is a book that treats the subject of obesity in details, and you truly get to see the struggles of these three women their tears and joy You won t necessarily like them or agree with their actions, but you will end up understanding and forgiving them Despite what I said above, the descriptions themselves of emotions, of settings, ofwell, everything are what prompt me to give this a 5 This book delivered, and was enjoyable from start to finish Enjoyable might not be the adjective most look for, but it s what it was for me A lot of times, when I go with a genre or heroines I m not used to, I find myself disappointed And I never was with this book, not once regretted the purchase.My thanks to the publisher for providing an ARC of this book All opinions are my own. I give Three Fat Singletons 4 stars because it took some time for me to warm up to these characters A rather unique story about three obese women in their thirties, Dotty, a virgin, Mary, who gravitates to married men, and Jesse, a divorcee.J.M Bartholomew has taken a subject, obesity, and written about the lives of these three women and many of their daily struggles to which many can relate There are many highs and lows as these three women go about their lives Will any of them loose weight Will any of them find true love Three Fat Singletons is a comedy romance novel that will bring out many emotions There is quite a lot to laugh at, however I did find them a bit immature for women their age, but it is fiction so we ll let that go Eating ones emotions is brought to a whole other level in the book something many people struggle with And loveit s something everybody looks for and hopefully one day they ll find it.As you follow Dotty, Mary and Jesse during their trip to Greece, you will laugh at some of their antics, you may cry at some of the things they endure, you may be angry with how they are treated, but most of all you may enjoy the self discovery that they each go through at the end of their trip.I enjoyed this book and looked forward to the comical things these three did In the end, hopefully Dotty will get the assistance she wants and probably needs Will Mary stop going after married men and take a chance with her heart As for Jesse, maybe a baby is in her future, or a singing career Only time will tell. I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I wish I hadn t accepted, as I really don t like to write negative reviews I like to be encouraging to new authors I know they have put a lot of work, their heart and their soul, into their book So I take it very seriously when I write a review, and it pains me to write one like this.I really didn t care for this book I was looking forward to really enjoying it, as I am a very heavy woman myself, and in the brief description, I could see a little of my self in each of the three characters I am a bit older than them, so I ve pretty much been there, been thru that.But instead of finding a humorous but loving story about three friends with weight problems, I found a book that focused on the ladies bathroom habits, their constantly drinking to the excess, and to the point of illness thoroughly described , and picking up and engaging in sexual behavior with strange men they had just met Oh, and as can be expected, they ate a lot too.If I had any sympathy or empathy for the characters, it came in only sporadic moments of self insight Dotty the virgin I had the most empathy for, mostly because she is the largest of the three and about the same size as me She also was the only one who seemed to have any moral qualms at all I also could understand Jesse, the divorcee, from time to time, unfortunately nowhere often enough The third lady, Mary, I didn t care for or sympathize with at all.The early part of the book was mostly character development which was fine for the most part, and necessary But when they took their holiday to Greece, all they ever did was go drinking and picking up men, most of whom were married Although not mentioned in the book, I would easily surmise that these men make a habit of this, with each new group of tourists that come in for the week None of them had any qualms about their behavior, either And except for one brief, terrible excursion, they didn t even do any touring of Greece while they were there Just booze an men.Another thing that I found a bit unbelievable about this book was how easily the ladies would pick up new men, day after day Really I ve had weight problems my whole life, and one of the curses of this problem is that when men see you coming, they usually run in the opposite direction Most are not receptive to being with a fat woman, even for a brief fling Those that are accepting are few and far between I don t know maybe Greek men are different I ve never been there, so maybe they look at it differently, giving them just a little benefit of the doubt.There were many times in this book I wanted to put it down and stop reading it, but a promise is a promise, and I said I d read and review the book, so I read it in its entirety, and this is the result My apologies to the author that I couldn t find a little positive things to say, but I guess this one just wasn t for me.Incidentally, the book is written in heavy British English I m just mentioning that as an FYI I ve read many books in British English and I m familiar enough with it that I don t see it as a problem A few, unfamiliar readers from this USA side of the pond might have a little trouble with some words here and there, but just think of it as immersing yourself in a different culture Those parts of the book had no bearing at all on the rest of my review.The ladies do go thru some pensive thinking toward the end, things that may change the way the act toward things in the future But it wasn t enough to save it for me If there is a sequel, I will not be reading it. Considering that this genre isn t my favorite, I surprised myself by reading this I was surprised by how good this book was Three Fat Singletons was very humorous light read I liked the characters, Mary, Jesse and Dotty, they were very well developed Plot was entertaining as well.Thank you Inkitt for this copy in exchange for an honest review. I did not like that there was not enough meat to the individual characters or description of physical characteristics of each character so I could become emotionally invested in each character until almost the end of the book It would have helped to get hair color, eye color, etc instead of one character being so much heavier than the other The characters of the women kind of all ran together for me The book was funny and touching, but kind of pissed me off that all of the characters were being used by men as an easy lay I would have liked it if at least one of the characters found love There are a lot of obese women who find love and not just with men who have a thing for them It would be nice if the writer did a series of books on these three women because when I finally got attached to the characters the book ended and left me hanging It would be nice if Jesse found out that her last lover ran off without so much as a word goodbye because he needed to end things with his fiance and had not just used her for one last lay Also, there is still two books that could come from the other two woman If there are other books that continue the story someone please let me know because I would love to find out what happens next. It was a fun read I could easily connect with the characters Waiting for the next book. I wasnt sure what to expect from this book, but I have to say I loved it So much so I need to go and buy it in paperback so it can sit on my bookshelf and be re read all over again.Three Fat Singletons is about best friends Jesse, Mary and Dotty All in their 30s, all overweight and all unlucky in love Each one have very different personalites, Dotty is a church goer and still a virgin, hoping to find Mr Right and settle down Mary loves men but always seems to go for the married ones and Jesse is a divorcee, still coming to turns with being on her own.They all decide its time for a holiday and set off on an adventure to Sunny Greece At an adults only resort, all three find fun, frolics and laughter J.M Bartholomew put this story together brilliantly and I could see the empathy shining through Being on the large size myself, I could totally relate to the things they were saying from the sizes of chairs, to seat belt extentions I fell in love with these three and laughed out loud in so many parts Aswell as feeling sorry at times for some situations they put themselfs in I think they just all wanted to be loved in their own way It was so easy to feel I was there in Greece, at the bar, on the beach, sampling delighful foods, lying around the pool and knowing that a bar of cadburys chocolate cured everything I hope this isnt the last we see of Jesse, Mary and Dotty as Im sure they have so much to offer, besides I think they need another holiday This has been reviewed for Whispering Stories blog, thank you for the copy