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Imagine being in a relationship for seven years You ve created a routine with the guy, you ve been talking about getting married and having kids and that sounds like the perfect life to you All of a sudden, the guy wants to take a break Turns out, he wants than just take a break He wants to break up Your world shatters You re depressed, you re confused, you re angry what do you do Simple, isn t it You get drunk with your two best friends and you make a list of all the things you should do when you re single.1 Get a makeover2 Exercise3 Do something extreme4 Find a date for your dad s wedding5 Do something your ex wouldn t approve of6 Buy yourself something obscenely expensive and selfish7 Write a letter to your ex8 Travel somewhere you ve never been before9 Contact your first crush10 Break the lawAt least, that s what Rachel Summers did, and it was awesome.I loved reading Rachel s transition from stuck in a rut girlfriend to sexy and single lady Despite her fear of heights, she goes bungee jumping She may want to stay in bed all day and eat chocolate, but she forces herself out of bed each day and starts a running routine with her best friend Emily Instead of acting like a doormat, she starts standing up for herself Only her manwhoring asshole boss Dan brings new complications to her otherwise perfect life She s known Dan for five years She can t possibly start getting feelings for him, right I mean, it s Dan.The only thing that bothered me was how fast Rachel and Dan moved forward I think she s been single for two weeks or so It takes you way longer than that to get over a boyfriend of seven years and decide you want to have a relationship with someone you ve hated for over five years Maybe that s just me. Release Date June 1, 2011 Genre Chick LitI have been a fan of Lindsey Kelk s work for a while now and have slowly been making my way through her novels This one in particular has been sitting on my TBR shelf and kindle for a few months and I picked it up because of the GORGEOUS and FUN cover I am so glad that I have actually gotten around to reading it The Single Girl s To Do List is a breath of fresh air and pure chick like GOLD It s got a fantastic set of characters, a realistic and relatable plot, and a little bit of an unexpected romance to bring a smile to readers face For those who aren t too familiar with chick lit novels, I want to tell you the basic differences between this genre and a romance For chick lit novels, the main focus is that of one character who is always female The entire narrative of the story follows this woman and, a lot of the time, her group of friends as well, as they go through the trials and tribulations of womanhood Chick lit novels DO tend to have romance in them, however, the book doesn t focus on this part of the story So, if you are looking for a book based on a couple and their relationship, you won t really get that with chick lit In some cases, there is blossoming relationships, but mostly they focus on the heroine and her life, career, and issues of womanhood ABOUT THE BOOK This book revolves around a woman named Rachel right after a scarring breakup with the man she thought she was going to marry Having never really been single before, Rachel feels like she has hit rock bottom Good thing she has two fantastic friends to help her get through it though Emelie and Matthew know that Rachel is a bit OCD She likes lists and feeling organized, but is at an utter standstill in her life when she suddenly looses the man she loves So the trio come up with an idea, a sort of to do list for getting over the relationship It s pretty easy to follow and will certainly keep Rachel s head out of those depressive thoughts What s the worst that can happen Follow this trio of best friends as they maneuver breakups, potential makeups, and all the fun stuff in between OVERALL THOUGHTS Overall, I really enjoyed this book It s a lot of fun to read, especially if you like seeing heroines triumph in love and life Additionally, I am a pretty big fan of Lindsey Kelk and think she is up there with some of my other favorite chick lit authors like Sophie Kinsella So jumping on this book was an easy feat for me, and I am so glad I did If you are a fan of chick lit novels and have a thing for beautoful covers, then I highly recommend reading this one It s a no brainer to pick up a Lindsey Kelk book when you re in the mood for this genre PURCHASE A COPY Kindle Print on Audible Want book reviews, recommendations, sales, upcoming releases, and other bookish stuff You can find all of this on my blog LET S CONNECT Facebook Rachel Summers loves a to do list Boyfriend Flat Great jobNOT on the list Being dumpedBest friends Emelie and Matthew ride to her rescue with an entirely new kind of list The Single Girl s To Do List Rachel doesn t know it, but it will take her on all kinds of wild adventures and get her in some romantic pickles too Not going to lie, I read this when I was in my being single is the shit phase feeling all Spice Girls women power I read a bunch of single girl books where the main character was trying to find love and feeling the strength from being single and using men as a tool blah blah blah Typical chick lit Some were boring and uneventful And, some were great and a fun read like this one I highly recommend it if you are single Maybe you too will feel the Spice Girls power I m Posh Spice, so pick anyone but her to be Or, if you are traveling and want a quick and non depressing book to relax with. I have read all of Lindsey Kelk s books including her kindle book Jenny Lopez Has A Bad Week, and I have enjoyed every one of them While I have patiently been waiting for the new I Heart book to come out I then heard that Lindsey Kelk was releasing another book called A Single Girls To Do List I could not wait to read this one hoping it was going to be as good as her previous books.PlotRachel Summers has been dumped by the heartless Simon Her best friends Emelie and Matthew are on hand to help her come to terms with singlehood as it is somewhere Rachel has never found herself for long They decide it is best for her to conquer being single for once and for all to make her get over Simon Rachel has always had a thing about making lists so it seemed the perfect thing to do with a few drinks inside of them to sit and come up with a Single Girls To Do List Little does Rachel know this list is going to take her on an adventurous journey doing things she has never even dreamed of doing My OpinionI cannot explain to you my excitement when this arrived on my door mat to review Luckily I had just finished Freya North Chances and so I could start this book straight away My problem with this book was I enjoyed it so much I had finished it a night later The first thing which needs to be mentioned about this book is the front cover This cover is going to scream out at you from the shelves to buy it Bold and eye catching is the only way to describe this book There will be no hunting for this book The title is in bold pink letters which have been written on a list The back ground is light blue with pink stars and a pink car in the top corner, every chick lit lovers dream cover The main character in this book is Rachel From the start of this book I loved her character When we meet Rachel she is being dumped by Simon and so we meet Rachel right from the start of her journey and see the emotion she is going through I think this is why we warm to her character straight away as I am sure most of us have found ourselves in her situation so we can relate to her character I loved her friends Emelie and Matthew, I found that they helped to bringthe humor to the story which was a good touch as it broke the book up so that the story wasn t doom and gloom We could all do with friends like them.I did find that it took me a while to like the character of Dan who works on set with Rachel There was something about him which made me sit on the fence about his character right upto the end of the book I didn t feel like I could trust him.I found that The Single Girl s To Do List had a similar feel to the I Heart series books even though it is a stand alone book It is an easy read, nothing to challenging and yet enjoyable all the same This book is a real page turner and it kept me entertained the whole way through the book From the first page we were off on a fast pace being drawn into the story and the book carried on in this way There were no low points to the book were you would usually find yourself skimming a chapter The ending was up nicely In my opinion the end of the book really was the end of the book for me When I read The I Heart series at the end of each book I found myself needing another book as they felt like they had somewhere else to go and I felt the same with The Jenny Lopez has A Bad Week book, but with this book I did not feel that the book could go any further I hope it does just stay as a stand alone book.This book is very out there with its contents so you need to have an imagination to read it, the things Rachel gets up to such as getting a Tattoo and flying round the world to meet someone you had a crush on at school all in the space of two weeks I liked the little part where Jenny Lopez turns up in the book it did give a familiar feel to the book, without actually taking over the book It was a nice touch.The style in which Lindsey writes her books is unlike any Author I have read before she really has got an edge to her books and that continues to show in this latest book.I would defiantly recommend this book I couldn t find any negative points to this book it is everything I look for in a great easy chick lit style read If you have a holiday coming up this is the book you should be taking with you We now have the wait for the next in the I Heart series which comes out this year and I still hold onto the hope that Lindsey Kelk will be writing a full book of Jenny Lopez Also on my book blog Also posted on This Chick ReadsActual rating 4.5 5I ve been feeling rather crappy lately and been under great pressure I was looking for an easy, uplifting, funny book that will get me out of this shit mood I have a huge TBR list and yet I found myself asking for people s help in finding THAT book that will lift my spirits At the end, they suggested couple of books, but I had a strong feeling I should FINALLY read this book Being a big fan of Kelk s I pretty much knew what to expect which is comforting, when you know the author writes fantastic and you re obviously gonna enjoy the book , but this book exceeded all my expectations.First off, as much as I enjoyed The I Heart series though I have not finished all parts I have to admit I enjoyed this book It could be the fact I m not that crazy about series BUT frankly, one could tell when comparing the first 2 books from I Heart series with this stand alone, that Lindsey certainly polished her writing style, got original and grown as a writer.Now don t get me wrong, the books in the I Heart series are great, however in this book I liked the MC In my opinion, Rachel just felt real, I could relate to her though I m not going through the same stuff she s going through But she s fantastic, I m telling you Now some of the parts, like the time frame in which she s to complete her to do list which her friends made for her, might be a bit unbelievable, I still didn t care She s hilarious and so are her two besties, Emelie and Matthew What I appreciate the most is the fact that you can see Lindsey put as much effort in creating fantastic and well developed side characters, as she did in creating the MC Honestly, I can t say who s my fave of them all, they are just such a jolly bunch, each adding to the story.The list they create for Rachel is simply hilarious, some stuff being maybe over the top Yet, they will make you laugh out loud I started reading it last night, went to bed and this book was the first thing on my mind when I woke up of course afterahem bathroom and teeth brushing I literally devoured it in less than 24 hours, it was that good And the best partIt totally brightened my day, even energized me and definitely made me forget about all the stress I ve been feeling lately In one sentence, if you re feeling crappy and looking for a lough out book THIS is the one for you Trust me, it s the BEST THERAPY you could get I really liked this story It was full of humor and with a good old love hate relationship Those are my favorites Dan has definitely gained a spot in my book boyfriends hall of fame.Fav quote this is unusual I turned to stare at him open mouthed This was a new height of dickishness, even for him Oh my god, you absolute bastard I marched over, yanked the bag of Monster Munch out of his hand and stomped on it with what I hoped was a defiant and not at all crazy stare Why it s not 5 stars the word vomit, vom, or its derivatives appear too many times Not only after people are drunk but also in many other situations like getting a tattoo, or after an amusement park ride It s just a gross word I don t need to read it that often All Kelk s characters seem to have a mild drinking problem I found this also in other books from her Do the protagonists really need to get always trashed to the point of see point one Many pages were wasted in giving a touristic guide of Toronto It was especially annoying because it was toward the end when you wanted to get to the point of the story and not waste time reading about this view, or that tower If I want a guide of a city I m going to buy one It was the same in Kelk s heart series I could ve lived better without some gross things like references to porn and other stuff A hilarious and romantic standalone novel from the bestselling author of the I Heart seriesRachel Summers loves a to do list Boyfriend Flat Great jobNOT on the list Being dumpedBest friends Emelie and Matthew ride to her rescue with an entirely new kind of list The Single Girl s To Do List Rachel doesn t know it, but it will take her on all kinds of wild adventures and get her in some romantic pickles too And then it won t be a case of what but who she decides to tick off Mr bendy yoga instructor Mr teenage sweetheart Mr persistent ex Mr deeply unsuitableThe Single Girl s To Do List gives Rachel the perfect heartbreak cure and proves love is out there if you re willing to take a chance I enjoyed reading Lindsey Kelk s book I Heart Hollywood but I wasn t prepared for just how much I would love this one The whole point of reading this type of book is the fact that they are usually fun and light hearted Sometimes the storylines are predictable but in a way I kind of like knowing I will get the ending I want When I started reading this book I found myself smiling and smirking as I painfully re lived moments in my younger years where I was experiencing the single life The book is a respectable 400 pages, but I have to be truthful and say that the humour started from the time I opened the book The main character Rachel Summers is an absolute sweetheart who I fell in love with immediately Her predicament is one that I am sure many readers can sympathise with Don t get me wrong, it isn t your rip roaring, tears streaming down the face kind of humour, but it touched chords with the scenarios and situations Rachel seems to get herself in to Add in to the mix Rachel s two best friends and this book was made for me Emilie is a woman that is addicted to men, whether it be flirting with them, sleeping with them or getting free drinks off them Matthew is the six foot plus stunner, who also happens to be gay but definitely not camp The three of them make an unlikely trio, but their characters are what made this book for me We get to see Rachel s journey from hell as she tries to adapt to a single life The list is what started her strange journey and it is ultimately the list that creates some very crazy and humorous scenarios As time went on you could see Rachel getting braver and daring with herself, and you get the distinct impression you are party of watching her become a stronger person The book takes us and the trio of friends from London to Canada and watches all three of them struggle to keep up with the craziness There were moments in this book when I did laugh out loud and moments where I was smirking to myself, but I cannot fault this book one little bit I adored everything about it from the people to the places to the crazy and daring challenges Rachel faces The ending was perfect for me and when I had finished I was truly disappointed No, this won t be everybody s cup of tea, but it was certainly mine It s not intellectually challenging, but frankly when a book makes me smile this much I really don t care HIGHLY recommended Can t wait to see what Lindsey comes up with next *E-PUB ☠ The Single Girl's To-Do List ☞ A Hilarious And Romantic Standalone Novel From The Bestselling Author Of The I Heart SeriesRachel Summers Loves A To Do List Boyfriend Flat Great JobNOT On The List Being DumpedBest Friends Emelie And Matthew Ride To Her Rescue With An Entirely New Kind Of List The Single Girl S To Do List Rachel Doesn T Know It, But It Will Take Her On All Kinds Of Wild Adventures And Get Her In Some Romantic Pickles Too And Then It Won T Be A Case Of What But Who She Decides To Tick Off Mr Bendy Yoga Instructor Mr Teenage Sweetheart Mr Persistent Ex Mr Deeply UnsuitableThe Single Girl S To Do List Gives Rachel The Perfect Heartbreak Cure And Proves Love Is Out There If You Re Willing To Take A Chance Last week I read a book that sounded promising but turned out to be a damp squib which never seemed to end.This week, I with one eyebrow cocked disdainfully picked up the dodgy sounding, loaded with smarmy self help undertones The Single Girls To Do List and..ate a large slice of humble pie as I breezed through this totally addictive, feel good read.It s the story of make up artist Rachel Lulu Summers 28 year old Rachel has just been brutally ditched by her supposedly stable boyfriend of five years, Simon While she can easily wallow in a pit of dire despair, her best friends Emelie and Matthew have a better and slightly bizarre plan Rachel has always been an obsessive list maker Her life revolves around them So keeping this little obsession in mind, the high on friendly and drunken fervour trio make The Single Girls To Do List Including some doable and mostly questionable tasks, the list is Rachel, Emilie and Matthew s road trip on the highway of rip roaring fun, bawdy humour and the thing that makes the world go nauseous LOVE.Seriously, this book was such a pleasant surprise It was Four Weddings and a Funeral coupled with all those lovely, inappropriate , brimming with raucous laughter and drunken splurges Brit rom coms that you wished would step out of the silver screen and just happen in real life already The strength of these frivolous rom coms lies in the support system that surrounds the heroine I absolutely loved the gorgeous and comfortable with it Emelie and the great big splendidly gay Matthew Call me optimistic, but I like it when a friend doesn t disintegrate into a frenemy Em and Matthew came across as supportive individuals who while burdened with bad decisions of their own, never once, not ever, ditched Rachel to her own devices You absolutely, most definitely need friends who, when you cut off your waist length ponytail in a blind moment of panic and screech, I look like a boy Oh God, I look like Justin Beiber go, ever so supportively, He looks like a girl anyway I loved that bit I don t know why It just made me want to litter a bunch of mental smileys all over the page The love interests are predictable and yet again, that s a plus The book is not a big suspenseful who WILL she end up with drama It s a tale that s been told a million times.a tale of a girl clich d as it is who s trying to find herself And if along the way, you have a nice looking bloke thrown in to tie things up nicely, then, I , for one, have no complaints, whatsoever.The language or the tone is not for those with delicate dispositions It s loud, littered with profanities and blotched up by many a drunken binge And it works So pick up this book if you want a cute, quick, utterly girly, partly unladylike, marginally funny romantic read. PURE PLEASURE READ I would normally have rated this book 3 stars but I fell in love with it so much that I had to add an extra star Lindsey Kelk s The Single Girl s To Do List centers around Rachel Summers whose life seems to be following the perfect check list She has a great job, a great boyfriend and a great flat until suddenly she is dumped and finds her life turned upside down, unsure how to react or how to be single With a little help from her two best friends Emelie and Matthew, she creates a new to do check list on how to be a single girl.Let me start by saying why I loved this book so much We have ALL been there or maybe just me You feel like your life is going as planned and then you are dumped Confusion, tears and feeling lost inevitably follows Kelk pens a book that summarizes those exact feelings and takes the reader on a uplifting wild adventure that puts sitting around eating pints of ice cream and watching Pretty Woman on repeat to shame Seriously Every gal that is going through or has gone through a breakup should read this The writing is amusingIt was one thing for him to want to break up with me it was another thing for him to tell the entire internet It was just so final, so public Surely I should be allowed to tell people in my own time Now 417 people had all been told that I d be dumped with my knowledge I hadn t even told my mum Bloody Facebook and to think I d enjoyed The Social Network Clearly Mark Zuckerberg was the devil.The characters are honestBefore I could answer, a strapping six foot yoga god wandered into my vision, pushed me over onto my arse and swooped in to give Asher a great big kiss I sat on the grass weeping while my fantasy children sobbed, why, daddy, why And the reader is reminded of how wonderful friends can beSo your options are, we can get drunk, slag him off and stagger home with a kebab..Or we can get drunk, you can cry and embarrass yourself horribly, then we stagger home with a kebab There are a million things I could say about this book Are there flaws Yes Do they matter Not at all.Pick this book up You will laugh, fall in love with new friends, have an adventure, and find a girl that will remind you of the single girl in all of us.