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I would have liked consistency throughout this story I think the concept is wonderful, though perhaps a bit reminiscent of Planet of the Apes , and the environment is imaginative and fun It would be a fantastic romp for 8 13 year olds.Personally, however, I was disappointed by the shifting nature of both Eva Nine s and MUTHR s characters and not in a way that showed they were growing and becoming new people Rather, I felt they had multiple personalities and I never knew which one I d be dealing with from chapter to chapter I had a hard time warming up to either of these characters because I couldn t trust them to be themselves.The one character who never broke stride was Besteel and that was just as irritating as Eva and MUTHR changing their behavior every few chapters He was a bit of overkill.I think with some tweaking, some snipping and cutting and some rearranging, this could be an amazing story For me, however, it was not.I don t think any of that will get in the way of a young reader s enjoyment of this story, however Plus, the illustrations are, per usual, phenomenal and they definitely add another level of interest. Oh My God I don t even have the words to describe this WondLa ful book This book is steeped in emotion of being alone in the world, adventure, and friendship This is like a soup, its ingredients include a teaspoon of The Wizard of Oz, a drop of Treasure Planet, and a dash of Avatar with the whole nature thing, and of course Rovee being a blue creature Oh, and a bit of Journey to the Center of the Earth for good measure.The plot is completely original, well done to Tony s imagination And well done to his writing, too For it was simply divine.Eva Nine is such a relatable character, she is brave, strong willed, and understandably lonely Muther was so sweet All she wanted to do was protect Eva from the outside world she did not understand Otto HE S SO CUTE Rovender is friendly and treats both Eva and Muther nicely but he can be a little jumpy I haven t made my mind on him Maybe I ll make up my mind on the next bookSpeaking of the next book, you ll want to read it straight after The Search For WondLa Because Cliff Hanger alert Ooo and what a cliff hanger it is. @Download Book Ô The Search for WondLa Ó Eva Nine Is A Curious And Sensitive Twelve Year Old Who Has Existed Only In A Subterranean Home Called Sanctuary, Cared For By A Robot Named Muthr Eva S Great Desire Is To Go Aboveground, And Her Wish Comes True, Though Not As She Had Imagined On The Surface, Eva Goes In Search Of Other Humans She Has Never Met One And Soon Meets Both Friend And Foe Eva Nueve es una ni a de doce a os que siempre ha vivido en un refugio subterr neo, con la nica compa a de Madr, una robot a cargo de su crianza La peque a pasa sus d as estudiando el mundo exterior y c mo sobrevivir en la naturaleza, para ello cuenta con sofisticadas simuladores y aparatos tecnol gicos Cuando se ve obligada, por un incidente, a salir al exterior descubre que el mundo no es la misma Tierra que ella ha estudiado y deber adaptarse a este extra o terreno hostil en su b squeda de otros humanos El libro recuerda a grandes libros cl sicos, como Alicia en el pa s de las maravillas o El maravilloso mago de Oz Tenemos a una ni a buscando el camino a casa, que se cruza en el camino de bizarras criaturas, alguna de ellas potenciales aliados y otros que buscan utilizarla o matarla Al ser un libro para ni os, hay varias situaciones forzadas y con resoluciones demasiado sencillas Tampoco se ahonda demasiado en otros personajes que no sean Eva, y la mayor a aparecen y desaparecen luego de haberla ayudado o amenazado.Aun as , el libro me gusto mucho Hay mucha ternura en la historia y se le da mucha importancia a la amistad, la familia y la lealtad.El libro tiene un final bastante agridulce luego de la resoluci n del misterio de WondLa, que debo decir no esperaba para nada, pero el ep logo arregla bastante las cosas Y deja una puerta abierta demasiado tentadora Estaba a punto de darle 3,5 estrellas, pero ese plot twist doble del final me decidi por las 4 estrellas Mi ni a interna esta ansiosa por leer siguiente que promete m s respuestas Y yo muero por tenerlo entre manos La edici n es una preciosidad, no solo por los maravillosos dibujos del autor, sino por la calidad de las p ginas, el grosor de la tapa y el encuadernado.Recomiendo este libro para quienes aun est n en contacto con su ni o interior, encontraran un libro bello y tierno, lleno de ense anzas y reflexiones Mi nica advertencia es que se trata de un middle grade, no le busquen profundidad o explicaciones porque no las hay Al menos por ahora, todo apunta a que el pr ximo libro ser distinto.Y, por supuesto, para quienes disfruten de estas bellas ilustraciones One Sentence Review I don t think anyone s going to argue that the art is fantastic here, but the story just can t seem to catch up to the premise. Take a little bit of The Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland , toss in some Star Wars and Planet of the Apes , mix well by a talented writer and you ll have an idea of this book From the fantastic mind of Tony DiTerlizzi, creator of the Spiderwick Chronicles, this is the first of a three part series.The story concerns a twelve year old girl, Eva Nine, who has been raised in an underground sanctuary by a robot named Muthr When a vicious hunter destroys the sanctuary in search of Eva, she is forced to go above ground for the first tie in her life Up there, she finds odd creatures, but no one like her She sets off across the land to find other humans With the help of kind, though strange, friends, she runs for her life from the hunter and heads for the badlands where it is rud she may find other humans.Mr DiTerlizzi is a master craftsman with this genre His characterizations, world building, and settings are so well done, you believe there may actually be a world like this one The story flows well and is enjoyable from page one to the last chapter According to the information accompanying this pre pub copy, there will also be an interactive web site so readers can journey along with Eva and her friends, just the sort of thing any young tween would like.If there are any drawbacks at all for me, it is that the last page leaves you dangling This is definitely not a stand alone book and it will be necessary to get the other books to finish the story, a marketing ploy that continually frustrates me But other than this minor, and not unexpected, issue, I highly recommend The Search for WondLa I am definitely looking forward to the others 3.5 StarsI wish I read this series as a child Let me begin by encouraging anyone who is thinking about downloading the e book edition of this story to go out and buy the real thing In hardback Trust me, it s worth it A book this beautiful is meant to be printed and bound for art enthusiasts and sci fi fantasy nerds everywhere to drool over.Secondly, I d like to congratulate DiTerlizzi on producing such a brilliant, original children s story Not only is each chapter of this book beautifully illustrated by the author, the story itself sucked me in from the very first page, and DiTerlizzi s whimsical descriptions were as rich and vivid as the illustrations themselves Though I still love children s fiction, it s rare nowadays that a story aimed at pre teens can demand my attention in the way that classics such as Charlotte Sometimes and Harry Potter and the Philosopher s Stone once could Reading The Search for WondLa, I felt myself escaping into the world of Orbona the way I used to with my favourite childhood reads As a huge fan of his work on The Spiderwick Chronicles with Holly Black, I wouldn t have thought it was possible, but DiTerlizzi has exceeded my expectations I only wish I had half his imagination and creativity.I recommend this story to any reader aged seven and up including adults who, like me, find it impossible to stop reading books marketed at kids The Search for WondLa has all the components of a new children s classic in the making, and I look forward to seeing what DiTerlizzi has to offer from this enchanting new world.Title The Search for WondLaAuthor Tony DiTerlizziRating 5 stars This book makes me wish I could draw From the co creator of Spiderwick Chronicles, The Search for Wondla is a fabulous cross between sci fi and fantasy A young girl, raised in an underground bunker by a motherly robot, is suddenly forced to the surface and finds that the world is radically changed if it s even the planet she thought it was The story is fascinating by itself, but the illustrations add a whole new dimension to the adventure Highly recommended. Welcome to the real world, Mother Robot, a beautiful and dangerous place Now you can truly begin to liveYou can find this review and all of my other reviews at Novel Descent Thanks for the support I was completely engrossed in this book from the start The characters, the world, the illustrations all had me wanting to know and explore The Search for Wondla is about a young human girl, Eva Nine, who is 12 years old and has been brought up in an underground sanctuary by her robot mother She has never seen another human and knows nothing of the outside world and its beauty and dangers Eva Nine s house goes under siege by a a large monster like hunter and everything she knows is destroyed She must make her way in a new world and find where she came from and maybe make some interesting friends along the way I just loved this book The first book is all about world building and discovering this strange and mysterious land Everything is new and dangerous This book felt like Wizard of Oz meets Star Wars My little fan girl heart was pretty pumped from the start really This book is mainly a fantasy and adventure story mixed in with a few science fiction elements The genres mesh really well together and the the story was a fast quick read I think the strongest element this book has going for it is the detail to the world building You feel like you are discovering everything right along with Eva Nine You can feel the wonderment and fear as she s figuring it out herself I was 100% along for the journey with her I loved Otto, the water bear he was so sweet I wouldn t say he was deep character with all kinds of layers to discover but it was kind of nice that he was simple and safe Another character we meet is named Rovee, he really wasn t fleshed out at all till the end so he kind of seems to just be there for awhile to play the grumpy side character By the end though, I felt like I knew him and his motivations and he became much three dimensional for me overall I think in the next book we will really see this character develop Muther, the robot, was a pretty interesting character I loved the idea of a robot trying to work through emotions and information, despite what her programming was telling them I wish they would ve taken her storyline a little further, there was a ton of potential there I know the book was already almost 500 pages, but I really think she could ve used some fleshing out Eva Nine was a relatable and likable protagonist I think most people will enjoy her character and she still has lots of room for growth The villain of the story was a hunter named Beestal, he was alright I thought he was going to be really scary because when we first meet him, he really seems to have no conscience I found him to be a little one dimensional in the end though and pretty much everyone else in the story interested me I can t talk about this book without talking about Tony DiTerrlizzi s beautiful illustrations They are through out the book and they add such a wonderful element to the reading experience You get to look at the author s creations through their eyes and I was very happy for it I wish books would do this This book was t flawless but I m rating it five stars on pure enjoyment I will be finishing the series This book is very family friendly would be a great book to read to any child probably about eight and over I highly recommend this book and this is one where it really is worth the price of a hardcover just for how nice it looks with the illustrations.