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I read this as a young cop and again after I had been a crime reporter for a good long time. Each reading gave me chills. Having attended many police survival courses and pulled many car stops, I can relate to the experiences of the officers. Working a oneman unit in the middle of the night when you're twentythree and carefree is one thing. Looking back on it from an adult's perspective many years ago, I'm surprised I never visited an Onion Field of my own. This is a book of two halves and writing styles. The first part is an In Cold Bloodesque nonfiction novel. Beautifully written and in my opinion preferable to the former mentioned book. It follows the background stories of the four main characters leading up to the night of the onion field. The second half is the long and complex legal aftermath, which is written in the standard true crime narrative with court transcripts.

The first half is an easy five stars. The writing is pure excellence, oozing emotion and foreshadowing the imminent tragedy. There's a scene with bagpiper playing 'flowers of the forest' and i challenge you not to be overwhelmed with sadness after reading it. The second part did lose my interest in places but this is through no fault of the author. The legal case goes on forever with a great deal of repetition. First published in 1973, The Onion Field covers the story of the brutal encounter between two LAPD cops and two career criminals in, well, an onion field. I won't go into the outcome except to say the criminals got the best end of the deal, especially when the death penalty was struck down in California. Compelling reading, even the tedious courtroom scenes unraveling with their own grim, ironic dramas. Wambaugh's early writing, such as this nonfiction title, is generally regarded as his better output. I hope to read more of his nonfiction somewhere downstream. The Onion Field by Joseph Wambaugh

The Onion Field tells the truelife story of two young Los Angeles Police Department detectives who are kidnapped by two robbers in 1963, and the subsequent ordeal of all four men.

The book is structured like an episode of television’s Law and Orderthe first half of the book focuses on the crime, while the second half focuses on the numerous, protracted criminal prosecutions that follow the incident.

Wambaugh raises important questions about the purpose of the criminal justice system (punishment, retribution, rehabilitation?), the criminal legal process and disparity between official policy and actual police practice.

Wambaugh illustrates how our system of laws exist to protect the criminals and police departments exist to protect the ‘integrity’ of those institution per se, but there is no system or institution that protects with similar zeal and diligence the rights of police officers, victims, or prosecutors, i.e., the three parties most intimately associated with the crime (besides the criminal).

The Onion Field makes it understandable why police protect one another when faced with allegations of misconduct by civiliansthey have to protect themselves because the system is not there to protect them. A true story that sent shivers down my spine. I read this book ages ago and I ought to read again to see what I make of this book today. Thought provoking. Two young cops pull over two thieving sociopaths, and the murder of one shatters lives for decades to come.

This is a classica mustread for true crime geeks. The only buzz kill for me was in the dragging pace that consumes several areas of the book.

A solid 4 stars out of 5. |Free Kindle ♚ The Onion Field ⚖ The Onion FieldIMDb Directed By Harold Becker With John Savage, James Woods, Franklyn Seales, Ted Danson An LA Police Officer Is Murdered In The Onion Fields Outside Of Bakersfield However, Legal Loopholes Could Keep His Kidnappers From Receiving Justice, And His Partner Is Haunted By Overwhelming Survivor S GuiltThe Onion Field Livres NotRetrouvez The Onion Field Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion The Onion Field Ebook EPub James Ellroy, JosephThe Onion Field, James Ellroy, Joseph Wambaugh, Delta Des Milliers De Livres Avec La Livraison Chez Vous Enjour Ou En Magasin Avec % De Rduction The Onion FieldRotten Tomatoes The Onion Field Has Real Potential To Be A Very Compelling Film There Are Tons Of Great Character Pieces With A Complex Plot, But It All Somehow Just Doesn T Go Anywhere This Film Is Based OnTueurs De Flics Wikipdia Tueurs De FlicsThe Onion Field Est Un Film Amricain Ralis Par Harold Becker, Sorti En Salles EnSynopsis LemarsLos Angeles, Lors D Un Banal Contrle De Police, L Intersection De Carlos Avenue EtThe Onion Field Full Movie YouTube Watch The Onion Field Full Movie IN HD Visit Tlcharger Greg Powell, A Di Watch The Onion Field Free HD English Subtitle The Onion Field That Happened In The Onion Field Is True But The Real Crime Is What Happened After Sep ,USAMin R Your Ratingvote Crime Drama Info CastThe Onion Field Film Wikipedia Watch The Onion Field Prime Video John Savage I couldn't make it through this book due to its poor pacing and rampant homophobia. The character development is excruciatingly focused on one character's bisexuality and how that is a major influence of his criminal behaviors. The author's perspective on this disgusted me and the pacing of the book was so poor that when I thought about those two factors, I just put the book down instead of continuing. The story is disjointed and very sluggish. I tried reading this once when I was in high school and ended up donating it.

I'll try again now that it's only $1.99 on Amazon.

An odd and mysterious story taking place in the heat and dust of Los Angeles during the early Sixties, The Onion Field is a completely unforgettable crime novel.