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The talented Robert Bryndza is becoming one of my favourite authors I really enjoy his gritty Detective Erika Foster series but it was a surprise to me that he also wrote such entertaining and laugh out loud books as well.I have only awarded this book a 3 star rating but could easily up it to a 4, a very enjoyable read that is full of laughs.This is the first in the Coco Pinchard series, Coco is a budding author with lots of baggage and she tells her story through her humorous emails.I fully intend to read the other books in the series and feel that this is a good start to what I believe will be a most enjoyable read. Hmmm I m going back and forth over this one and really can t decide how to rate it So I think I m going to go with 3.5 stars.This book is brilliantly funny Think Bridget Jones and you ll be somewhere along the right track Very British, very comical and very Oh my God, how embarrassing I unzipped my boots but they wouldn t budge My feet had swollen in the heat After much tugging, a queue had started to form behind us Eventually I had no choice but to hold onto the rail with my legs in the air whilst Adam pulled It wasn t my finest hour. However, I m going to get the negatives out first, before getting back to what I really enjoyed about the bookNowhere near enough romance That s my first gripe When I read a romance, I want to read romance There was so much going on in this book that the relationship between Coco and Adam was virtually a sub plot in fact, I almost feel a bit wrong even bothering to cast him, as there were other characters that played such a bigger part in this story.I think this book is suited to middle aged housewives, rather than me, a 20 something with no kids or husband And perhaps someone who prefers comedy over a love story Whilst I do enjoy a good giggle, the love story is of utmost importance to me.Back to the good stuff This book is mad Poor poor Coco Talk about a run of bad luck When her waste of space husband, Daniel, is found in bed with younger woman soon after New Year, her life just spirals downward with rapid decline Thursday 1st January 00 15TO chris christophercheshire.comFireworks from the London Eye are bursting above my head filling the garden with reds, yellows and blues, but I am on my own I don t know where Daniel is He promised he would be home by eleven.Happy New Year x I loved all of the surrounding characters My favourite was Coco s gay teenage son, Rosencrantz Really Who calls their son RosencrantzThere s like a dude at the door, asking for you Did you let him in No I said I would check with you Well, did you ask his name Yeah It s Mr Rickard That s Adam you idiot Go and let him in But he s like fit No need to sound so shocked You re dating him Yes look, I haven t got time to go this, and he is standing out on the doorstep Fucking hell Mum, like, way to goThen there is Coco s gay best friend, Chris, and her Slovakian friend Marika, the outspoken elderly mother in law, Ethel and snobby, opinionated sister in law, Meryl, as well as a whole host of other crazy personalitiesI didn t think I d end up divorced with three kids and a bucket fanny, but there you goAs Coco tries to get what is left of her life, back on track, she trips and stumbles from one calamity to the next The scenarios she finds herself in will make you want the ground to open up and swallow you, but it is so funny I felt tears coming and for some reason, buried my head in Iain s chest It was firm and muscled and he smelt so wonderful.I realised what I was doing and pulled away, but a big string of snot hung between my nose and his shirt pocket. She also struggles with the modern advances in technology, finding her way around her new iPhone, a new Facebook account and the intrusion of Skype first thing in the morning I came out of the bathroom naked this morning as the computer was ringing and Meryl and Tony appeared via Skype. Getting back on the dating scene at 42 isn t easy And Coco struggles to come to the terms with the fact she is now a single lady She is most definitely not single and ready to mingle Despite this, she pulls on her big girl pants and gets stuck in I can t imagine being newly single after a long marriage, but I pray if I ever found myself in that situation, I d avoid something like the following Thursday 18th June 07 37TO chris christophercheshire.comOw, ow ow Sunburn Grass burn Torn dress Mud in hair Hung over Feel like a slut. Okay, so perhaps nobody send emails like Coco Pinchard, but who cares, the way this is written really works It s almost written in a diary style, but in the form of emails to friends, bosses, relatives And it really will make you giggle.There are so many things in this book that the reader can relate to, which makes it all the funny Emailing or texting the wrong person anyone We ve all been there TO rosencrantzpinchard gmail.comOh god Oh god Oh shit I have just sent the email I was meant to send to you, slagging off Meryl to Meryl by mistake Damn this email invention. How about the annoyance that is predictive text Oh yes, Coco feels your pain Saturday 18th July 19 02TO adam.rickard gov.co.ukGreat Will see you tomorrow I am just going home for a bit of anal.Saturday 18th July 19 04TO adam.rickard gov.co.ukThat was the auto correct Not me My email was meant to read I am just going home for a bit of a nap I am tired, I am not, and I never haveAnyway Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.Coco. Okay okay, I must stop now Brilliant I could have picked out so many quotes that made me laugh out loud So, if comedy is your thing, read this.To read reviews go to my Book Blog me on Twitter me on Pinterest in the chat on Facebook Yet another E mail format book which makes this book easier to read The Not So Secret Emails Of Coco Pinchard is a funny, hilarious, Bridget Jones style novel, which will take you on a whirlwind ride And honestly I couldn t stop laughing after reading this one.This is about Coco, a pretty 40 something author, mother and wife, married young, living in London, have a full grown son now, who s happen to be gay It s Christmas and Coco, being technologically backward, happen to receive an i Phone from her husband, Daniel This I phone becomes her best friend She uses it to send e mails to her friends and even to her son, when he s upstairs One day she catches her husband cheating on her and consequently they get a divorce and Coco ends up living with her devil mother in law, Ethel.All the characters are equally funny from Coco s friends to her in laws There was never a dull moment is Coco s life, whether her in laws giving her trouble or she s herself facing some It s a witty one from the beginning of this book which really makes it hard to put it down Get this book, if you want a good laugh. The Not So Secret Emails of Coco Pinchard is the first full length novel in the Coco Pinchard series by British born author, Robert Bryndza It s some twenty three years since we met Coco in A Very Coco Christmas She s married to Daniel but for how much longer and has a grown son, Rosencrantz Her book Chasing Diana Spencer is not doing too well her mother in law, Ethel seems to need a lot of attention Rosencrantz is having dramas in career and romance Daniel s entertainment career seems to be going well, but keeps him absent Readers may have suspected from the prequel that Daniel would not make the best husband this is now confirmed, and Coco has to deal with divorce and the associated property division She also gets to see the returns of her book pulped has to switch off life support has to rescue someone from a US jail for drug possession gets an allotment with attendant rules and drop dead gorgeous neighbour takes a vacation in Slovakia and writes a musical for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival All this we learn via emails to ex husband, son, good friends Chris and Marika, her agent, her new agent, her newsagent, the takeaway shop the bookshop her ex sister in law a prospective nursing home for her ex mother in law a stair lift company the police the allotment administrator and the hot allotment neighbour All very entertaining. ( Free Pdf ) ♍ The Not So Secret Emails Of Coco Pinchard ⚆ Coco Pinchard Always Dreamed Of Being A Successful Writer, But Then Life Got In The Way She Married Young, Had A Son, And Put Her Dreams On Hold But Now She S , And Her First Novel Is About To Be Published Her Husband Daniel Has Greyed Nicely Into A Silver Fox, And Her Son Rosencrantz Is All Grown Up Shouldn T It Be Time To Enjoy Life That Is, Until The Annual Family Christmas When Her Hideous In Laws Come To Stay, And Coco Opens Her Gift From Daniel It S Not The Jewelry She Chose, But An IPhone This Marks The Start Of Daniel S Mid Life Crisis And Coco Catches Him In Bed With A Younger WomanThe IPhone Becomes A Confessional, And As Coco S Life Unravels, She Documents Her Seemingly Endless And Often Entertaining Run Of Bad Luck Through Emails To Loyal Friends Christopher, An Ageing Trustafarian, And Marika, A Slightly Alcoholic SchoolteacherThen Coco Meets The Hunky Adam And She S Back In The World Of Dating As A Single Something Listen To The Heart Warming And Often Hilarious Tale Of Coco Picking Up The Pieces, In This Fun, Feel Good Romantic Comedy A word of warning do not read this book in a doctors waiting room trying hard to cover up your chuckles as you are laughing out loud has people looking at you trying to work out if you are in full control of your facilities or not Very embarrassing when a small child asks her mother why is that lady snorting Oh what a super treat this book is Coco Pinchard should be enjoying life, married, a grown up son and her first book written and published, but life is never what you expect it to be When Coco receives an i phone at Xmas, from her husband, her life is about to take a dive The story is told through emails that she sends from her new phone Robert Bryndza s humour works a dream There is quite an innocence in the emails that is both endearing to the character of Coco and hilarious at the same time I listen to my books while doing a night shift at work I was literally laughing so much that I think my colleagues are now convinced that I am the special one the company employs to bump up government figures The thought of a novel just containing emails just doesn t sound like it would work but Robert Bryndza tells a cracking full blown entertaining story through them The cast of characters isn t huge but the quality is top notch Each is colourful, I especially loved Ethel, Coco s mother in law There are some brilliant scenes in the hospital Loved this book and the journey continues, I already have the next 4 books in this series. Third book of my holiday reads What a wonderfully funny and heartwarming book this is Absolutely loved it Really enjoyed reading Coco s emails and getting an insight into her life Coco is just a fabulous character as is Ethel her ever embarrassing mother in law Can t recommend this book highly enough, especially if your after a book that will brighten up your day Can t wait to read the next one. The Not So Secret Emails of Coco Pinchard is the first book from Robert Bryndza to feature the titular character, a forty something year old wife, mother and new author It s Christmas and Coco is hosting the annual family lunch which includes her husband Daniel, who is late to the festivities, her near adult son, Rosencranzt, David s mother, Ethel, and his sister and her husband, Meryl and Tony Related via a series of emails largely from Coco to her best friends, Chris, a wealthy trust fund baby, and Marika, a single and cynical schoolteacher with a fondness for wine, the reader is privy to the spiraling disaster that is Coco s life Firstly her musical director husband announces he has signed a contract for a new tour, later she finds him in bed with his leading lady and hungover after drowning her sorrows, Coco makes an offhand remark in a radio interview that results in her being dropped by her publishing agent and her book, Chasing Diana Spencer, being pulped It seems things can t get much worse when Ethel has a stroke and Coco is forced to take her in and her son is betrayed by his lover and arrested for drug smuggling The one bright spot for Coco is meeting her handsome allotment neighbour, Adam, but even that is complicated, especially when Daniel returns, and wants her back.The Not So Secret Emails of Coco Pinchard is a witty tale of domestic mid life crisis There is a touch of romance, wry observation and lots of laugh out loud humour as Coco lurches from one disaster to another An entertaining read to provide an escape from the ordinary grind of life. Fantastic fun read All written through emails of main character Coco Pichard The email format could have been difficult to carry off, but the author uses it to excellent advantage Coco s life brought smiles to my face and made me laugh like how I never thought I would with a book Excellent read.