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This romantic read was extremely hard to put down The plot flowed nicely from moment to moment that I managed to finish it easily within a day due to it s short chapters which just had me thinking okay, just one constantly I love the flirty, cheesy but romantic way Jane has wrote all the books of hers I have read so far and the embarrasing moments which brings the story back to reality instead of it being some sort of fairytale I adored all the characters and how they were portrayed as I found them so relatable and real, I could almost compare them to many people I know which I find you can t do with an amazing amount of novels of this genre.I do have to say that I didn t give it five stars because I was fairly disappointed by the abrupt ending because even though I enjoyed for it s sense of realism I was expecting a much romantic and bigger ending after the level of suspense I found built up thoughout the chapters.I would definately reccomend this book to anyone who is looking for a quick, simple, girly read which can make you laugh and even cry at points but will keep you hanging in suspence if you put it down. Time taken to read 1 dayBlurb From What s the worst thing that could happen to a blushing bride To somebody warm, loving, and fun like Zoe Moore When she finds herself jilted at the altar by her fiance Jason, Zoe knows she doesn t deserve this heartache and humiliation Unable to face the pitying faces of her friends and family, Zoe takes drastic action she flees to America Specifically, to Boston, where she takes up a post as nanny to five year old Ruby Miller and her little brother Samuel Ruby and Samuel have lost their mother in an accident They may as well have lost their father, too, for Ryan Miller is so wrapped up in his grief that he barely notices his two attention starved children As Zoe sets about tidying up Ruby and Sam s home, and injecting some fun back into their lives, she finds herself gaining their trust and love At the same time, Zoe grows and frustrated with Ryan s bullying behaviour, and his shameful neglect Whatever happened to the loving man she keeps hearing about from his neighbours Zoe can t find any sign of him The only thing saving Zoe from despair is the small, close knit group of British nannies who quickly befriend her.There s boisterous Trudie, man mad but hiding a painful secret Sloanie traveller Amber, who sports a Buddhist tattoo that, unbeknownst to her, reads Batteries Not Included And chilly, tight lipped Felicity, whose cut glass voice gives little away But will these new friends be able to save Zoe, when she discovers that the past isn t all that easy to escape, no matter how far you go My ReviewZoe is heading to America as a live in nanny after being left at the alter by her would be husband She is devastated but ready to move on after months of silence and no explanation from her would be hubby She meets the employer from hell, he is dismissive, arrogant and utterly gorgeous but a nightmare to live with and the house is a dump however his two children are beautiful and well she isn t there for him anyway.Oh how Zoe made me laugh out loud reading this You go on a roller coaster journey of laughs, tears and oh my Gods She reminded me of Bridget Jones only of a liability It isn t my usual kind of book and definitely chick lit, perfect for a holiday read or something to get you over readers block.Some of it was a bit predictable but that didn t detract from the enjoyment really although I did find myself saying really a few times I read it almost in one sitting and it got me through my flight really quickly with a few laughs and hair raising moments so 4 5 for me My first encounter with this author and I would read her again. Simpa prica s ok likovima Za plazu i mozak na pasu The worst Costello book I read and one of the worst chick lit books To boot It was so over the top impossibly improbably annoying I just coundnt believe my eyes The Ryan character does not make one sense some kind of schizophrenic dude with split personality disorder, Zoe is so angelic it made me nauseous, the kids are annoyingly perfect and adult sounding and don t even get me started on Zoe s mum who is just ridiculous hippie gangsta overprotective weirdest combination ever.No chick lit for a while I even prefer Fiery never ending Cross. Lectura acestei c r i a fost o adev rat pl cere de la primul cuv nt p n la ultimul Am r s at t de mult n ultimele dou zile, c t s mi ajung p n la sf r itul anului Glumesc Niciodat nu m a s tura de aceast activitate Pur i simplu, aceast carte a avut acel ceva care m a atras de la primele pagini N a fost capitol care s nu mi lase imprimat pe fa m car un z mbetnt mpl rile amuzante, dar i cele nepl cute prin care trec personajele noastre, ging ia i firea juc u specific micu ilor, arogan a i necioplirea masculului sexi, teama i nesiguran a t n rului mire, dar i nc p narea i curiozitatea eroinei, fac din aceast carte un delicios cocktail de sentimente i tr iri, de care fiecare persoan ar trebui s aib parte o dat n viaRecenzie Praf de stele A fun and charming read.I found Zoe character is too good too be true, it s nearly unreal for someone to be that kind heart, incredibly patient and wise Working as a governess for a family with no mother and careless father, she s amazing with the kids Although the writer de graced her by her clumsiness and wicked wardrobe, I can t help to love her for her warm heart and beautiful soul.While Ryan Miller, the bittersoul widower is a man whore who for his griefing and losing soul had slept with every women around him And except for his world class arse and his deep devotion for his gone wife, I just didn t find him good enough for Zoe Being recently broken heart and humiliated in front of the altar by her boyfriend, Zoe still couldn t help to admire her boss good looking even when she found his attitude was so annoying as a father an employer Although at the end he did the right things to win Zoe s heart, I didn t really swooned by his acts especially in early chapters.But the good part of Zoe character is her right decision to put an act everytime Ryan strucked her nerve Oh, she s very patient and calm, always tried to do her best even when her boss never thanked her for her great effort on taking care of his children and house But when it s too much and she started yelling out loud, it s hilarious and I always end up laugh hard or cry BRAVO, Zoe Overall the book is nice, fun and entertaining you ll put a smile at the end of it. I read a few Costello s books and this one is the best one by far I am a fan of Brit humor and the book did not disappoint It s a story about English woman who got stud up at the wedding so, to put some distance between them, she takes a babysitting job in US The problem arise the moment she comes out of the plane the agency changed the family she was suppose to go to Of course, her new family is a bit different The kids are great but the dadhot stuff all the way Widower and angry, fooling around to get buy the grief And then she comes in, clumsy, slightly frustrated, great with kids but she found her self attracted to the angry player The book is funny, filled with great characters, aside from the two main ones, warm, endearing at times, but still keeping it real Great, great read *FREE DOWNLOAD ☝ The Nearly-Weds ✙ What S The Worst Thing That Could Happen To A Blushing Bride After Zoe Is Jilted By Her Fianc Jason, She S Unable To Face The Pitying Looks Of Her Friends And Family Any LongerFleeing To America, She Is Employed As A Nanny By The Moody, Difficult, But Devastatingly Sexy, Single Dad RyanShe Quickly Wins Over His Children, But Her Boss Is Of A Challenge Things Aren T Helped, Of Course, By Her Inadvertently Displaying Her Knickers To His Colleagues Or Nearly Hospitalising Him With A Toy Bow And ArrowThank God She S Got Her Colourful Circle Of Friends To Keep Her Sane Fun Loving Trudie, Hippy Amber And Chilly, Tight Lipped FelicityIt Is Only Over Time That Zoe And Ryan Begin To Understand Each Other And Their Apparently Ill Fated Relationship Takes On A New DimensionThere S Just One Problem, As Zoe Soon Discovers That The Past Isn T Always Easy To Escape, No Matter How Far Away You Go Finishing this, I feel like I ve conquered the whole world cause Holy Hell was this long Okay, it wasn t Not really.For God s sake, I m infinetly happy finishing Kristen Ashley novels and those are certifiably long So, this was draggy, I guess.It was slow, kinda average and exactly like life itself.And that put me off I m not looking to read what I m already living, you get me My books are what I vicariously live through, so sue me but I wanted different.That being said, I m not British, a nanny or left at the alter P After reading Girl on the Run and falling deeply in love with Jane Costello I just had to read The Nearly Weds But so far, the book and characters isn t as funny and enjoyable as Girl on the Run I m a bit disappointed I did laugh on some parts, take chapter 30 for example LOL but all in all, I m not a fan of this book, it s cute but not amazing.