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@Read Book à The List ë Phoebe Henderson May Be Single But She Sure Doesn T Feel Fabulous It S Been A Year Since She Found Her Boyfriend Alex In Bed With Another Woman, And Multiple Cases Of Wine And Extensive Relationship Analysis With Best Friend Lucy Have Done Nothing To Help Faced With A New Year But No New Love, Phoebe Concocts A Different Kind Of ResolutionThe List Ten Things She S Always Wanted To Do In Bed But Has Never Had The Chance Or The Courage To Try A Bucket List For Between The Sheets One Year Of Pleasure, No Strings Attached Simple, Right Factor In Meddlesome Colleagues, Friends With Benefits, Getting Frisky Al Fresco And Maybe, Possibly, True Love And Phoebe S Got Her Work Cut Out For Her 3,5, pero redondeo hasta las 4 estrellas por lo mucho que me he re do, sobre todo con la primera parte, pues la segunda aunque sigue teniendo sus toques de humor me ha parecido m s triste Vaya por delante que no considero este libro una historia rom ntica, es otra cosa Es la historia de una chica escocesa, que se parece a Christina Hendricks pero se siente insegura y sola tras el enga o de su ltimo y gilipollas novio, y la lista que hace a principios de a o para superar su ruptura sentimental y llevar a cabo un mont n de actos sexuales que siempre le han llamado la atenci n pero nunca se ha atrevido a realizar El elegido para hacerlo Su mejor amigo, Oliver, un t o bueno en ambos sentidos de la palabra , con un gran xito entre las mujeres Aunque no sea para nada igual, este inicio me ha hecho acordarme de Nate y Olivia, de Calle Jamaica, una de mis parejas favoritas ever.Narrado en forma de diario, como si de una especie de Bridget Jones escocesa se tratar , igual de borrachuza pero mucho m s liberada, m s bruta y peor hablada, vemos c mo Phoebe afronta los retos de esa lista y un trabajo que odia, se relaciona con los hombres y con su divertidisimo grupo de amigos Lucy es para darle de comer aparte , descubre lo vac a que est su vida y, de paso, el amor.Leida por recomendaci n de las haggards pod is ver su cr tica aqu , la recomiendo Est en espa ol, pero yo la he le do en ingl s, m s que nada por el precio C mo es posible que un libro que lleve traducido a os cueste 6,64 en su edici n digital en espa ol y 0,99 en ingl s Popsugar 2019 Reto 50 Un libro sin cap tulos o con una numeraci n poco convencional We don t get to pick who we fall in love with, and it doesn t happen like it shouldNo Strings AttachedActually that was the underlying story of 32 year old Phoebe Henderson s solitary life Phoebe Henderson is the protagonist of Joanna Bolouri s debut novel, The List, which is an amusing story about a single woman s crazy sexual adventures.SynopsisPhoebe Henderson may be single but she sure doesn t feel fabulous It s been a year since she found her boyfriend Alex in bed with another woman, and multiple cases of wine and extensive relationship analysis with best friend Lucy have done nothing to help Faced with a new year but no new love, Phoebe concocts a different kind of resolution.The List ten things she s always wanted to do in bed but has never had the chance or the courage to try A bucket list for between the sheets One year of pleasure, no strings attached Simple, right Factor in meddlesome colleagues, friends with benefits, getting frisky al fresco and maybe, possibly, true love and Phoebe s got her work cut out for her Joanna Bolouri crafted a mind blowing No Strings Attached style tale but its way hilarious, way striking, and way adventurous and at times, things got pretty heated up while I was reading the book I meant to say way passionate So what happens when a 32 year old lonely and single woman wants to make a bucket list of what kind of sexual adventures she will have Well, if she s got a cute guy best friend, then undoubtedly he will be the first person on her list to have those adventures with Written in a diary entry style, the author, Bolouri wanted to show us about her protagonist s sexual adventures right from her eyes and words and thus that made me feel like Phoebe s only talking to me With the author s glorious vivid descriptions about the sexual adventures of Phoebe, the book was one hell of an roller coaster ride of sweat, some filthy between the sheets adventures and a lot of ROFL moments that will surely going to crack you up And honestly most of time, I found that it was quite difficult for me to get a grip on when Phoebe s silly moments cracked me up I must say I never read such a hilarious book of erotica, where sex is going on but in a rather funny way The characters from lonely, brave and funny Phoebe to her coolest best friend, Lucy to her annoying and sly boss, Frank to her cheating ex, Alex to her cutest guy best friend, Oliver to the rest of the lot each and every one depict the characters from our everyday life, meaning which they are realistic and believable and I could instantly relate to the people in my life And for that I d like to hats off to the author for drawing inspiration from the daily characters Moreover, Phoebe sounds like an epitome of every lonely, single woman For me, Phoebe Henderson rocks And Oliver sounds like every woman s dream boy The narrative style is equally witty and entertaining and that kept me stuck like glue till its very end I even loved the articulate and crisp prose that the author used to describe her story and since written in a diary entry style, the book had got a fast pace and can be read in a one go Apart from that, I learnt a lot of new stuffs which I had no idea about, so thanks to the author for enlightening me her readers with her well crafted and humorous story and honestly I had a hard time while reading this book, since my stomach was hurting like hell as I could not control myself from laughing and rolling and crying out with joy So yeah read this book, on a lazy afternoon and watch how this book can actually take the stress off your shoulders Verdict Damn It s been a long time since I read such a funny and lively book So don t waste a minute, girls, pick up this book now And if you are still single this year, then this book can be your perfect guide As for me it was the perfect guide Courtesy Thanks to the author, Joanna Bolouri, for giving me an opportunity to read and review her book Read reviews at What Danielle Did Next There s nothing I love than a sexy, sassy, fresh read to pull me out of a reading rut and THE LIST was the perfect remedy for my recent reading slump I devoured the book in a matter of hours, unable to put it down as it kept me chuckling, gasping and experiencing a little blushing In THE LIST we meet Phoebe ringing in the New Year she s feeling conspicuously single after discovering her ex in bed with his boss months before Eager to change her life and get out of a rut she decides to focus on one area of her life that could do with a little excitement her sex life Making a list of the sauciest, risqu and hottest acts that have ever entered her fantasies, she recruits her up for anything handsome best friend Oliver and determined to earn a Gold Medal in the Sexual Olympics she embarks on her passion filled adventure.THE LIST is such a warm, funny, heart felt book I adored every minute of it and loved Phoebe She s ballsy, eager to put herself out there and willing to make mistakes and boy does she make a boat load What I loved about her is how she knows she s not perfect, she knows she s not always right but she takes the risk anyway, determined to commit to her project no matter what and by doing so she learns a lot about herself and we the readers are right there with her on her topsy turvy rollercoaster of a journey.I m all for a steamy read every now and then but the idea of a book based around a sex list seemed a bit overwhelming but THE LIST is an honest, hilarious and frank look at the sexcapades Phoebe gets involved in and the result is an uber fun read that is thoroughly enjoyable.Of course to work through a list of sexual adventures, a heroine needs a partner in crime and boy is Oliver the whole package With his cheeky Irish humour, smouldering good looks and sweet yet saucy personality, he is the perfect companion to accompany and at times guide Phoebe through her list.With plenty of laugh out loud moments, awesome characters, wonderful displays of friendship, plenty of swoons and sensual moments, THE LIST is a fantastic, funny, quirky read that will charm you from page one and take you on one hell of a ride I loved it