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I really like the book The Clone Codes by Patricia C McKissack I think when Patricia was writing this book she was thinking of a way to explain the past in a modern, exciting, and interesting way This book takes place in 2170 Leanna is a thirteen year old girl attending what is called a virtual school, she doesn t even leave home She uses special glasses to take part in all her classes, even p.e., her favorite is history They get to experience what it was like to be there, you would never guess you weren t really there, it feels so real.She lives with just her mom because her twin sister and father passed away due to a fatal car crash Since this book takes place in the future there are many improvements in technology The government has created clones of humans to do work and make their lives easier, but there is a lot of debate on whether or not they should be treated like humans The government doesn t think so, but Leanna s mom has different ideas She is part of an illegal organization for clone rights called The Liberty Bell Movement She truly believes, like others, that clones have emotions, should have rights, and should be treated like human beings One day she is caught and taken away by the government Leanna realizes her mom has left a video behind for her to watch to explain some things She explains that when she became pregnant they decided they wanted to have a human daughter and a clone, Leanna is the clone and she can t believe it Leanna must learn to accept it and fight for the cause.There is a very strong simile between the clones struggles to receive freedom and the African Americans in the United States I think she was trying to explain this in a modern and easy way to understand as well as entertain us.The book flowed really nicely and it went in very logical order I liked the detailed description and how it could make you feel like you are really there There was always something going on to keep you engaged and wanting to know The word structure was good There were a few big words in it because it takes place in the future with new things and new concepts, but Patricia still made it easy to understand It was written for teens so the language and style is easy to follow, but at the same time it doesn t seem dumbed down It never became boring and I never wanted to put it down So what if this is virtual it feels so real The smells of early autumn and the sounds of night creatures are all around me What a cool way to learn history Mckissack 2 This passage is at the very beginning when Leanna is doing school work I chose this quote because I liked how it shows the kind of world Leanna lives in and the things she gets to experience It also shows how technology can make things seem so real even when they aren t It s also possible that something like this could be around in the future No, Leanna It s the other way around Honey, you re the clone Suddenly it felt like all the air had been sucked out of the room.A punch in the stomach That is what this news is A fist to my gut.The other way around Leannayou re the clone.My tears seem to be laced with acid oh, do they sting Are you saying I m I force myself to spit out the words a Second V Mom nods Yes, Leanna, a clone I rip off my commglasses and hurl them against the wall It s not true I scream Stop saying that I pound the wall I m not a clone I gag on my words My throat feels thick, and I throw up Clones are not human I m human Staying in the same room with this news is unbearable I have to get out of here Mckissack 60 61 This passage is after her mom is taken and she is watching the video She is informed she is a clone I chose this passage because it is really important to the plot line as well as I really like how effective it is This really helps us understand how Leanna is feeling and her stand on clones and who they are as people This passage is very critical to the story and understanding Leanna.One of the tips I got from this book for writing would be having a secret message Patricia wrote a book that was interesting and fun to read, but also a book with meaning It helped for me to understand some things about slavery and civil rights I also liked how much action was going on in the book I didn t want to ever put it down I should read my work and see if I would get bored while reading it and then change it to make it interesting I also thought the book flowed really well and it was easy to follow and comprehend I need to make sure my readers understand my thinking and I should write with that in mind. I was initially drawn in by the idea, which was great and had so much potential Of course, the finished product doesn t always amount to potential I easily guessed the plot When Leanna was surprised and stunned about something she just discovered I was thinking what You didn t already know that I ve been guessing that the whole bookThe writing is beginner and I could ve easily written it, which is saying a lot The worse part to me, though, was that it seemed like it was trying to teach a lesson Don t get me wrong I am one hundred and ten percent against slavery but when it comes to books I read for entertainment , I don t want to feel like I m in school I already spend like 8 hours in school every day, and don t need any It was a good idea but it feels almost as if they put TOO much research into this image error #Book ⚡ The Clone Codes ô In The Year An Underground Abolitionist Movement Fights For The Freedom Of Cyborgs And Clones, Who Are Treated No Better Than SlavesThe Cyborg Wars Are Over And Earth Has Peacefully Prospered For Than One Hundred Years Yet Sometimes History Must Repeat Itself Until Humanity Learns From Its Mistakes In The Year , Despite Technological And Political Advances, Cyborgs And Clones Are Treated No Better Than Slaves, And An Underground Abolitionist Movement Is Fighting For Freedom Thirteen Year Old Leanna S Entire Life Is Thrown Into Chaos When The World Federation Of Nations Discovers Her Mom Is Part Of The Radical Liberty Bell Movement When I read this book, at first when I started I thought it was only gonna be about a girl and her mother But once I finished this book I was all wrong about what I thought it was This story took place in 2170, the girl s name in this particular story is Leanna Deberry and she finds out that her mother Dr.Annette Deberry is hiding something from her Leanna s mother told her that she was associated with the Liberty Bell Movement LBM and in that time people thought that if you were associated with those people that you were considered a traitor and wanted to build a clone and cyborg army to destroy the world Joe Spiller was and agent of the Clone Humane Society, Taylor Graham was elected for High Chancellor of The World Federation of the Nations WFN The Liberty Bell Movement is a group that doesn t believe slavery or segregation Dr.Annette Deberry stated We think of ourselves as abolitionists like Harriet Tubman was during her time Dr Annette said Clones are flesh and blood, just like you and me Leanna s mother thinks that everyone should be treated equally no matter what some people might disagree with her statement but I very much think that is very important because why treat certain people differently than others, there s honestly no point for it People thought Tubman was an extremist and that s why the LBM was functional Spiller wanted to arrest Leanna s mother but her mother wanted to keep Leanna safe so Dr.Annette Deberry told Leanna to go to Dr.Anatol Ayala who was Dr.Annette friend Leanna was very worried for her mother, she never thought her mother would tell her something like that So Leanna went to Dr.Ayala and assumed she would also be apart of the LBM just like her mother and she was completely right Dr.Ayala told Leanna about the LBM and that she owned a clone 9767 But Dr.Ayala s mind was elsewhere, she had to go hide somewhere because she knew Spiller was gonna get her next So Leanna and the clone 9767 went to the Gypsy City,Captain Newton owned the area Before arriving Leanna very well knew that Newton was the owner of the area finally they arrived and showed Leanna where she d be staying for now She put on her commglasses to read a scrapbook while she was reading a virtual figure came up with her mother s face Her mother said It s time for you to know the truth Dr.Annette stated I had planned to to share all this with you in person, when you were older But unfortunately my plans have been ruined, I m so sorry but you need to know who you are Leanna you re my beautiful daughter which I love so much, I d d0 anything to save your life When you were a child cloning was illegal, your great grandfather made a cloning machine A cooperation named Topas bought the invention and used it to produce a race of slaves Topas made millions of dollars doing that meanwhile Pap Pap worked on a formula that would stabilize cell growth for the clones They needed a baby that would grow and learn just like a regular human child no gene manipulation or chip insertions Leanna knew that infant cloning was illegal Dr.Annette continued I met Forest Deberry your father,when he became apart of the LBM But he was also the love of my life and the only reason for my happiness I d never met anyone so kind,thoughtful,strong We got married 6 months later on a boat on a hot August day Forest was the one who came up with the idea that the LBM needed to test Pap Pap s stabilizer by cloning an infant We knew that making that decision would be very riskful and illegal but while we thought about it I found out I was pregnant So Mr and Mrs Deberry decided to have twins a clone and a human child Leanna asked why they didn t tell her that her sister Lindsey was a clone that s when Mrs.Deberry said No Leanna it s the other way around Leanna had to let what she was just told sink in,she wanted to find who she was I rate this book a 5 out of 5 because it was very interesting seeing how everything changed throughout the story I would recommend this book to people who like be surprised or to people who like suspense It was interesting finding out who Leanna really was. This book s plotline was flat Literally I couldn t find a single thing that is as flat as this book s plotline I get it that Leanna was that her name I forgot was like this custodian or guardian of earth or something, but add some interesting scenes, like fight scenes or scary ones or intimate ones, whatever, I don t care, this book just revovled around this whole finding rights for clones and cyborgs, and how Leanna like swifting For some reason, I just couldn t read past the first chapter But I did I finished the book The ending SUCKED So RUby is blasting off to the moon, am I the only one that thinks that this is just too sudden A computer operated spaceship justs takes in these people and blasts iff WOW so yeah, this book definitely deserves a two star. About six months ago, I went to babysit for a family friend On my way there, the car in front of me broke down, causing me to nearly break down in tears because I had no clue how to turn right at the intersection, and it was one of my first times driving alone Luckily, after the people in the car in front of me signaled for me to go around them, I managed to make it to the kids I was going to be babysitting.Everything was fine, at first There were two boys, aged about two and seven, and because it was about eight pm, the baby was already asleep Their mom said goodbye, and the older boy was playing with his crafts, and I thought I was in for a moderately relaxing evening I was probably as wrong in that moment as I have ever been in my life, and I have failed my fair share of exams It started with the older one asking for popcorn, which in and of itself is a perfectly reasonable request His mom had told me we could have whatever was in the cabinet, and lo and behold there was popcorn in the cabinet, so I made some The kid sat and ate some while he made annoying paper airplanes to throw around the house, and I listened to broadway showtunes through my headphones while I collected the airplanes and brought them back Then I came back from round three of airplane gathering, and I was missing one seven year old kid.It only took me about ten seconds to figure out that he was in the bathroom, and I shrugged it off Everyone has to go to the bathroom sometimes, after all Three minutes later and I was less sure that this was all sunshine and lollipops I asked his if he was okay, and he responded with only the most foreboding giggles I have heard in my lifeA few moments later I pooped on the ground You re kidding, right I asked him Seven year olds are not world famous for their truth telling.In response, he simply opened the door Suddenly, an evening of showtunes and crafts became a little boy with no pants on standing in a puddle of excrement.I handled this in the way that only someone used to the last minute cramming for Calculus tests can with the knowledge that rock bottom means you can only move up So I made him clean up a bit and then herded him upstairs, where I engaged in a debate over the necessity of new pants Luckily, he finally agreed and put on new pants Before doing so, however, he ran into the nursery to grab some wipes to clean up.That was about the moment the baby woke up, asking first very politely then less than politely to bring him to his mom right now right now I scooped him up, we went downstairs, and the older one immediately started feeding the younger one popcorn Now, I had not been given dietary instructions for the little one Are babies supposed to eat popcorn I still don t know, and I had less of a clue then.In the end, I didn t die and neither did anyone else, but I rather wish that none of it had taken place And that s about how I feel about having read this book. Read this years ago but I remember really enjoying it. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it Bringing together the past and the potential future, this was a great read. What does it mean to be human In the year 2170, clones are created to do specific jobs and basically treated like slaves They are created bald, with skin colors, like purple, orange, and silver and referred to by number These measures serve to dehumanize them and make it easy for people to spot a clone In addition to clones, there are cyborgs a person becomes a cyborg if they have artificial or bionic parts due to replacements from accidents or illness Cyborgs are considered three fifths of a person The book opens with Leanna attending virtual school and experiencing the Underground Railroad with Harriet Tubman The reader quickly sees the comparison between slaves and the clones cyborgs At the start of the book, Leanna sees the clones and cyborgs as less than people also 99% of society does But, Leanna is about to discover some secrets that will rock her world This is a compelling story and Leanna goes through a significant transformation Students should read this book when they learn about slavery in U.S history It could lead to thought provoking discussions about slavery, cloning, and society I do have to admit that the secrets Leanna discovers are pretty obvious from page one, but that doesn t detract from the enjoyment of the story At the end of the book, the authors compare fact to fiction At 165 pages, the book is a quick, enjoyable read that also teaches some history This is book one of a trilogy, which I will end up reading I m sure Recommended to Students in grades 5 and up. From the beginning pages, I devoured The Clone Codes And despite the novel s shortness, there is plenty for the reader to take in The futuristic setting, the science fiction element, and the non stop action made this novel a complete page turner The novel definitely something for all types of readers.One aspect that really surprised me about The Clone Codes was its message Most readers will be familiar with the history of slaves and their treatment What is interesting is how the authors took those historic details and made them relevant in a futuristic setting In this society, clones are treated no better than slaves They are genetically created and altered to be mindless drones Their purpose is to serve the society in the manner for which they have been created Whether they be cooks, housekeepers, offices assistants you name it, their purpose is the same to serve the people and the society This is a fascinating read that touches what it is to be free And what we are willing to go through in order to maintain that freedom.In addition to the powerful messages, the characters that Patricia and Fredrick McKissack have created are top notched From Leanna s character to the secondary characters, and even the clones, the novel has so much diversity This gives the reader a chance to really connect with the novel To understand all sides of the argument and decide for themselves which side they would choose This is an amazing novel that blew me away.While it remains to be seen if there will be a sequel, this is definitely one novel that I would love to see of As it is, the ending is not quite what I expected due to it ending so abruptly Currently, I am crossing my fingers and hoping that I will be able to see of Leanna and her adventure.