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A Quickie ReviewDecent, but still not the famed sleuth as I ve come to expect her. This was my 7 year olds first intro to Nancy Drew and they loved it @READ PDF Æ Thanksgiving Thief (Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew, #16) ⚣ Wild Turkeys Are Running Loose In River Heights Can The Clue Crew Round Them Up Before They Ruin The Thanksgiving Feast River Heights Elementary School Is Having A Thanksgiving Pageant, And Nancy, Bess, And George Want To Dress Up As Native Americans But When The Town Starts Preparing For Thanksgiving Dinner, The Girls End Up Smelling A Mystery Instead Of Turkey As Thanksgiving Food Around Town Starts To Disappear, The Clue Crew Realizes That Someone Is Trying To Destroy The Holiday Can The Crew Catch These Birdbrained Bandits Or Will Thanksgiving Dinner Be A Recipe For Disaster Previewed for my child Found nothing offensive The writing isn t great Quick read. We ve been reading through this series fairly steadily We skipped ahead a bit to read this one fairly close to Thanksgiving although we ended up not reading it until three weeks lateroh well And now we ll go back and pick up the series where we left off This story was good, but a bit disjointed The mystery was easy to solve, but not all that plausible And the not too subtle environmental message just seemed awkward in this story Overall, we ve really enjoyed this series, but this story wasn t our favorite. This book is about the detective like Nancy Drew and her clue crew, as they embark on solving the Thanksgiving thief mystery Foods that have been prepared for the Thanksgiving pageant have been mysteriously destroyed, and only a single feather has been left behind at each of the crime scenes Nancy and her friends diligently do detective work, and eventually solve the mystery Two wild turkeys are the culprits As a young reader, I was a huge fan of the Nancy Drew series When I checked this book out at the library, I was very excited to read it and, I must say, that I had high expectations I was, unfortunately, let down The story started out as interesting and fast paced, but the conclusion was both unrealistic and anticlimactic The illustrations were dull and uncreative This is a book that I would not directly incorporate in a lesson, but I might suggest it to a student who is interested in Nancy Drew This book is for grades 2 3. Cute mystery but sometimes found myself thinking this books it too politically correct and stereotypical at the same time Not all Oklahoman s that are Native American s make fry bread and know how to teach Native American dancing. I liked it but it could have been a bit secretive I figured out who destroyed all the things for thanksgiving towards the very begining of the book A good book for ages 8 10 I ve read a book called Thanksgiving Thief Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew by Carolyn Kenne This book is about an Elementary school having a Thanksgiving peagent So Nancy and her two little friends Bess and George felt dressing up in a costume as Native Americans Well as the town preparing for Thanksgiving dinner Nancy and her friends Bess and George end up in trying to smell a mystery instead of turkey also they start realizing that someone is trying to destroy thanksgiving holiday So could Nancy and her friends Bess and George able to catch those people who were clever or would the Thanksgiving holiday gets destroyed Although I ve liked reading this book because I liked the character Nancy her friends Bess and George who all has positive thoughts of find mystery clues since they have full of knowledge Well I liked reading these types of books because I liked how it was msysteryand interesting story However, I would like to recommend this book to an six years old childrens those who like to hear about interesting story.By Shaalini Gogineni I liked this one I would give it 3 or 4 stars.