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Story OverviewThis is the story of what happens when a girl from the city moves to a little town and finds out what happens when people stop being polite and start being real Oh wait that is the description of The Real World, isn t it But, essentially, this book is about how living in a small town can be a little like living in fish bowl The town in question is Roxborough located in the UK but I m not sure if it is a real town or a Mansell creation When Tilly Cole is left by her live in boyfriend who she secretly wished would leave her so she didn t have to do the dirty work of breaking up with him , she impulsively moves to Roxborough to work as a Girl Friday for an interior designer named Max As she gets involved in town life, it turns out that almost everyone is the victim of a rumor or has a secret of some kind, including Erin Tilly s best friend who owns a dress shop and recently began a secret romance with a not quite yet divorced man Stella the wife of Erin s new boyfriend, who attempts to get revenge for her husband leaving her by spreading nasty rumors about Erin Max Tilly s new employer who is openly gay but knows a few secrets about other folks who may be gay whether they know it or not Lou Louisa Max s daughter who has a secret of her own that she is keeping from her family but it isn t the one that Tilly and her mother think it is Kaye Max s ex wife and Lou s mom, who moved to America and became a TV star but who recently got blacklisted in Hollywood after falling victim to a nasty rumor started by the deranged wife of a producer on her show Jack Lucas Roxborough s resident hottie and tragic widower, who seems to have slept with every woman in town if you believe the rumors and now seems to want to add Tilly to his list of conquests.The heart of the story is the relationship between Tilly and Jack, but all the characters get attention and a chance to work through their rumors, relationships and secrets Although the book is light hearted and fun, Mansell is careful to add grayer tones to the story as well.My ThoughtsThis was a fun read that is perfect for the beach or summertime reading Mansell populates Roxborough with a collection of fun characters who all have their own issues, secrets and rumors to deal with Yet, at the same time, Mansell isn t afraid to add in serious story lines as well, including cancer, homophobia and a tragic early death for Jack s first love This helps ground the book and make it than just a fluff piece Yet, at the same time, you don t have to worry about things not working out or the story suddenly turning into a tragedy when you just wanted to have a happy little read.The press release I got with the book describes Mansell as the Brit Chick Lit Sensation and later describes the books as funny, sassy woman s novel Are women not chicks I wonder Now I personally have no problem with books labeled chick lit, but I think they ve gotten a bit of a bad reputation According to the Source of All Knowledge Wikipedia , chick lit is fiction that addresses issues of modern women often humorously and lightheartedly When you think about that way, what is the matter with that I know I don t always want to read heavy books you need a light, humorous book every now and then to cleanse your palate.My Final RecommendationDon t be turned off by the chick lit label If you re looking for a funny, light read that entertains, this books fits the bill nicely Mansell has a breezy writing style that moves the story along nicely, and I appreciated that she took the time to develop the secondary story lines as much as the romance between Jack and Tilly Mansell is a bestselling author in the UK, and I suspect she will be here in the US as well I mean, how can you not want to support an author whose bio reads like this Jill Mansell lives with her partner and children in Bristol, and writes full time Actually that s not true she watches TV, eats fruit gums gum drops , admires the rugby players training in the sports field behind her house, and spends hours on the Internet marveling at how many other writers have blogs Only when she s completely run out of displacement activities does she write. (((Download Epub))) ↜ Rumor Has it ⇻ Would You Be Tempted Newly Single, Tilly Cole Impulsively Accepts A Job Offer In A Small Town As A Girl Friday Fun Job, Country House, Fresh Start, Why Not But Soon She Finds Herself In A Hotbed Of Gossip, Intrigue, And Rampant Rivalry For The Town S Most Desirable Bachelor Jack LucasRumors Of Jack S Love Em And Leave Em Escapes Abound, And Tilly Decides To Do The Mature, Sensible Thing Avoid Jack At All Cost But The Time Tilly Spends With Jack, The The Rumors Just Don T Make Sense Tilly Doesn T Know What To Believe And Jack S Not Telling Another sad example of the Just Because It s British, Doesn t Make It Good genre of Chick Lit This book can be summarized as follows Boy dumps Girl.Girl lands perfect live in job in perfect Cotswolds town taking care of perfect teenager.Girl meets Perfect New Boy.Girl artificially creates rumor based reasons not to date Perfect New Boy.Perfect New Boy pursues WhyGirl.How will it end Predictable and implausible story. Oh c mon How is everyone giving this book a minimum of 3 stars There was no depth in the characters, no depth in the love story of the supposed main character, Tilly Cole I love chick lit, i really do But, there has to be some meaning, some depth in the love story After avoiding Jack for the whole book, Tilly agrees to marry him in the end..this just wasn t believable So you can t date him because you think he s commitment phobic but you can marry him They didn t have ONE meaningful conversation I m giving this book 2 stars because i liked Kaye and Parker s story. 2.5 starsThis was almost a waste of my time but had a few good parts that made it kind of worth my time This was like those movies New Years Eve and Valentines Day in that it is a whole group of people falling in love However, I never really liked those movies, as with this book.Tilly and Jack were just unrealistic They really didn t interact that much, and I didn t feel a connection with them or even between them Then BOOM he asks her to marry him WTFI really liked Max and Lou, they made the story better.Is it horrible that I kind of wanted Stella to die Maybe but maybe she shouldn t have been such a bitch I was pretty indifferent about Erin Fergus and Kaye Parker So yeah, this was an alright book with a few good parts. I really can t say enough how much I enjoyed reading this wonderful book As a fan of Meg Cabot s adult books, and Sophie Kinsella s stand alone novels, I felt like I d found a book that was reminiscent of the type of chick lit that allowed the main character to be strong, yet emotionally open Tilly was a sweet character that only annoyed me in her resistance to Jack, who really manages to warm the heart Jack isn t the regular Lothario that you re eager to hate he s actually much complex and filled with surprising depths of kindness and generosity I think that I fell in love with Jack The other thing I really enjoyed about Mansell s novel was the number of other characters involved in the story Sometimes I feel as if a writer needs to fill space and keep you reading, so they introduce a number of characters to get your attention In this case, they each felt important and lovely in connection with the story as a whole I loved Tilly s best friend Erin, and wanted to see her happy Max was also a lovely character, with a wonderful back story to add depth to the novel Altogether, I really loved each of the characters, and was almost sad to see the book end Overall, I give Rumor Has It a high two thumb s up I loved the escape factor of the story, and the sweet love story that unfolded As mentioned, if you re at all a fan of Cabot or Kinsella, then I can readily and happily recommend this novel as another fun addition to the genre. I absolutely love this author, as I always know that when a read one of Jill s books, I know that I m in for a treat Pure indulgence on so many levels, it s got everything I loved getting to know all of the different characters and there own individual stories which you get to discover as you progress through the book If you haven t read a her books before, then I highly recommend that you do. I was in the mood for an easy, no brainer romance novel, and this book was PERFECT for that So sweet, and with the perfect plot to drive it forwards in my opinion Of course it was predictable, but It s a romance novel So obviously the end is going to be forseeable However, for me, it s about the journey there I loved seeing how the relationships developed, and what came between them I think the characters were well thought out and not way too cliche I didn t sit there cringing, which unfortunately happens for me a lot with romantic books Overall, I would definitely recommend this if you just want a light hearted romance book set in a cute English village With hot guys And a little drama Definitely will read Jill Mansell another time I m in for some good ol romance My synopsis Tilly and Erin have been friends since college but after Tilly went to London and Erin went home to Roxborough to care for an ailing mother After her boyfriend moves out of their flat and leaves her with the rent, Tilly decides it is time for a change When visiting Erin for the weekend she stumbles across an ad for a job a girl Friday and decides to give it a shot.Strong arming her way in for an interview, she meets Max Dineen interior designer, father of Lou, and decidedly gay He had been married to Kaye, Lou s mom, but finally had to admit that he was gay and so they divorced He was looking for someone to help him with his business and raising his teenage daughter Lou had lived in California with her mother for awhile, but decided that she missed this home too much Max and Tilly hit it off famously and the deal was sealed.Tilly meets Jack Lucas soon after moving to Roxborough and is warned by everyone that he is a love em and leave em type of guy and that she would just be a notch on his bedpost She does a good job of keeping her distance until she learns that Jack had been engaged and that his fiance had died She continues to get to know him, and despite herself, the attraction grows She continues to push him away, telling herself that regardless of what he says, she would not be different than any other girl Finally with a weekend with Max and Lou out of town, she decides to accept a date with Jack Unfortunately Jack s almost in laws show up that night and he has to call and cancel For Tilly, that was the last straw she feels she was saved from certain disaster.Jill Mansell gives you a whole cast of wacky characters to round out the story There is Erin, Tilly s friend Fergus, Erin s boyfriend who is married but separated from Stella Scary Stella as some call her She has a way of being mean to just about everybody but tries to use the reasoning that she is just telling them the truth Kaye, Max s ex wife also joins the fray when she arrives from America having been put on trial by tabloid and losing her job on a TV show Oh and we mustn t forget Betty, Max and Lou s dog I always enjoy reading one of Ms Mansell s books This one was no exception The characters are fun and full of life and the books are always very humorous If you are looking for a good British chick lit book author you need look no further I am definitely a fan There was a recent sale on Jill Mansell titles and between Carolyn and I, we got a few I d read some previously and was lukewarm on what I d read before But a good sale and chick lit are a siren s call to me so what the hell.I just finished Rumor Has It and thought it has the best and worst of what chick lit is.Pro it s a romance.Pro The women have careers.Con Men are important than careers.Pro Gay ex.Con Gay ex.Con The hero was engaged previously and she died in a drowning accident The reason it s a con is because his name is Jack and the dead fiance was Rose you know, Jack and Rose from Titanic and Jack drowned Made me slightly nauseous Pro More than one couple and they all had an HEA except the one gay guy And the bad girl who died from cancer Con No HEA for the gay guy and the bad girl was funny but got killed off.Pro I really liked the best friend and her romance.Con I liked the best friend and her story than the heroine and her story.Still, I enjoyed it It was a quick and fun read and the emotion wasn t deep The humor was good I ll be reading Mansell books but not expecting too much from them.