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The pacing of this book is awful They spent so much time on the cases, the narration for which felt completely repetitive and didn t really further the relationship between James and Holly, and then the author remembered after 97% of the book was over that she forgot to throw in the romance and crammed it into the last three pages after randomly making the fiance MWAH HA HA evil and letting James experience all these revelations about how in love he is with Holly off the page. Fun, sarcasm, adventure, romance and anything a reader can ask for Playing James has it allI started this book and I just couldn t keep it down The way Sarah Mason presents the story, as a reader I felt living the character of Holly I actually giggled with her and made faces on the rude, knife sharp comments of James Though the ending was somewhat clinched n predictable, it can be forgiven, as other than the end, the entire book was just too good to complain about.Playing James made a special place on my bookshelf A light, funny side of two of the most serious professions is presented in a way that I fell in love with the writer s ability to take life in a jovial manner Being a new reader of Sarah Mason, I may say that she has developed a fan through this piece I ll maje sure I read all her productions All I csn say is keep up the good work D Holly Colshannon is a young journalist who thinks her career is about to take a terminal nosedive when she is moved from covering pet deaths for her local Bristol paper and made Crime Correspondent a poisoned chalice if ever there was one.However, a brilliant idea from the new police PR officer sees Holly shadowing a detective and writing a diary column about his working life Detective James Sabine is bit of a sour puss although he does have very nice green eyes and he s furious that he has been landed with magnificently accident prone Holly especially since her arrival comes six weeks before his wedding to faultless Fleur.Holly, however, has a career to think about and this infuriating man is not going to stand in her way Meanwhile, her bosses at the newspaper realise that the column is proving extremely popular with the readers who are waiting for something romantic to happen between the handsome detective and the nice young reporter With only days to go to the wedding Holly realises she s been waiting for the same thing Read my review underneathSarah Mason s debut novel Playing James is one of my favourite debut novels I ve read It s chick lit but also has something different a reporter following a detective and writing a diary about it It was new, it was original and it was brilliant.Holly Colshannon was hilarious and incredibly clumsy Who else could trip over a fruit pastille and get hit on the head so many times The way James and Holly first saw each other proved their wasn t going to be an easy relationship and it proved correct as Holly kept getting herself into hair situations and making mishaps.I read it in one sitting and even though I knew what was going to happen and knew the mishaps Holly would get herself into this was my second time reading it it s that good I still found myself laughing.All of the characters are hilarious Sorrel, Holly s mum and actress is great what with her fake fainting near the end of the book and general drama queen ness about her There s Lizzie, Holly s best friend with her madcap schemes to get her boyfriend to propose Vince, the flamboyant and funny photographer Plus everyone else Joe, Holly s editor, Callum and the other cops, Holly s dad, Fleur, Ben and even Teresa the Holy cow or as it turned out Unholy cow.James and Holly were the stars and Sarah Mason s wit made me want to keep on reading James Sabine was a brilliant character and while he hated the press, Holly helped change his mind about that They might have had a rocky relationship to start but as the book progressed so did their relationship I m sure the knocks Holly received from James helped greatly, I loved the tree trunk incident.One of my favourite parts of the novel, apart from Sorrels s fainting incident was when Holly went on TV and threw a glass of water over the host accidentally That was just hilarious.I liked the way Fleur was written started off as a saint but showed her true colours towards the end of the novel I so hoped she would get her come uppance I liked the Robin James Callum sub plot as well but thought Robin wasn t used enough, after Holly s encounter she was barely in the book I also thought it was a shame none of Holly s siblings were mentioned I ve read High Society and they re all mentioned in there but not in Playing James which was a shame.All in all I loved the novel and something I forgot to mention, I LOVED Tristan the car A great name for a car, and I liked how he was a huge part of the book even though a car is an inanimate object.I ve enjoyed the other 2 Sarah Mason novels I ve read but from the reviews of her newest novel, Sea Fever, I really don t know if I ll read it Playing James was a great debut and a great read.Rating 5 5 I m frankly amazed at the relatively high reviews this book has received from other reviewers As a piece of chick lit, it was frothy, hugely contrived, tried too hard to be humourous and won t be remembered past the last page.Holly Colshannon is a two dimensional journalist for a local paper in Bristol, who is to shadow a detective as part of a new diary feature The two do not hit it off to begin with, but, what do you know, they start to thaw towards each other ready for a rushed finale where they end up kissing in a broken down car.I disliked the fact that none of the characters were really developed at all there is nothing really to identify Holly and James from the many other chick lit protagonists out there I disliked the way the plot seemed to shoehorn as many comic devices in as possible in order to entertain.Altogether, this was a disappointment and, with the likes of Marian Keyes, Fiona Walker and Freya north all writing far superior fiction, there is nothing to differentiate this from the many other chick lit authors. Playing James by Sarah Mason was hilarious Holly was one of the most funny characters I ve ever met After single handedly donating a seeing eye dog and part of another one due to her language, Holly decides that something else should be put in place So instead of using the traditional four letter words, Holly and the rest of her workplace has adopted the use of much hated vegetables So it s hard not to laugh when she utters a holy turnips in the middle of an internal dialogue.Holly has just been promoted to the less than desirable crime correspondent and finds herself paired up with one Detective James Sabine who has no desire to have him anywhere near him They argue, the fight, and they want to be anywhere but near each other But when a robbery turns into a series of robberies, the two find a way to work together.I laughed so much when I was reading this book Holly is hilarious And she knows just how to rile James up The tension between the two was wonderful and kept me wanting to read The background story of the robberies wasn t cheesy and fit in perfectly with the main story I couldn t get enough of this book and can t wait to read by her. I downloaded Playing James to my Kindle when I was in dire need of mindless fluff That s about what I got and it wasn t even particularly memorably mindless fluff Some beach reading romances at least have fun characters or catchy dialogue or something that will once in awhile come to mind again later or, at very least, make you a little sorry when you finish the book because there s no fun to be had there This one didn t have any of that for me It almost felt like Mason was trying too hard to be quirky and entertaining I couldn t really get into any of the characters, the story line was far too unbelievable, and frankly, I was sort of glad when I finished it and could go in search of something enjoyable At least it was a fast read.I won t write off entirely the possibility of reading other Mason books in the future After all, I do hit those overload moments when all I want is something that will pass the time and not demand anything of me whatsoever Plus, it s not beyond thought that this may be a one off and other Mason books would be much better as a rule It wasn t a terrible book, it just didn t stand out in any way for me. This book was exactly how I love my chick lits funny, quirky and with lots of heart We re first introduced to Holly Colshannon as she calls the casualty department on behalf of her friend who has a.situation She makes plenty of later appearances in the ER throughout the book, all of which had me laughing out loud Detective James Sabine doesn t know what he has done in his past life when his Chief saddles him with Holly, who has been thrown into a new job as the crime correspondent for a paper she writes for She is to trail him for observation onlyThey get into loads of scrapes, mostly thanks to her, and develop a lovely camaraderie as the book develops A funny debut novel sure to bring a smile to your face with a quirky and endearing heroine with equally funny side characters. *DOWNLOAD EPUB ↡ Playing James ↯ Rules What Rules Plucky Beat Reporter Holly Colshannon Has A Flair For The Dramatic, A Nose For Trouble, And The Remarkable Ability To Smile Through Any Indignity Though Her Latest Assignment Is About To Test Her Mettle Newly Promoted To Crime Reporter For The Bristol Gazette, She Must Shadow The Unsmiling Though Undeniably Delicious Detective James Sabine Through His Action Packed Days, And Then Capture All The Danger And Thrills Of A Cop S Life In A Daily Column For The RagWell, On The Bright Side, She Gets Her Own Byline On The Down Side, Delectable James Is Hardly Overjoyed To Have Her Around But Soon Her Columns Are A Hit With Readers Who Can T Get Enough Of Her Personal Adventures Riding Shotgun With The Sexy Crime StopperWho Ever Expected Law And Order To Be So Romantic Certainly Holly S Rugby Playing Boyfriend And James S Super Gorgeous Fianc E Are Enough To Keep Any Sparks Of Electricity In Check In The End, Though, Love Always Evens The Score I am giving this 3.5 stars This is a cute fun book that would be a great romantic comedy movie Holly is a reporter who gets a chance to be the paper crime reporter gets assigned to follow a rugged good looking detective on his job Looking for a fun read one weekend that is not to serious easy to enjoy, this book is it Loved this mystery set in England What luck Holly Colshannon is paired with a detective to scoop the scene by riding around in his car as he tackles cases of theft But the beginning is daunting with Detective James Sabine not appreciating the assignment Enter in three good looking men, a lot of accidents, a hilarious photographer, a best friend, parents, a car named Tristan, and a byline going viral What s a girl gotta do Three cheers for this cheeky novel I love the use of fruits and vegetables for swearing I personally have a few choices words and phrases to combat the naughty words too I look forward to the future installments of this series.