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For a long time, I ve been confused I thought Jill Mansell was another pseudonym for the woman that writes as Sophie Kinsella, and I could not understand why I liked the Mansell books so much and wanted to throw the Shopaholic book across the room.Turns out I was wrong They are not the same person.That s good to know All I can say about this one is that it was sweetly romantic and fun The characters, for all their absurd behavior at times, were frightfully real They struggled with the inability to speak up about their feelings, struggled with understanding their own hearts, and finally had to speak up Poppy starts the book with the act of speaking up she realizes the night before the wedding that she s about to marry the wrong guy That act of boldness propels her forward and into a new, assertive life in London People around her struggle to be like her They, too, would like to be bold, but they each have obstacles to overcome And they don t realize that sometimes boldness masks an inability to face other decisions.Overall, I enjoyed this book immensely and will read of Mansell s catalog I m so glad that she s not Sophie Kinsella I can go on liking her without the guilt. [[ EPUB ]] ☋ Perfect Timing ⇲ Poppy Dunbar Is Out On Her Hen Night When She Meets Tom Kennedy With His Dark Eyes And Quirky Smile, He Could Lure Any Girl Off The Straight And Narrow, But What Really Draws Poppy To Him Is The Feeling That She S Known Him All Her Life She Can T Go Through With The Meeting They Arrange But She Can T Go Through With The Wedding Either Suddenly Notorious As The Girl Who Jilted Rob Macbride , Poppy Moves To London Soon Poppy S Installed In The Bohemian Household Of Caspar French, A Ravishingly Good Looking Young Artist With A Reputation For Breaking Hearts But Even In Her Colourful New Home, Poppy Can T Get Tom Off Her Mind Until She S Tracked Him Down, She Ll Never Know If Their Meeting Was Destiny Or If The Future Holds Something Entirely Different For Her 3.5 starsThe night before her wedding during her bachelorette party or Hen night as the Brits call it , Poppy meets a man to whom she is incredibly attracted Tom, a dark haired, dark eyed handsome doctor implores her to meet him after the party is over and not to go through with the wedding.While Poppy chooses not to meet Tom, she does indeed call off the wedding She realizes that if she goes through with it, it would be a big mistake Her groom and his large family do not let her off easily and as a parting shot, her now bitter ex fiance drops a major bombshell on her.It propels her to leave Bristol and go to London There she meets a great cast of characters including Caspar the sexy artist, Claudia the insecure daughter of two narcissists, Jake her shy boss for whom she itches to give a makeover, Rita and Alex a nouveau riche couple with tacky taste and big hearts, and, of all people, Tom who, as it turns out, isn t a doctor at all.I ve been on a Jill Mansell glom because right now these are about the only books that seem to be holding my attention These books are right up my alley I adore books that are funny, romantic and a little soapy, with a big cast of characters all of whom have their own plots going that intersect with each other and peel off in other directions as well Not all authors can juggle multiple stories and characters and make it all satisfying Mansell does this and in grand fashion Not all the stories are neatly tied up in a bow, some have dangly strings, there are parts where I wished I had seen the reaction of so and so to something But that is ok Everything works great in the end for everyone.I also think this author works well for me because even though this is chick lit, she doesn t give her heroines and even some B C plot characters a HFN ending, which I believe is ultimately why some chick lit doesn t work for me She give them true HEA endings The are nicely romantic and you are completly on board with the pairings.And I love learning British slang Gonna have to work naff into a sentence at some point. I really enjoyed the breezy story of a young woman re inventing her life On the eve of her wedding, Poppy meets a man who could have been THE ONE Thinking about this, she reevaluates her feelings for Rob and realizes that she cannot marry him In the ensuing bru ha ha, it is revealed to Poppy that the man who has raised her is not her biological father This suddenly puts a new perspective on their relationship, as Mervyn has always been distant with Poppy.Armed with this information, Poppy is off to London to start a new life with broader perspectives and possibly find her father Here she finds work as a waitress and in a vintage shop The right circumstances give her a home renting a room from Caspar, an up and coming artist, who likes to have roommates in his large home Along with their third roommate, Claudia, Poppy eventually forms a new family for herself.Although Perfect Timingis Poppy s story, Claudia and Caspar have their own sub plots, and since the book is written in the third person the reader is given insight to their opinions and feelings about different situations, which is something I liked Even the secondary characters are given a little life outside the realm of Poppy s story, which I don t often find in books of this genre Jill Mansell is a huge author in the United Kingdom, and I m surprised I haven t run across her before this opportunity She is now definitely on my TBR list, especially when I need a laugh, or a good book to take on vacation. Unputdownable Glued to my hands Jill Mansell is my absolute favourite author She weaves this amazing tale that funny, serious and lovable You come to love all the characters in her books, even the ones who in the end aren t the most perfect.Poppy meets her soul mate on her hen night, and the next day its her wedding She finds out her father isn t her father and that love can be found in the strangest of situations So, she goes to London Moves in with complete strangers, who in a years time, become her best friends and something , and attempts to find her father and Tom soul mate.In this novel Jill shows us, or maybe it just seemed that way to me, that you might think someone is perfect for you but in reality they might just be the worst thing that could possibly happen to you Then the most cliched saying, the thing you want the most is at time right in front of you Tom was a lovable character, even if we didn t see him till the end, then he became throw him away and snog Casper character Now Casper was just perfect from the beginning He was attracted to Poppy from the start but let his feelings slide so that she could be with Tom spoiler Claudia was getting on my nerves, with the way she acted, but Jill Mansell weaved her in such a way that you couldn t help but feel sorry for her and hated her at the same time So, there you have it My review Be sure to grab a copy for yourself because it was the perfect read that you need to relax, and for me to get over my reader s block. Oh, how I truly love working on Jill s books for Sourcebooks. The clever and witty way Mansell weaved multitude of characters life into the flow of the story with each one interesting in their own way, is marvellous.I think the reason I like it so much is she doesn t harp on an event or a character s mental emotional state for too long, so the story keeps moving and every chapter feels fresh That saying, nothing was brisk over but slowly explored through her exceptional writing skills and Brit humours oh boy do I love them.Her knack to turn the most mundane occurrence like colliding into someone while entering a shop so hilarious and amusing with her relatable description of the character s expressions and feelings and choice simile made me laugh out loud.Most importantly, the characters felt real, they all have their flaws and are consistent to their personalities and the gratification at watching their growth till the end of the story is unspeakable.Oh and the twist Kekeke totally unexpected yet could have seen it coming but love it nonetheless Too much language and immoral behavior This is my least favorite Jill Mansell book. when u meet the man of your dreams n your hen night it s hardly perfect timing poppy is due to me the married the next day she falls down some stairs and meets tom, in all her hen party attire, and has feelings she cannot explain it is as if she has known him all his lie she leaves bristol and her wedding to be in tatters and moves to london, not having met up with tom again and no way of knowing where and who he is exactly she shares a house with caspar and claudia, the former a very successful artist who has had women than hot dinners and an impossible memory non claudia takes an instant dislike to her follow the lives of these characters why could they not have normal names on the snakes and ladders game of their loves and distractions way too co incidental and unbelievable at times, plus u know what will happen from the start how it will end but just go with the flow great characterisation except for claudia whom i found impossible to understand and like she needed a good shaking u could not blame her mother for everything just a few holes why did poppy not contact the country club where her true father had payed to see if they had a contact to start he played the trumpet and then the piano what was claudia s job hans was behind the sofa one minute and then in the bed bev First of Jill Mansell s books that I read I think I ve now read almost everything she s written which must say something Easy reading great fun