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I want to believe.I really do Just following the news these days is enough to make one lose faith in humanity I really want to believe that there is something out there, god, gods, whatever Aliens ANYTHING I want to feel like there are other creatures out there in this vast universe of ours, with greater knowledge, greater intelligence, and maybe one day they ll grace us with their presence and bestow on us their superior intellect.I certainly hope those future aliens areintelligent than the dumb as dirt creatures in Obsidian.Seriously, how stupid can you get I ve never been on the run, I ve never had to hide, but if there s some things I ve gleaned, it s how NOT to stick out like a sore freaking thumb.First, you find a HUGE goddamn city, like San Francisco, where nobody will even blink if you step out into the street in rainbow colored pantyhose and an accompanying beard You do not find a backwoods town where it s likely you re considered outsiders if your grandparents were born the next town over.Secondly, you BLEND IN 2 pairs of triplets move into town within days of each other That is not blending in Supernatural beauty Not blending in Names like Daemon NO NOT BLENDING IN.Thirdly, you FIT IN You make friends, you re friendly to people You do not act like everyone is your enemy and warn off the friendly girl next door just because she wants to know where the closest store is.I just don t understand how this book got so many positive reviews I get that this is fantasy sci fi YA fiction, but there s gotta be a limit to willing suspension of disbelief For me, there s very little to like about this book The heroine is all right, but I kind of rolled my eyes at the I m a BOOK BLOGGER I M SO HIPSTER I M A ZOOEY DESCHANEL GEEK GIRL bit That s how she seemed to me She s a fair bitintelligent than some of the YA fiction heroines I ve read, but considering there exists Luce Bella etcthat s not saying much The spaghetti scene was kick ass, though.I found Daemon to be an enormous asshat for most of the novel He s hot, sure, but that s it He s such an unbelievable jerk, and I found Dee to be like the patient wife of an abusive husband, sniveling and simpering and constantly making excuses for her brother s rude, boorish, borderline abusive behavior.And Ms Armentrout, enough with the 100000x random alien references foreshadowing in the book already It s called subtlety. I have a strange idea that I should test this out Test what My eyes dropped to his lips I felt myself sway I think you would like to know He moved closer, his hand sliding up my arm and resting carefully at the nape of my neck Well, now I know why this series is so popular It took me one scene, meeting Daemon, to completely fall in love with him the book And it just got better and better I literally couldn t stop reading and ended up finishing it in the same day I started.Well that says a lot Here s something you need to know about the STORY Katy and her mom move to Vest Virginia after her father s death, and she meets her gorgeous, irritatingly rude neighbor Daemon.The tension between them is incredible, but with Daemon acting like a jerk, they end up fighting most of the time, and the other times are just swoony as hell Since Daemon behaves terribly toward Katy, and his sister Dee forces him to be nicer to her, which leads to some very very nice scenes like car washing, swimming in the lake, the swing scene sigh , the kitchen scene and well basically every scene where Daemon and Katy are together and there are a LOT of those One night Daemon saves Katy from a terrible accident and she realises he s not what he seems, he is in fact an alien The laptop scene No comment to that, you just have to read it The ending was awesome, action packed, but also emotional and sweet And funny Well it was everything The romance sigh Well, first thing you need to know is that with Daemon, hearing something romantic come out of his mouth is practically impossible, even though he had his wonderful moments which I treasured because they were rare DBut it was all still there, even though he behaves like a jerk to her, he s still protective, and man, that made some amazingly swoony scenes in here 3And even though I ve said it before, every scene with those two was amazing, it was full of tension and butterflies 3Can t wait to see how their relationship moves forward with each book Daemon He s the overprotective brother, trying to prevent Dee the sister from forming a friendship with Katy, the new neighbor He s kind of hot and cold toward her, one moment flirting, the next insulting, probably because he s intrigued by her, but at the same time, he knows what humans can do to him and his family As he reveals himself to Katy, he knows he has to keep her safe from his enemies, and they have to spend a lot of time together ehehehehe.Well, for me, Daemon was insta love I loved every scene with him, when he was a jerk, when he was swoony and protective, and yeah, even him being so incredibly full of himself DDDMy favorite scene with him was when they were at the lake and she hugged him 3 I don t know why, but he just seemed so vulnerable there, maybe because he s so tough throughout the book, I don t know Anyway, love love love him Katy She s a book review blogger, pretty much an ordinary girl, whose life changes completely once her dad dies and she moves to West Virginia with her mom.She becomes friends with her neighbor Dee, but frenemies with Dee s brother Daemon, who tries to push her away from his family, but at the same time flirts like hell with her DAs time goes by, it gets tough for her to fight the attraction, especially because Daemon feels it too, and on top of all that, he has too look after Katy in case his enemies target her.For a heroine, she s pretty great She gives as good as she gets, and it was so fun to watch the bickering and fighting all the time She is brave, and I have to say, I am very very happy with how she deals with the enemies It surprised me, and I guess that s why I love that fact evenThe end fight was awesome even though I can t say I understand everything that happened, but I think I m not supposed to aka it will probably be explained in the next book Overall feelings about the book The pic says it all DDI devoured this book I loved every single scene between the MCs, and the good thing is, the book is full of those Honestly, I just can t think of anything that bothered me here or that I didn t like Anything Maybe this is just the new fangirl me talking, but I don t know, this book definitely deserves 5 stars from me, and it s going into my bestest of the best shelf PS V I love you woman I would ve never picked this up if it weren t for you Yes you told me so, but I just have to say THANK YOU 3PPS This should be made into a movie. [Download Epub] ☭ Obsidian ⚐ Starting Over SucksWhen We Moved To West Virginia Right Before My Senior Year, I D Pretty Much Resigned Myself To Thick Accents, Dodgy Internet Access, And A Whole Lot Of Boring Until I Spotted My Hot Neighbor, With His Looming Height And Eerie Green Eyes Things Were Looking UpAnd Then He Opened His MouthDaemon Is Infuriating Arrogant Stab Worthy We Do Not Get Along At All But When A Stranger Attacks Me And Daemon Literally Freezes Time With A Wave Of His Hand, Well, Something Unexpected Happens The Hot Alien Living Next Door Marks MeYou Heard Me Alien Turns Out Daemon And His Sister Have A Galaxy Of Enemies Wanting To Steal Their Abilities, And Daemon S Touch Has Me Lit Up Like The Vegas Strip The Only Way I M Getting Out Of This Alive Is By Sticking Close To Daemon Until My Alien Mojo Fades If I Don T Kill Him First, That Is 3.5 5This book was such a quick, fun read I haven t read an alien book before, and I found these aliens to be so interesting Katy was a great main character and I LOVED that she had a book blog It was a little repetitive at times and the constant bickering between Katy and Daemon, although funny and filled with sexual tension, was almost too much sometimes However, I m invested in this story now I will be picking up the next book sometime in the future Alien I fell in love with a freaking alien Not one of those greeny three eyed creatures but still he is extraterrestrial life As if book boyfriends from this galaxy weren t enoughWelcome to West Virginia, the land of lost modelsThere was something off with this little Virginia town Katy was forced to move in Strange things happened, people were supposed to light up like Christmas trees and there was gossip about Men in Black lurking in the streets And things got even weirder when Katy spent time with her extremely beautiful neighbors, Dee and Daemon Dee wanted desperately to become friends with Katy, while her brother seemed to consider Katy a stone in his shoe, something unpleasant and annoying The truth behind this hatred The Black twins were aliens, hiding from some not so friendly aliens, and Katy found herself involved in a world of secrets, super powers, obsidian knifes and a battle between light and darkness And a seriously bipolar DaemonI was always able to lose myself in reading Books were a necessary escape I always gladly jumped into headfirstI LOVE Obsidian so, so much.Mystery and paranormal romance combined with sassy characters and humorous dialogues, a healthy dose of tension and agony and sexual frustration and fast paced writing made this book such an enjoyable read It s my first Jennifer L Armentrout book and I am pleasantly surprised, I can say for sure she gained a new fan She managed to make aliens fascinating without following the cliches, and her heroes are easily relatable Kat was an amazing heroine, stubborn and feisty and sarcastic and caring and funny, it s impossible not to love her And DaemonBeautiful face Beautiful body Horrible attitude It was the holy trinity of hot boysTotally swoonworthy An arrogant, hot, overconfident, sex on a stick asshole who gave you heart attacks and took your breath away at once.There were times I wanted to bang his pretty head in a wall and times I wanted him to bang kiss me hard against a wall He was mostly a rude jerk, but his love towards his sister was touching and the moments he was vulnerable were enough to balance his assholiness.And the scenes between Daemon and Kat Holy Hawt Chemisty, Batman If you re looking for a good Young Adult novel from a very talented author, then Obsidian is the book for you After you finish it, you will wish you were kidnapped by aliens the hot ones who don t look like Chewbacca anyway. All my ratings have been pretty high lately, mostly because I choose very carefully what to read next I value my time too much to purposely read books I know I won t like So what on earth possessed me to pick up this book after the Half Blood debacle, I have no idea Most of my friends loved Obsidian and I respect that, I really do I can even see why, the ingredients are all there a gorgeous, mean guy and a plain, book nerdish girl, a love hate relationship between our protagonists, hero s perky sister that becomes the heroine s best friend, the evil ex girlfriend that spits fire every time our heroine gets close, two clueless friends and a mostly absent single parent need I go on However, even when you figure all this out, Armentrout finds a way to sneak up on you Every now and then I d lose myself in a funny piece of dialogue or an especially steamy scene, but it wouldn t take long for me to remember what I was really reading and why it was making me so mad But let s start at the beginning Three years after the death of her father, Katy s mother decides that it s time to move on and that, in order to do that, they need to sell everything they own and move from sunny Florida to a town of about 500 inhabitants in the middle of nowhere, West Virginia On her first day in the new house, Katy meets her next door neighbors, twins Dee and Daemon While she and Dee instantly hit it off, Daemon acts like a total jerk and makes some cryptic comments about Katy s kind He is, of course, absolutely gorgeous Ohmigod, he s so gorgeous, how could he possibly be attracted to plain ol me I must be imagining things. , and very mysterious As the time passes, Kat starts noticing that something is not quite right with the way Daemon, Dee and their friends are behaving, and then he saves her from an attacker and well you know the rest Apparently, aliens are the new vampires No, seriously Daemon is Edward 2.0 a moodier, meaner and prettier version of our dear Mr Cullen To be honest, this entire book is just another Twilight rip off Not flat out stolen like Half Blood, but not that far, either That alone wouldn t really upset me much since it s not the first and it certainly won t be the last, but what I found unforgivable was that Armentrout felt the need to make fun of Twilight while writing the exact same story.And when he spoke, it wasn t out loud It was in my head This is what we look like We are beings of light Even in human form, we can bend light to our will. There was a pause As you can see, I don t look like a giant insect Or sparkle. Even in my head I could hear the disgust on that last one.See So rude It s true that Daemon doesn t sparkle, but he IS made of light Pot, meet kettle Kettle, you should kick pot s ass I m sure this book will have many fans, but I m afraid my short and turbulent relationship with Ms Armentrout is now over. 5 WHOLE INSANE STARSOne of the best books I have ever read and also the best series starter I know. I have read this series and I must say it gets better and better.But believe me it starts GREAT.The story is interesting and keeps you thrilled the whole time.The characters are smoky cool.I could relate so much to this book beside the alien thing. Me while reading the bookYou look like you gotof a bath than the car I neverthought washing a car would be so hard, but after watching you for the last fifteen minutes, I m convinced it should be an Olympic sport If she was mine, I d cherish every inch of her And I wanted to Now I was always able to lose myself in reading Books were a necessary escape I always gladly jumped into headfirst Kat, say something insulting Come on I highly recommand you to read this book and the whole series.It s one of the greatest I have ever read. Me after finishing the bookI HEARD RUMORS ABOUT THE MOVIE COMING OUT SOON Pictures from the review are not mine, I took them mostly from Google images or Tumblr Actual rating 3.5 I think Geez, I don t know I just know I liked it a lot, okay Wow I did not expect to enjoy Obsidian as much as I did For some reason, I ve just been avoiding it, but it was always there in my Twitter and GoodReads feeds Daemon was frickin invading my life Finally, after seeing everyone change their avatars to the Lux series covers, I felt I had to check it out Almost all of my friends have given this book anywhere from 3 5 stars, but most averaging around 4 So naturally I had to read it to see what the big fuss was about I was initially wary because I had heard Obsidian was Twilight all over again and we all know how I feel about Twilight and its reincarnations But surprisingly, I really liked it Weirdly enough, I could probably go on and on why I didn t like it, but I don t have that urge I have an urge to hug this book closely because it made me laugh onthan one occasion Also, Armentrout I want to hug her too Because despite Obsidian s headdesk worthy clich s, I cannot deny it s an enchanting read Either that, of I probably shouldn t be drinking while reading Ha Yeah, right.Another reviewer said, It was as if the author felt obligated to fix Twilight catastrophe and tried make it right again and I completely agree with her I ll even take it a step further and say it was like Armentrout woke up one day and said, I m going to write a book using all the tropes and clich s people usually hate and they re still gonna love the shit out of this book You might be wondering, How can one possibly make Twilight better Well, let s take a look at Armentrout s plan for blogosphere domination Step One Create a likable and relatable main character.How do you make a female main character instantly relatable to most of the female blogging community The answer is so simple I m honestly kicking myself that I ve never thought of it before You make her one of them There are so many books I ve read where the protagonist is an avid reader And now I usually find myself going, YAWN She can read Good for her But not here in Obsidian Because not only does Katy love to read, but she is a book blogger Say what This main character has a hobby other than staring at her hot next door neighbor Nice Not only that, but Katy is smart, funny, witty and gives Jerkface Daemon a run for his money.Step Two Add a bad boy with two scoops of asshole.Ah, the bad boy Almost every girl goes through the bad boy phase It s like a black hole, totally unavoidable, unless you happen to be smarter than the rest of us, in which case, you rock But there s just something about the thrill of fooling around with someone you know you have no business fooling around with It can be the best and worst days of your life That is until you grow up and get married XD Anyway, that s kinda what Daemon is for Katy in Obsidian He is the irresistible, hot, bad boy who Katy can t deny she s attracted to But the kicker is that even though Daemon treats her awfully reasons are revealed in Shadows , she s not one of those heroines that sits back and accepts that It s one of the first times I ve seen a YA heroine differentiate between love and lust Here s a girl who is saying, Okay this guy pretty much sets my panties on fire and I would totally exercise him in my bedroom and possibly in the kitchen by the buttered rolls , but I m not gonna because he s a complete asshole and I m better than that How refreshing And yeah, maybe Daemon is a nice guy underneath all his Jerk titude, but that doesn t mean Katy has to bend over backwards and ignore his past behavior Armentrout sets up Daemon s character for redemption because finally someone is saying, Enough with all the douchebags treating the heroine like shit and still ending up with her in the end just by apologizing And that is why Obsidian ultimately won me over At first I couldn t figure out how everyone could love a book when the love interest was a complete tool, but when Katy gave Daemon the one finger salute with a nice fuck you very much, I knew I was won over.Step Three Choose a paranormal creature that isn t written to death.Vampires Ugh Werewolves Old news Fairies Boooring How about something we don t get to see a lot of in YA Something that will grab your attention And I m not talking about Daemon s er friendly nature Actually, now that I think of it That image is pretty accurate Maybe I m not as well read as I thought I was with YA novels, but I don t see a lot of PNR authors tackling aliens And what a shame There is so much untapped potential there In Obsidian you have hundreds of aliens living in West Virginia amongst humans They re in the schools, holding normal jobs and interacting with humans on a regular basis So what happens if someone finds out their secret Awesomeness happens That s what.Step Four Make overused YA clich and tropes interesting again.Girl moves to a new small town Check Heroine doesn t know she s beautiful Check Single parent home who has a convenient excuse to leave the heroine alone for long stretches Check Paranormal characters hit the genetics jackpot lottery DOUBLE CHECK Love interest is so hot he practically melts the heroine s panties off with a grin Check Boy save girl from near death experience, therefore revealing his paranormal abilities Check Boy tries to deny those abilities Check Girl is allergic to his bullshit Check I admit, some of these this did bother me, but in the end, it didn t matter too much, especially since there is no insta love and Katy is frickin awesome Hmm This review turned into one huge lovefest for the MC, Katy How odd.Step Five Sit back and watch your magic work Your work here is done Pinky ring not required, but recommended Reaction right after finishing Obsidian Gah This is unexpected I think my rating isof a 3.5 3.75 Got dammit I don t even know All I know is my emotions are confused THEY ARE CONFUSED This book is like Twilight But I hate Twilight Wait does that mean I like Twilight NO I refuse to believe that Ahhhh Katy, I love you Daemon Edward, I want to shake you There are so many things in Obsidian I despise But I still liked this book A lot Review to come after I sort out these strange feelings And now I m off to buy Onyx fromeven though it s 3am.Armentrout, what have you done to me Who am I becoming Cat woman Between you and me, I look pretty damn hot in all leather Okay, that made no sense and was really random Gahhhhh Since I wrote it, I kind of think it deserves 5 stars. Aliens, hot aliens DAEMON BLACK YES PLEASE Loved this book, read it in 2012 but decided to come back and write a review for it This is actually the book that made me start book blogging