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Five stars for Rashel God I love that girl 5th book of the Night World series, she is an orphan badass freaking ninja that kills all the bad vampires searching for the one that killed her mom and best friend On her birthday Ouch view spoiler But then she meets Quinn, fearsome vampire of the Night World and she discovers they re each others soulmate GAH As if puberty and vampire killing wasn t enough hide spoiler Same as the first one, I m giving this three stars, though if Goodreads allowed half star ratings, this would have been 3 and a half stars, just because I liked this compilation better than the first volume The first book Dark Angel gets 2 stars because of the maudlin dialogue but the latter stories The Chosen, Soulmate get 3 stars each Soulmate because of sentimental value I suppose this was the first Night World book I read and the characters were good looking ANDkickass than many of the previous characters Soulmate, despite its cheesy title, also gets a 3 star rating because there wassuspense and the vampire in this story actually seemed like he could have been centuries old but trapped in a teenager s body I think the biggest flaw of most YA vampire novels not that I ve read a lot is that the vampires who ve lived for ages but look like teenagers still act like teenagers no adult desires or wisdom or sense of responsibility You d think living over a hundred years would give them enough sense to steer clear of clueless, overly dramatic adolescents But apparently not. In Dark Angel, Gillian is the quiet girl no one ever really notices She s lonely, and is suffering from her parents crumbling relationship It s while walking home from school one winter day that she falls into an icy river, and dies On her way to heaven, she meets Angel, her handsome guardian angel, who insists that it s not her time yet, and makes her return to earth But instead of going to back to her meek and quiet life, Gillian is transformed into the most popular girl in school with Angel s help But when Angel begins to manipulate Gillian into doing things she doesn t want to do, she must question everything she thought she knew about him and herself Rashel is strong, mentally and physically, and hardened against life s injustices, a result of witnessing her mother s murder at the hands of a vampire Now she has devoted her life to tracking down her mother s killer, becoming the most feared vampire hunter among the Night Worlders But when a chance encounter with the vampire Quinn, who has a reputation to match Rashel s, leaves the both of them confused and very much alive they discover a bond between the both of them that could be their undoing in The Chosen In Soulmate, Hannah s life is perfect she has a great mother, a scholarship to her college of choice, and wonderful friendsexcept for one thing she is going insane Puzzling dreams and notes she s written but has no recollection of leave her miserable and frightened But during her therapy sessions with a small town shrink, the shocking truth comes out Hannah has been reincarnated since the dawn of Night World, following her soulmate Thierry, Lord of the Night World and immortal vampire But as memories of past lives resurface, Hannah finds she doesn t entirely trust Thierry, and Maya, the original vampire, would very much like to rip Hannah to shreds Like the first volume of the Night World books, Night World Vol 2 is a supernatural lover s dream book Smith s stories, though they revolve around the same beings, are all very inventive and unique Her characters are varied and all have colorful personalities, which gives the concept of the Night World such authenticity Smith s writing also has an air of sophistication and ease that is very simple and enjoyable to read, but at the same time, deals with many complex issues Like with the first volume, there is plenty of doomed romance and danger, but rather than coming across as cheesy, it is adventurous and polished Also in this volume, readers get a feel for the changes that are going on in the Night World, set in motion by the original characters from Secret Vampire Volume 1 , Poppy and James, and Smith also adds some Night World history and lore in Soulmate These little qualities that lend credibility to a comprehensive picture of the Night World are what distinguishes Smith s paranormal realm from the many others floating around in the genre, and make for a truly enjoyable reading experience L.J Smith is a master at mysterious, action filled, romantic, and suspenseful reads. Do I have to say or is it obvious that this book is hundrednothousand times better than Night World No1 Contains some spoilers Dark Angel I loved GillianStrong and sweet Character.Gary Angel was mysterious and very interesting and David was hmmokas usual as I always sayI love Dark Bad Charactersso Gary is my type D Characters were goodnow comes the story lineStory was absolutely amazing The ending was great too the first line itself gave me thrillsso hell I wanted to keep reading and yeah I did that too P D Confusing Interesting and thriller story so I guess I will give this story 4.25 5 stars The Chosen OMFG I love Quinn like hellwhats happening to me P D and Rashel was cool, perfect and dangerous Wonderful Characters The story line was even betterFrom the starting till the endthe story was amazingkept me reading continuously like every now and then there was a twist D and then I went like Nooooo or No waayyy etcAmazing story and I will give 4.5 5 stars D D DSoulmate OMFG Quinn OMFG Ash OMFG Thierry damn you L.J Smith I loved loved loved it.Characters were awesomeI love Hannah even though I was a little confused with her I wanted to knowabout Chess and Paul in the endStory was great I loved it when ALL the characters were togetherI was so happy Rashel,Poppy,Eric,Ash etcfirst when Thea spoke I was likeahan I know her and when she mentioned Eric I was like OHHH she was the witch D I liked how Smith was telling us about the past andabout the ancient vamps and witchesand connected it with the future I will give this story 4.75 5 stars 3Now People who really hated Night world 1.Please read this book and you will be like OMG this is awesome dudeand I really recommend everyone to read this bookTHIS BOOK WAS AWESOME D D D Can t wait to read Night World 3 [ Ebook ] ⚉ Night World, No. 2 ♾ Includes BookDark AngelBookThe ChosenBookSoulmate Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, Shapeshifters They Live Among Us Without Our Knowledge Night World Is Their Secret Society, A Secret Society With Very Strict Rules And Falling In Love Breaks All The Laws Of The Night WorldIn Dark Angel, Gillian Is Saved From Drowning By Her Guardian Angel Only Visible To Gillian, Angel Will Fulfill Her Heart S Every Desire But When Angel Starts Making Strange And Sinister Requests, Gillian Must Question Who He Truly Is And Where He Came FromArmed With A Wooden Stake, Martial Arts, And The Will To Resist A Vampire S Mind Control, Rashel Struggles To Avenge Her Mother S Death In The Chosen Then She Meets Quinn, Her Soulmate, Who Is Part Of The World She Has Vowed To DestroyHannah Receives Notes Warning Her Of Incredible Danger In Soulmate But If Death Is Her Destiny, Is The Lord Of The Night World S Love Strong Enough To Save Her I can tell this is all leading somewhere and I really like the assembled cast of characters and seeing them start to cross paths with ones I liked before I needand I m frustrated but the stories are fun. Night World Volume 2 by L.J SmithFourth, fifth, and sixth in the Night World series3.75 starsI haven t written a review in forever OK, maybe not forever, but it was since Friday or Thursday I lost track of my dates Night World Volume 2 is a collection of the fourth, fifth, and sixth novels in the Night World series The first or fourth novel is Dark Angel Dark Angel follows Gillian who dies and is saved by an angel When the angel starts to make requests that turn violent she begins to question if he is an angel The next novel is The Chosen, which follows Rashel Rashel is a vampire hunter who can resist mind control and ends up meeting her soulmate, Quinn, a vampire while on a hunt The last sixth novel in the collection is Soulmate Soulmate is about Hannah who has dreams of an apocalypse and learns that she is the Lord of the Night World s soulmate This collection was a thousand times better than the first one Even though I enjoyed the first one I didn t love it These three stories were just a lotinteresting and held my attentionthan the first Night World novels.Book Four Dark Angel3.5 stars Read the summary for a refreshed memory The main female character is Gillian Gillian s story consists of her struggle for wanting to be seen and heard Gillian is very small for her age and people have always thought of her as a kid and when she dies and the angel offers her a chance to be heard she takes it Gillian was a relatable heroine I think almost everyone teenage girl has felt like she wasn t being heard or seen by her peers I ve felt that way a time or two and I guess that s why I could somewhat relate to her, but I think some of the stuff she did was way to over the top and made me shake my head at her.Kick Butt Heroine Scale 4The main male character is David David is really nothing special, but he isn t a complete jerk In my opinion he didn t really need to be in the novel I thought he was just thrown into the novel because a main part of the Night World series is soulmates, but I don t think he needed to be Gillian s soulmate I think I would ve liked it if Gillian had stayed single.Swoon Worthy Scale 2.5The Villain The villain is Angel or at least that s what he tells Gillian to call him Angel is a good villain because he had depth Towards the end we got to learn about him and I just wish he would ve gottenspotlight than David.Villain Scale 4Character Scale 3.75Final Thoughts Dark Angel is probably the most relatable novels of the Night World series and I really liked it I sped through it and was engrossed in Gillian s voice I wantbackground on Gillian s witch heritage though I feel like it was just mentioned and brought up, but not really dug into.Book Five The Chosen4 starsThe main female character is Rashel Rashel is probably one of my favorite heroines in the Night World series I just really liked her and enjoyed her story I didn t want to talk about her, but I feel like I want to just say one thing or two Rashel is the most feared vampire hunter and has been nicknamed The Cat Rashel can kick butt whether it s vampire or human She s one girl you don t want to mess with.Kick Butt Heroine Sale 4.5The main male character is Quinn He s one of the first vampires ever, which means he wasn t born a vampire, but turned I liked Quinn and thought he was pretty cool I don t really swoon over these males in this collection, but Quinn is one of my favorites.Swoon Worthy Scale 3.75The Villain A man whose name I forgot, but I do remember that he killed two people close to Rashel not saying who which made her become a hunter.Villain Scale 3.25Character Scale 4Final Thoughts I really liked The Chosen I think it was my favorite read of the three.Book Six Soulmate3.75 starsThe main female character is Hannah Hannah has a pretty much perfect life and then she started to have nightmares and write notes she had no recollection of writing Hannah was a good character, but she wasn t an amazing one and to be honest she never stuck in my mind and I forgot about her while reading Thierry s POV Kick Butt Heroine Scale 3The main male character is Thierry Thierry is so cool He was definitely my favorite male of the three stories and he was definitely an interesting character Swoon Worthy Scale 4.25The Villain Maya I don t like her and that action scene at the end wasn t that bad It was pretty interesting.Villain Scale 4Character Scale 3.75Final Thoughts I really liked the story It was mainly about reincarnation and I thought it was a really good story This story seemed to really start to set the tone and show that something bigger was about to happen than people just finding soulmates I think that s what I liked most about it The story had a purpose and it wasn t just a story.Night World Volume 2 was a lot better than the first and if you didn t love the first I recommend giving this one a chance.Cover Thoughts This is my favorite cover of the three I love the blue coloring and black together The girl looks so kick butt I m pretty sure it s Rashel and it s like she s looking into my soul, but it s not a terrifying or creepy feeling like some covers are. The Nigh World isn t a place It is a secret society of vampires, witches,werewolves and other creatures of darkness that libve amongst us They are deadly and irressistable to humans your English teacher could be one and so could your boyfriend.The Night World law says it is ok to hunt humans, it is okay to toy with their hearts, it is even okay to kill them There are only two things you can t do with them.1 Never let them find out the Night World exists.2 Never let fall in love with one of themThere are stories about what happens when the rules get broken.Dark Angel Gillian Lennox s life has been nothing further than boring until one evening in the icy Pennslyvanian wilderness where she hears a scream, thinking it is a child she goes to save only to find her own death at handy There she dies but then she is brought back by a blonde, violet eyed guy who claims to be an Angel and asks her if she truly wants to leave her life behind Gillian then agrees to come back but is evenshocked when the boy follows her and tells her he is her guardian angel and whispers her to the secret of popularity and the way to make her longtime crush David Blackburn to notice her But then there is this freaky place he tells her about and the creepy, scary club he takes her to where he tells he is her soulmate even though David is her real soulmate.The Chosen Rashel Jordan is the most feared vampire hunter of the world of vampires They call her The Cat and had even offered her rewards but all of that doesn t mean anything to her She is looking for the red haired man who once killed her mother when she was 5 and taken her little friend Timmy Then, she rescues Daphne Childs from a group of vampires who want to take her to the slave trade and there starts the trouble when she sees john Quin the dark, mysterious and most feared vampire plus a heir to the Redferns The first ever vampires But, worst of all he happens to be her solmate but that doesn t mean he is any different from the other blood sucking monsters and she even hates his desire for blood The 2 of them will kill each to have the fun of it but it seems like doings aren t as easy as sayings.Soulmate Hannah Snow s life was perfect, good grades, good friends and looks until the notes in her own handwriting she can t remember writing and nightmares started Notes like He is coming or Do Not Throw This Note Away etc Hannah thinks she is going crazy until her phychiatrist hypnotises her and she is gone into a life of a girl who looks the same as her buut is called Hana Of The Three Rivers and the stranger who once took her life away Furtherthere comes the raven haired girl called Maya who warns Hannah over and over through lifetimes and this time she will do the most dangerous and selfish thing she should have done ages ago and if Thierry, the stranger doesn t get to her earlier it might be the end of their love. Ok, so the second book wasen t nearly as good as the first But I really like it The first story, Dark Angel, was good But it felt different from the other Night World stories It was a different atmosphere, there weren t really any vampires, werevolves, or witches in it Which makes the story a bit dull Oh but Ash popped in it Ooohh la la, haha Gotta love Ash, so that was a nice bonus The main character, Gillian, was cute, shy, I liked her So she dies, but then ocmes back because of Angel Who I absolutely loved He was fun, kirly, and cocky, and added life to the story Basically the story is about a nobody in high school who becomes a somebody, all thanks to Angel Ok but the second story, The Chosen, was absolutely AMAZING Probably my fave of all the stories so far The main character, Rashel, is a vampire slayer The most famous and deadly one known to Night World How much cooler can u get Seriously She was strong, independent, and most importantly, fierce The whole story was adventerous and thrilling It reminded me of a Charlie s Angels episode That story is what brought this rating up to 4 stars It was amazing End of story And Quinn, her soulmate, reminded me of Ash, but not as good But I liked him a whole lot Ok, the final story is Soulmate It was well weird The main character, Hannah, is an old soul which means she reincarnates And every life she lived she died befor the age of 17, and that s when her soulmate, Thierry comes in And I love me some Thierry It s a very interesting story It kept my turning the pages Oh and a lot of the main characters in the previous stories, popped in for a Circle Daybreak meeting That was my favorite chapter EVER Whenever I see a previous character pop in a story, I get so giddy it s not even fuuny So to see ALL those characters overwhelmed me, it was a nice bonus OK, so I liked this book a lot Oh and he second story, The Chosen, was AWESOME Sorry, I had to squeeze that in there onetime. Night World, No 2 Dark AngelRating Plot Synopsis Gillian is saved from drowning by her guardian angel Only visible to Gillian, Angel will fulfill her heart s every desire But when Angel starts making strange and sinister requests, Gillian must question who he is and where he came from Review To be perfectly honest, Dark Angel is my least favourite instalment in the series so far I had issues with some of the writing, mostly just the cliched similes and at times, I couldn t get into the story I finished it, which is good, and I enjoyedtoward the end, which is also good. The ChosenRating Plot SynopsisArmed with a wooden stake, martial arts, and the will to resist a vampire s mind control, Rashel struggles to avenge her mother s death Then she meets Quinn, her soulmate, who is part of the world she has vowed to destroy.Review I thoroughly enjoyed The Chosen it addeddepth into the Night World And I liked Rashel she was badass And there wasthat actually happened than what the plot synopsis mentions it was certainly full of surprises and I m hoping the next story will be just as good, or even better Maybe. SoulmateRating Plot Synopsis Hannah receives notes warning her of incredible danger But if death is her destiny, is the Lord of the Night World s love strong enough to save her Review Review to come