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I read this because J.B said it was the best book he s ever read and it s been awhile since I ve read a chapter book at his level.I understand his enjoyment story of plain, awkward orphan child who discovers she possesses amazing talents and skills and creates an incredible life for herself As for my adult critique the writing wasn t that great, the hypnotism was way over used Mollie is explaining her gift of hypnotism to Rocky while he is hypnotizing her, while she and he have both been hyptonized by the librarian, etc It reminded me of that Tom Cruise movie MI 2 where every time you turned around someone good or bad pulled off a rubber mask showing that they weren t who you just thought they were The first time it was cool and surprising The rest of the time it just became ridiculous.Also, while unrealistic on so many levels, the idea that a 10 year old girl lives in New York City eating ketchup sandwiches and candy, comes back to her orphanage in England and lectures the other children about the need for good, healthy food and a well balanced diet She becomes the moral superior of all of the adults.I find British stories about orphans who are mistreated by wicked adults to be so hackneyed. Orphan Molly Moon was found as a baby in a box marked Moon s Marshmallows.For ten miserable years she s lived under the cruel rule of Miss Adderstone in grim Hardwick House But her life changes overnight when she finds a mysterious book on hypnotism and discovers an amazing talent the power to make people do anything she want them to.Escaping from the orphange, Molly flies to New York in search of fame and fortune But her adventures in hypnotism lead her into the clutches of a dangerous enemy. Molly Moon s Incredible Book of Hypnotism is really the first book that wowed me It was a mix of everything I adored It had the elements of a fantasy, but yet when it was so unreal at times, at others it was just simply about this average potato nosed, green eyed, skinny, akward looking girl named Molly By displaying how average Molly was, it made the elements of fantasy in the story seem believable I think that a good story balances out the unreal parts of it by adding some regular traits to the characters to make them seem realistic This girl grows up in such an unfortunate way and then this sudden shock of happiness makes one hopeful about the future I found the story amazing, and enjoyed how the author gave importance to even the smallest things and details This book is one you ll see on the shelf and want to read again, simply because it s familiar and you enjoyed it This is the kind of book that there needs to be of because it s an enjoyable story with elements of different genres I now try to look for books like this one This was my first real amazing read This book will set the standards for what makes an amazing book when you go to choose a new book to read I could really relate to this book, therefore making me enjoy it I can t wait for the newest Molly Moon to come out. I really cannot express how much I love this book I first read it when I was nine and now eight years later I am still enchanted by it I also cannot remember just how many times I ve read it, but each time I finish it I fall in love with it even And, each time I start it I attempt to savour every sentence, only to be drawn into it completely and have a marathon reading session for the last quarter of the book Molly breathed in the fresh cold night air and grinned at the still, sleeping countryside Tonight, life was almost too exciting What had she thought when she d first found the hypnotism book That the possibilities were endless Tonight Molly felt that was certainly true about her life From the top of her head to the tips of her toes Life felt completely magical And once again, Molly thought how happy she was to be ordinary, plain old Molly Moon Ahead, the road shone like a silver ribbon in the moonlight, all the way home to Happiness House.The book follows the story of Molly Moon, an orphan abandoned at birth, as she finds a book that will literally change her life However, she soon finds out that her new life is not all it s cracked up to be She realises that she would rather be back in the horrible, grimy old orphanage as long as she can have her best friend Rocky back Although the novel is mainly from Molly s point of view, there are occasional passages from other point of views, including that of Petula the Pug Byng uses the technique as a way to inform the audience of situations and feelings that Molly herself is not aware of I love this element and I feel that it enhances the book, without detracting from Molly s story The chapters are relatively short, especially towards the end, which helps with the flow of the book The story is also quite fast paced, with no boring bits which is also a plus Overall it is an absolutely charming story which teaches audiences that the grass is not always greener on the other side Absolutely superb THERE S GONNA BE A MOVIE Molly Moon is an eleven year old British orphan who, at first, hates her life but then one day she stumbles upon a big book of hyonotism and discovers that she has a telent for hypnotizing people the bad thing is that she steals the book She soon hypnotizes her way to New York and gets a major part in a Broadway musical, all through hypnotism But there s an evil professor of hypnotism who wants to get the book back and also wants to blackmail Molly into staging a crime for him This is a story that teaches you to be true to yourself and to be happy with what you have.I loved this book because it has well made characters, a fantastic storyline, plenty of humour and it sucks you right in Well it did for ME at least I read the whole thing in four days I also zoomed right through all three sequals as well Some people say that Molly, as a character, isn t very likeable Well, in my opinion, ALL the characters including Molly are fabulously IRRESISTABLE A very charming story that I would recommend to anyone well, just about anyone Can t wait for the movie to come out Cuando un libro te mantiene en ascuas de principio a fin, hasta el punto de irte a la cama y quedarte pensando en l, sabes que es algo m s que un buen libro.Ha sido MARAVILLOSO El argumento, los personajes, la magia, las aventurastodo Me he enamorado por completo de Molly y su hipnotismo, y me he sentido muy identificada con algunas cosas de su personalidad Tambi n me he visto totalmente dentro de la historia, pues la narraci n infantil pero detallada de la autora me ha hecho vivirla desde muy cerca y me he sentido un personaje m s, all , junto con Molly, Rocky, Petula y Nockman Nockman Lo adoro Es un villano que, a pesar de todo y por una serie de motivos, se hace querer mucho.Entrar a en m s detalles pero me siento tan feliz que no me salen m s palabras Es maravilloso encontrar un libro que te ena as , que seas capaz de vivirlo tan de cerca como si fuese real Ahora mismo me pondr con el siguiente de la saga que afortunadamente tengo en mis manos , y tratar de conseguir el tercero lo m s pronto posible.En serio, soy MUY MUY MUY FELIZ 3 I am far from being a kid, but I read this kids book while on vacation because the house we were renting happened to have it Before I started, I thought it would be a poor rendition in the Harry Potter magical fantastical genre, but I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised and quite enjoyed it It s about a young girl in an orphanage who is typically picked on and made fun of She finds that she has the power to hypnotize people, and through pluck and ingenuity, embarks on escapades and adventures while doing good Well written and unique enough to stand on its own and apart from Harry Potter I recommend it if you like this type of book. Adorable story Brought back the good old childhood memories when I enjoyed reading Roald Dhal Looking forward to reading the rest of this series. Lacee JarnaginEnglish 3 My review is over the book Molly Moon s Incredible Book of Hypnotism by Georgia Byng This book shares a story of a misunderstood, awkward orphan child, who discovers she possesses amazing powers and creates an incredible life for herself using a book of hypnotism This book is about an orphan young named Molly Moon hates living in Hardwick House Every day she is bullied by Miss Adderstone, the owner of the orphanage, who makes Molly s life miserable Her best and only friend Rocky has just been adopted and is moving to New York City and she finds her life near unbearable But one day, when Molly stumbles upon a mysterious old book on hypnotism, her world is suddenly turned upside down She discovers that with this book, she has the amazing power to make people do things There s nothing Molly believes she can t do now, and starts her works on becoming a New York City Broadway superstar What Molly doesn t know, is that a stranger is following her with different plans of his own This book to me is than just a funny story about an orphan who learns how to hypnotize people It turns into a moral children s story about exploitation, character, and learning to care for people Molly is one of those characters you hope never gets hurt, and you hope she gets her revenge because she is constantly being picked on by her peers in the orphanage I found myself very connected to the characters, but felt like the plot was rushed into and too unbelievable, even coming from a book about a little girl mastering hypnotism In conclusion, I can say Molly Moon s Incredible Book of Hypnotism is one of the only books that had kept my attention long enough to finish it I enjoyed it a lot and I recommend everyone to read it While reading this book, you could learn a few important life lessons that will surely come in handy. `Download ↛ Molly Moon's Incredible Book of Hypnotism ✒ Welcome To The Wonderful World Of HypnotismMolly Moon Is No Ordinary Orphan When She Finds A Mysterious Old Book On Hypnotism, She Discovers She Can Make People Do Whatever She Wants But A Sinister Stranger Is Watching Her Every Move And He Ll Do Anything To Steal Her Hypnotic Secret