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Fun fact a different edition of this book was on my to read shelf since early 2015 How it got there I have no idea.This is one of those books that I had trouble putting down simply because of how funny it is It s brilliantly done chick lit with that signature British humour spelling pun intertwined throughout the story The book is incredibly engaging, reading it was so fun I recommend it. All of my reviews can be found on www.novelgossip.comHaving only read Bryndza s Ericka Foster series, I was admittedly a bit hesitant about this book The blurb cover really drew me in so I decided to push my hesitations to the side and go for it, after all he IS one of my favorite authors and Bookouture IS one of my most trusted publishers Thank goodness I went ahead, I should never have doubted the two, what a delightfully fun read this was The book opens with Natalie burning her wedding dress She s left her fianc , Jamie at the alter and immediately after she heads to London to start afresh Now it s been fifteen years since the wedding that never was and she hasn t seen Jamie since She s settled well into her life, she s dating, has a successful career and a fantastic best friend Sharon Things are peachy, until Jamie begins working right across the street from her The characters here are just a big ball of outrageous fun, they re all perfectly relatable imperfect people Natalie is smart and successful, but she finds herself in some laugh out loud funny situations Her boyfriend, Benjamin is such a tool, he s a yoga instructor who s answer to any question is namaste Total arrogant ass, but I couldn t help but laugh at him Natalie s Gran was the best She s Hungarian with a flair for drama and her accent made me giggle with delight Ryan is an American actor who is starring in a play Natalie s company is producing, and then Jamie is her jilted fianc The whole time I was unsure who she would end up with, though I was praying it wasn t Namaste Seriously the guys is such a douche Most chick lit novels tend to be predictable when it comes to working out the love story so I really appreciated that this one kept you guessing.This was such an easy, breezy read There is humor, heart, fun, and entertainment in spades It was the perfect book to escape into and not a boring moment to be found There is so much fun to be had here, some of the best scenes include rogue pigeons, a bathroom cat fight, Natalie getting locked out in the rain on one of the most important nights of her career, and so many It probably sounds a tad crazy from all that, but trust me, it really caused me to giggle. [Free Kindle] ⚕ Miss Wrong and Mr Right ♿ Natalie Love Has Worked Hard To Have It All She Runs A Successful Theatre In Soho That S About To Host One Of Hollywood S Leading Stars Her Biggest Supporter Is Her Eccentric Hungarian Gran, And She Even Has The Perfect Yoga Teacher Boyfriend Namaste Life In The Bright Lights Of London Has Always Been Natalie S Escape From Her Chaotic Country Family In Rural Devon And Jamie, The Childhood Sweetheart She Left At The Altar Years Ago And Then He Turns Up At Her Theatre Door With Rivalry Clouding Old Feelings, Events In Soho Bring Jamie And Natalie Together In Hilarious Ways Gran Is Loose In The City Once , It Seems To Be Raining Sandwiches And Records Are Broken For Burlesque Flash Mobs If She Can Keep Her World Together, Will Natalie Discover Who Is Really Mr Right, And That Perhaps She Isn T Miss Wrong From Bestselling Author Robert Bryndza Comes This Hilariously Heartfelt Comedy At nineteen it took walking down the aisle for Natalie Love to realize she was too young and not ready for marriage Running from her wedding Natalie finds herself with her Gran burning her wedding dress and being chastised by her mother for not going through with it When her fiancee gives her the ultimatum of wedding or nothing Natalie chooses to leave for London with her Gran to find her own way in life Now fifteen years later Natalie is the manager of a successful theater company who has brought in a famous actor from the United States to be the lead in their next play She also hasn t married yet but finds herself in an unsatisfying relationship with her yoga instructor Benjamin When Natalie finds that her theater is going to get new competition she s than a bit surprised to find out that the new owner opening a show across the street is none other than Natalie s ex fiancee Miss Wrong and Mr Right is actually the fourth book I ve read by Robert Bryndza but the first three were a police procedural thriller series Having loved the first three books I d read I made a note at the time that Mr Bryndza also wrote romance reads and thought I should pick one of those up some time Well when seeing Miss Wrong and Mr Right up for review I just had to read this one and boy am I glad I did This story is a romantic comedy and it certainly didn t take long at all for the laughing to begin There s nothing better than a book that brings out whatever emotion in a reader that it is aiming for them to feel and in this one it was a ton of laughs Natalie s Gran steals the show very early on in this book and she really didn t let go the whole read, such a funny and unique character, I absolutely adored her But even though Gran stole the show with the laughs it was also a great story with Natalie finding her way in life and searching for her own happiness Overall, another winner from Robert Bryndza, whether a thriller or romance read I ve enjoyed all that I ve read so far and will certainly pick up from him in the future I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.For reviews please visit Namaste Fun read I am going with 3.5 to 4 But, I liked the fluff and I needed something light and that would make me laugh Sorounded up My first read by this author I will be looking for Rob seems like an author I would enjoy time and time again My wedding dress burned easily I stood in the field behind the farmhouse on that summer afternoon, the afternoon of my wedding day, with my Mum, my Gran, and my best friend Sharon It was almost two o clock That is how the book begins With what looks like a wedding ceremony Natalie is going to marry her love Jamie Or is she It s an entertaining little tale of romance and second chances Because it is set, partly, in the theatre, I was interested when I saw this title on NetGalley I have been in and out of theatres for years and know many people still involved in one way or another in community theatrewhich can be pretty fun With lots of drama and crazy I knew I could relate to the characters and setting of this story And I did The players are introduced We have some very funny movie TV references as chapter headings Sophie Loren s Toe, Snakes on a Plane, What s My Line And plenty of.Namaste I have to say I loved the ending I just did But I can t tell you about it So, go grab it for yourself Anticipate lots of smiles and a great escape I want to thank Netgalley and the publisher for providing me an ARC to review I hate that I didn t get to this one sooner But, I picked it up at just the right time.needing something witty, light and funny in between some darker reads from the last month or two Good news is that I see this is offered on kindle right now for 2.99 and I highly recommend it You will not be disappointed I thoroughly enjoyed the cast of characters, esp Gran Thanks Rob for a great read Natalie Love runs a successful London theatre that s about to put on the play McBeth with an American actor Ryan Harrison, playing the leading role Natalie had jilted her future husband Jamie at the alter several years ago She is in a relationship with Benjamin, a yoga instructor.My favourite character is her Gran, Anouska who is Hungarian and always ready with advice and goulash.I loved this tale of romantic mishaps and laughter Another fantastic book from Robert Bryndza.I would like to thank NetGalley, Bookouture and the author Robert Bryndza for my ARC in exchange for an honest review. 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This was a very adorable little book, I admit I enjoyed it It s my first touch with Robert Bryndza s work, but as I see, his Coco Pinchard series seems to be quite the hit, so I m considering getting my hands on the first book.Overall, this is you typical British love comedy I ve already written about it months ago, but British comedies just have a different feeling about them As you can probably guess, we have a female main character who has issues in her love life, she is trying to keep it together but she is constantly thrown into funny and ridiculous situations which she barely gets out of and usually almost cost her her friends, her career and or the guy she s after I could apply this formula to absolutely every book of this genre that I ve read and it wouldn t be wrong.That doesn t mean that the book isn t enjoyable, though It s a perfect light summer book with some very comical situations in it.The thing which I sort of didn t like was that, despite everything, I had a hard time finding the soul of the book The main character was not as likable as I would have hoped and the guy that ultimately won her wasn t the one I would have expected and it didn t seem entirely believable.But there was an awesome grandmother, Anouska, to make up for everything you might not like in the book She was an absolute blast I laughed the hardest at her scenes I wouldn t say that I m as adventurous or as free as she is, but her humour certainly reminded me of my own.If you want to chill during the hot summer days, this book is a great choice I would like to thank NetGalley, the publisher and author for this copy.I was already familiar with the work of Robert Bryndza but only his thrillers with DCI Erika Foster, so this story came as a very pleasant surprise.I loved this book and for me it ended too quickly, with the last page i felt i still want to be in that story.Natalie Love is a very interesting theater manager and it was really fun watching her trying to untangle the funny and complicated relationships she had Benjamin the Yoga teacher personally i did not vote for him , Ryan Harrison the American hot star playing the leading role in her theater and Jamie Dawson, the man she left at the altar 15 years ago, who suddenly came back and was running a rival theater.But my favorite character among all of them was Natalie s Hungarian gran, Anouska She was really one of kind, she was amazing.The story was funny, even hilarious at some points, with a nice touch of romance and a bit of drama.I enjoyed it very much, and many times i found myself laughing out loud, mostly because of Anouska.I definitely recommend it I had previously read and enjoyed all three of the Crime thriller series featuring DCI Erika Foster written by Robert Bryndza so when I was offered the opportunity to read this novel I was thrilled What I didn t realise in my haste was that this book was not a crime thriller but a romantic comedy, a genre completely out of my usual reading matter I started the book not really knowing what to expect but no soon as I started it I was laughing out loud and couldn t put it down.The novel features Natalie Love who runs a successful London theatre that is to host one of Hollywood s leading stars, Ryan Harrison She is romantically linked to Benjamin a yoga instructor but don t expect anything to run smoothly in Natalie s life The book is full of wonderful characters, especially Natalie s eccentric Hungarian Gran who is always on hand to offer advice and cause raucous laughter The write up for the book promises it to be charming, hilarious and totally unputdownable and it certainly was.I would like to thank Net Galley and Bookouture for supplying a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review. Meh Dissatisfying, and morose in that British slap stick comedy manner Which I get still, I like my comedy to, you know, actually make me laugh.