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Wow I started this book last month and stopped reading it because I got busy doing other things So, I started the book again on my flight back from Paris I really enjoyed it I have read a bunch of books by this author and I don t think there s been a bad one in the bunch.The characters were interesting and I liked everyone except Bruce.The setting is London and a lot of time is spent in a hair salon There are many celebrity sightings through out the book but it doesn t really make it less credible.The main character, Miranda, is in her early 20 s and the plot revolves around her, her job at the salon and her landlady who rents some space from her home to Miranda.I like to take a fluff break every once and a while Especially after reading murder mystery thrillers.This was a nice break and it made the trip home a lot faster.I need to read of these. This started off well enough, though I did find Miranda faintly irritating from the start she s just too ditsy and so terribly nice that I instantly took against her, as it were However, that s not a huge problem, as her friends and colleagues provide a far greater level of interest and have a decent ish amount of page space so if you get fed up with Miranda, then you soon have Chloe who is Greg s newly pregnant and abandoned wife and Bev the man mad colleague to look forward to and concentrate on.Greg, of course, is the man we all love to hate he blames Chloe for getting pregnant and breaking her word to him about not wanting babies and instantly leaves her Because he s just a very nasty man, to be honest He s also rather unbelievable as I simply didn t credit that Greg could be such a downright despicable cad and yet get two nice women Chloe and later Miranda to fall for him He s really caricature than character and this is also the case with Chloe s dreadful boss and his wife Both of these people are frankly so horrible that I just kept laughing at them, and I m not convinced that was the reaction Mansell was intending Oh well.Never mind, as there are a couple of menfolk in the mix who are adorable in every way Fenn, the definitely straight hairdresser, and Miles, the lovely and witty famous racing driver, are a delight and should have had far page space here than they actually do It s a bit of a lost opportunity for the men, to be honest Also, something dreadful happens to Miles about three quarters of the way through which I think was totally unnecessary and rather stupid and this leaves the way free for journalist Danny to take the place of the dreadful Greg as Miranda s potential partner Are you keeping up at the back I do hope so It s a shame then that Danny is so terribly shallow and unattractive in fact at one point after the Miles Debacle, he thinks something so utterly prejudiced and unloving about Miranda s potential relationship with Miles that I wanted to beat him to death with his own laptop What a horrible man Really, he and the irritating Miranda probably deserve one another but they re definitely not going to be happy as they simply don t gel So there it is A mixed bag of a book, with an unlikeable heroine and hero, but with some very good secondary characters we should have seen of.Verdict 3 stars Average. @Free Epub â Miranda's Big Mistake á Even The Worst Mistake Of Your Life Can Lead To True Love In The EndMiranda S Track Record With Men Is Horrible Her Most Recent Catastrophe Is Greg He Seems Perfect Gorgeous, Witty, Exciting And He And Miranda Are In Love Until Miranda Discovers He Left His Wife When He Found Out She Was PregnantWith The Help Of Her Friends, Miranda Plans The Sweetest And Most Public Revenge A Heartbroken Girl Can Get But Will Miranda Learn From Her Mistake, Or Move On To The Next Perfect Man And Ignore The Love Of Her Life Waiting In The Wings Of course, we are not talking about Shakespeare, not even Archer or John Grisham, but that s a book I ve liked The plot isn t so distinguished, the final for all the characters is somehow foreseeable, and yet there is some charm Miranda and Florence are both lovable in not too different ways, of course , the dialogues have enough sharpness and all the good people get their final reward Nice and tonic, that kind of book which wakes up your empathy, so a full four is than deserved I like Mansell s books They are always sweet and they never disappoint Of course this one I actually wanted to listen to because of Gabrielle Baker, and she made is so much better Her voice was perfect for it.Miranda works in a fancy hair saloon So far she does she lowly jobs, and hey, with her luck and messing things up, that might be a good idea Her boss forgives a lot Things others would not But then she is sunshine Happy, nice and funny Who would not want to work with her She is the one that the book is about, but since this is a Mansell book everyone else gets a lot of time in the spotlight too.Like her boss..Fen or Ben I could actually not get that right Anyway, the hot guy who owns the saloon and dates supermodels But he is such a good guy.Bev, who is the receptionist for the place She is dyyyyyyying to meet someone, and this woman needs to calm down.Flo, who owns the house where Miranda rents a room Oh FLo was hilarious I wish I am that cool and sassy when I get old.Chloe, whose husband dumped her when she got preggers That ahole Chloe is so sweet and nice But as the blurb can tell you she will meet someone and fall in love, and dang he made is so hard to dislike him Cos he is an ahole, but he does seem to like Miranda There is also another mistake she makes early on that comes back through out the whole book, and I will not say there, except, some mistakes are worth making.The only weird thing was when she fell for someone andlet s just say, she got over it so fast It felt like, why even write that particular story It was strange and I can not say.But do not worry, everyone will be happy except for Greg, he does not deserve too.I enjoyed itNarrator Gabrielle BakerOh she is just wonderful I really like her voice and she makes for a great Miranda A light and funny read I enjoyed it so much that even though my GSCE exams are starting in 4 days I STILL devoured this book within 2 days I loved how Jill linked all the lovely characters up, it was so cool I mean, one way or the other, directly or indirectly, everyone s lives were linked together throughout the book I felt like killing Greg Malone and Daisy I must say, they were the most annoying characters ever, made me foam at the mouth then there was dear Florence and Tom and gorgeous Daniel Delancey bae and MILES HARPER and Bev and FENN and sweet pregnant Chloe and OF COURSE MIRANDA, the girl with the red and green hair whom Danny had fallen in love with from the very first I instantly connected with the characters I sat idle with the book in my lap staring into space when Miles Harper died in that horrible car crash on the M1 and then after a while I startied crying I was so furious when Daisy acted in front of the media that she was practically drowning in grief at Miles death when she really didn t care at all Before attending his funeral she even went to the fenn lomax salon to get her hair done because media was going to be there filming each movement that she d make A HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BOOK I SWEAR YOU WONT REGRET IT.JILL MANSELL YOU RE THE BEST FOR WRITING THESE PERFECT ROMANTIC COMEDIES A FIVE STAR WORTHY BOOK AND DEFIANTLY MY FAVORITE ONE TOO.I really wish I owned this book.sorry I m so brief at the moment, I have to go study biology and then when I take a break I ll be reading Jill s next book that I ve borrowed from the library, Staying at Daisy s I know for a fact I won t be dissapointed I mean COME ONNN, its Jill Mansell we re talking about here, the QUEEN of chick lit But enjoyable, nonetheless.Miranda is the trainee at one of the trendiest hair salons It s not quite clear how she has managed to keep her job her regular tardiness is something of a joke among the shop workers She lives with an elderly lady, doing things around the house for cheap rent She s a bit of a pushover, always wanting to help others out She s a bit of a dull character, with a ridiculously complicated love life She first falls in love with Greg, only to find he isn t what she thinks Then there s Miles, a race car driver Throughout it all is Danny Miranda and Danny are constantly at odds, until they suddenly aren t.What really makes this story interesting, and the only thing that kept me reading, are all the side characters The side stories are the redeeming quality in this book Miranda s isn t the only love life who we get to see There s Miranda s landlady who reconnects with an old friend and Chloe, another renter who unexpectedly falls in love in the midst of a divorce and pregnancy.Miranda isn t all that interesting, and many of the situations she finds herself in are too contrived to be believable She never really learns her lesson Chloe, however, was a great character I would have enjoyed of her story in this story This was another fun read from Jill Mansell Again, her cast of characters are so loveable that you want them to be your friends Miranda s life seems to be a mess but she is surrounded by many friends who love her and care about her from her landlady Florence, her boss at the hair salon, Fenn and her best friend Bev Even though she seems to have her share of bad luck when it comes to men, it seems that everyone who comes in contact with her is instantly taken in by her warm and giving personality.Miranda befriends a homeless man who sits outside the salon she gives him half her lunch whenever she sees him and even goes so far to give him money for tea and a scarf and gloves Of course, the gloves were left at the salon by a client, and after waiting weeks to take them and give them to this homeless man, the client phones up and wants them back This sort of tells you how her life in general seems to go How would you feel if you had to go back to a homeless man just minutes after giving him a warm pair of gloves and tell him that you needed them back After Miranda finishes with Greg, the soon to be ex husband baby daddy of her new flatmate, she decides that she is happy just as she is until, of course, she catches the eye of a very handsome, very well known race car driver How fast can she fall for him I have really been enjoying Jill Mansell s books If you missed my review of An Offer You Can t Refuse you should really go check it out too I also did an interview with Jill Mansell just click on her name I am really excited to tell you she is going to have a fall release also Millie s Fling Watch for details. Another fabulous beach read Love her stories. DUMB DUMB DUMB SO DUMB IT HURTS JUST SHUT UP YOU RE STUPID NO MORE PLEASE YOU DUMB B Jill Mansell s books that I have had the misfortune to read have so far been an insult to any self respecting intelligent or even semi intelligent audience All seem to follow the same premise of ultra chick lit trash Be prepared to lose brain cells when reading her trite, clich d rubbish.The heroine is generally na ve and either unsuccessful in her career or from a disadvantaged background A confirmed sap, she s invariably misunderstood by our dashing rich hero and is usually betrayed by a former boyfriend or she has suffered an unfortunate break up from a long term relationship The hero s are all from the same chick lit mould a text book recipe shared by the uncreative of romance authors tall, dark and handsome and invariably wealthy If she could create a romance novel with a hero suffering a receding hairline, a middle income and of average height her books would have some depth If one recollects Jane Eyre the characters of a romance need not be good looking I loath absolute chick lit and all her books are thus Great if you re a bimbo though because these books are so light that they float Enjoy.