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FREE BOOK ¹ Mini Shopaholic õ Sophie Kinsella Has Dazzled Readers With Her Irresistible Shopaholic Novels Sensational International Bestsellers That Have Garnered Millions Of Devoted Fans And Catapulted Her Into The First Rank Of Contemporary Storytellers Now Her Beloved Heroine Becky Brandon Nee Bloomwood Returns In A Hilarious Tale Of Married Life, Toddlerhood, And The Perils Of Trying To Give A Fabulous Surprise Party On A Budget Becky Brandon Thought Motherhood Would Be A Breeze And That Having A Daughter Was A Dream Come True A Shopping Friend For Life But It S Trickier Than She Thought Two Year Old Minnie Has A Quite Different Approach To Shopping Minnie Creates Havoc Everywhere She Goes, From Harrods To Her Own Christening Her Favorite Word Is Mine And She S Even Trying To Get Into EBay On Top Of Everything Else, Becky And Luke Are Still Living With Her Parents The Deal On House Has Fallen Through , When Suddenly There S A Huge Financial Crisis With People Having To Cut Back, Becky Decides To Throw A Surprise Party For Luke To Cheer Everyone Up But When Costs Start To Spiral Out Of Control, She Must Decide Whether To Accept Help From An Unexpected Source And Therefore Run The Risk Of Hurting The Person She Loves Will Becky Be Able To Pull Off The Celebration Of The Year Will She And Luke Ever Find A Home Of Their Own Will Minnie Ever Learn To Behave And Most Important Will Becky S Secret Wishes Ever Come True There s nothing special about this book or the other 5 books of the series,actually there s a selfish character that i would never like.That s Becky Brandon nee Bloomwood.She got on my nerves most of the time,but i never stopped reading.I wanted to read until the end and hoping all the time that she changed her ways.And f ck,she did t.Then why 4 stars Because i always like a funny character who makes me laugh.A book that s not depressing,that can make you forget about your problems.And besides there s Luke.I would give these books 3 stars if he didn t exist in the books ,but he does so yeahh 4 stars Becky Brandon nee Bloomwood got on my very last nerve in this book She seems so selfish, so self involved that I had trouble liking her and since the book is from her viewpoint I need to like her, at least a little bit She lies to everyone,from her husband to her parents to her child s nanny to the administrator of her friend s child s school although that lie was actually done to be kind I started to wonder if she was even capable of telling the truth or whether she even knew what the truth was Her insane notion that her husband would send her child far away to a boot camp when he s already told her he wouldn t do that just really irritated me And speaking of her husband, he is almost non existent in this book until the final chapters I missed him as he is a great counter balance to the flippety Becky He needs to be there than he was in this book.I keep hoping that Becky will begin to grow up and realize she simply can t have everything she wants, even if she can find some scheme to make it happen I want her to see that at some point and let go of her nonsense and her rooms full of clothing and accessories I want her to embrace her family and friends with the same passion that she does her stuff.Oh well, maybe next time. A cute introduction to two year old Minnie Bloomwood who appears to be developing similar traits of her sweet but I want all the things mother Becky and Luke must confront how their issues may impact Minnie moving forward, and of course Becky gets herself into a jam although her intentions are the absolute best The misunderstandings that come up as a result of secretive event planning are pretty funny, and I enjoyed that Kinsella revisited an extended family member who manages to surprise everyone in the literal and emotional sense Overall, an enjoyable addition to the Shopaholic series My favorite quotean unconditional act does not require reward Same old Becky Same old lies Throw in an obnoxious 2 year old to the mix and we have cracked the plot of Mini Shopaholic Agreed, I ve had fun reading about Becky Brandon n e Bloomwood, her penchant for getting into unfathomable troubles and the way she weasles out of it like a pro It has been a guilty pleasure of mine all this time But this book was testing my limits People like Becky should be banned from raising kids Minnie was bratty and extremely annoying for someone with a very limited vocabulary Mother and daughter alternatively got on my nerves and I couldn t I JUST COULDN T.