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An absorbing memoir about a college girl who was raped The book covers the rape, the trial, and the very long recovery Rape is an ugly and isolating act and the author takes you as close to it as is possible for someone never having experienced the trauma It will take me awhile to get this story out of my head. When I first started reading Lucky I thought that something was wrong with me I mean, I get that there is this horrific rape within the first chapter and that NO ONE should have to go through what she went through, but I wasn t feeling it It waslike oh, wow, that sucks Then, I started feeling worse because I thought of my soul has become a blackened prune pit residing near my left kidney I wasinto the fact that Tess Gallagher and Tobias Wolff were Alices professors than that poor Alice had to live through all this Then, thanks to the good people on GoodReads I learned that there is a syndrome Compassion Fatigue A combination of being overwhelmed by the sheer number and scope of human disasters and atrocities, and numbed by the decontextualized manner in which they are presented by the media thanks Abigail This in no way undermines the meat of the story, I m just explaining my utter horror of discovering that I wasn t truly freaking out during this book You can tell me something straight out and I ll be blas about it, but once you start to hint at an issue, I m all over it I think that as the book went on, it wasn t so much a direct I was raped story butof a day to day life after with all the idiosyncrasies and patterns that emerge that drew me in It reminds me a bit of Joan Didion s Year of Magical Thinking That same sort of despondency that you find when you know that there is no option but to just move on So, there was a peak and then a valley and then a peak and then a valley and so on. I would find myself not being able to put the book down during the time between the rape and the trial, watching Alice justify her actions and her drinking and not even commenting on the fact that it was an escape mechanism But, following the trial, I was in that sort of valley stage, which, I suppose, is how life goes and it took me a bit longer to get through that The Aftermath section was strong, except at that point I think her use of choppy, six word sentences seem out of place This is the stuff that should flourish, the drug use, the denial, the recovery.I appreciate her direct approach and lack of drama though I won t even pretend to understand what she went through and to write a memoir about it is extremely brave. In Lucky, Alice Sebold recounts the night she was raped and how that event and its consequences reverberated throughout her life The first chapter of this book made me feel ill, so major warning to readers that there is intense detail about rape and assault right from the very start However, I thought Sebold s frankness was very important to her story She tells it exactly like it is, and it was interesting to see how she handled herself in and out of the courtroom especially for someone so young This book made me furious and sad, and for good reason How rape victims are treated by the system is infuriating And, like the book and ill spoken words of the police officers said of Sebold, she was relatively lucky with her situation Of course, no one raped is ever lucky But I can t even begin to imagine the countless cases that are unreported or not believed daily So sickening and sad, but this story is one woman s strong and steady voice that should be listened to. Maybe you have to be a survivor to really appreciate this book Maybe that is why I could not put this book down Even though what happened to me was not violent, nor did I report it, I still went through many of the emotions, inner dialogue, and relationship changes and challenges Alice went through in the long aftermath, and I really enjoyed comparing the similarities and differences in our experiences I felt myself choke up several times throughout this book because even when it seems she should be doing well she won her case, made what seemed like true friends, was able to have healthy relationships we see how easily her life crumbled again In the first several years after a rape, everything seems to come back to the rape and what it did to one s self esteem and general philosophy It changes everything you ve come to expect from life It won t happen to me, smart girls don t get raped I went through a self destructive phase as did Alice I was with men who were degrading in not so obvious but nonetheless damaging ways, as was Alice But there is life after rape, and that is the one thing I was left wanting from this book I wish she delved into how long it took her to not think about the rape on a daily basis any when and how she met her husband what she plans to reveal conceal to her children if she has any.It s hard to know how someone who has not been through the R word would take a book like this, thinking it is too exhibitionistic or histrionic, perhaps a cry for attention or a way to say This is why I m worthy of a memoir and your personal tragedies are not I m not sure how well this book would educate non victims either since it is so personal, rather than a rape crisis center type pamphlet what to say not to say to a victim But Sebold does depict the range of reactions, and sometimes I find her responses to the bad reactors a little curt, like she was builtfor emotional survival than I was or maybe it is the other way around In any case, as a survivor, and having also read The Lovely Bones and enjoying Sebold s style, this was a great read for me Onething I might not recommend it for people still in the victim stage, too real and raw and who knows what dangerous emotions and crazy thought processes it might provoke, as similar literature did to me in my early stages of recovery. I feel so sad that I hated this book so much It wasn t the subject because I ve read books on this subject matter before but it drove me crazy how everything in her life, every moment became about her rape To the the point that when her room mate was raped she made it about her own rape No wonder she couldn t wait to get away from her It was a bit insane actually Every one she met she had to tell them about her rape, every guy, everyone one It absorbed her If they tried to support her she complained about how they did it, if they ignored her she complained about that During the rape she made a vow that it would be apart of her forever and she kept it She wrote poems about it, books about it and talked about it to anyone who would listen to her She is right, she is a victim and I found myself wanting her to beof an inspiration She even took credit for a police officers promotion because of her rape case As if he never did any other work to warrant a promotion Then she would write about frivolous details of her college friends life that had nothing to do with anything Ugh I kept reading it in hopes that it would get better Then her heroin use was just a after story Are you serious She glossed over it This book has very little to do with surviving rape and readsof a detail of her trial and hatred for her family and herself. i read this before i read Lovely Bones, in part because i wanted to see how she dealt with her own history, in part because well, i m a sucker for memoirs i classify this as a crazypeoplememoir not lightly my definition of crazy is a little loose alice sebold was raped by someone she didn t know as an undergraduate at syracuse university what i love about this book is that sebold doesn t fall into the normal tradition of victim memoirs she doesn t blame other people even her attacker she accepts that this horrible thing happened to her, and then she tells her story of how she pulled herself out of the hole, how she fought against being a victim, how she fought with herself she is no elizabeth wurtzel, and i love her for that she doesn t take too much blame, and she doesn t push it off on others it s the story of someone who has adjusted, who has had something horrible happened to them and come out on top she didn t write this for pity, she wrote this because it was her story and i fully respect her for that. Alice Sebold is an eighteen year old college freshman Walking home from a party she is attacked this attack takes place not far from the campus Alice is brutally raped and beaten she struggles as much as she can, but is threatened by her attacker that he will kill her is she doesn t do as she is told.After the attack she must deal with the aftermath of the trauma she has just endured She reports it to the police where she will have to relive the whole attack again Then of course there is her parents and friends who she must also tell which is so hard not only for her, but her loved ones as well After reporting it to the police she must find the strength to go ahead with legal proceedings.This is a very harrowing true story and one in which is quite difficult to read at times The graphic, painful and disturbing details may be hard to read, but I feel it s a remarkable story of someone who finds the strength to survive such a horrific ordeal and continues to thrive and love again Well worth a read. Brilliant I was hooked from the first paragraph of the foreword but I had a very difficult time getting though the first chapter, where Sebold s rape was described in excrutiating detail Remembering this is a memoir, it made me physically ill I really admire the guts this woman hasshe went right back to Syracuse and went on with her life, determined to get justice for what happened and reclaim her identity to bethan that girl who was raped I was appalled at the treatment she receivedfrom her fellow students to the idiot psychiatrist her mother sent her to The people in her life from her family to her friends, insist on treating Sebold as a victim and she obviously didn t want that role She certainly has her dark moments but her strength won t allow you to feel bad for her for an instant Odd to call this book inspirational, but it was IO ERO STATA FORTUNATA Nella galleria in cui fui violentata una ragazza era stata uccisa e smembrata Al confronto, dissero, io ero stata fortunata.RAPE 101 ISTITUZIONI DI STUPROIn principio fu Amabili resti e per me stato subito a L anno dopo fu pubblicato in Italia questo, ma l ho ignorato sapendo che era una storia vera, la vera storia della scrittrice, ho sorvolato pensando non avesse la potenza del primo che avevo letto Poi ho visto Alice Sebold a Massenzio leggere alcune pagine del suo nuovo romanzo e ho aspettato con ansia che fosse pubblicato Nel 2007 finalmente arrivato, titolo La quasi luna, e io ho pensato che fosse perfino meglio di Amabili resti Per , poi ho visto il film di Peter Jackson, film bello, e ho pensato che Amabili resti Lovely Bones era davvero il romanzo migliore di Sebold Adesso, ho finalmente deciso di prendere in mano l esordio finora trascurato, e, credo che Lucky sia il migliore fra i migliori Lucky un romanzo romanzo, nonostante racconti in prima persona un fatto vero successo alla scrittrice che affida alla sua protagonista il suo stesso nome, senza celarsi dietro pseudonimi Ma anche una magnifica inchiesta, un grande reportage, un incredibile memoir, una ricerca che scende nel profondo dei fatti nel profondo dell anima, e della verit , lungo la lama di un rasoio Mentre lo leggevo, ho pensato spesso a Truman Capote e al suo meraviglioso A sangue freddo ma la Sebold ci porta dalla parte della vittima, sceglie ancora il punto di vista della vittima e a me sembra una scelta difficile, ma vincente.La copertina della rivista New York del luglio 2015 le 35 donne che hanno pubblicamente accusato Bill Cosby di violenza La sedia vuota per quelle che hanno ancora troppa paura di parlare.Come dicevo, la storia proprio quello che successo ad Alice quando aveva diciotto anni stupro Rape E lei dice che bisogna imparare a pronunciare la parola, senza averne vergogna, senza averne paura.La vergogna e la paura rimangono, la violenza non si lava via infatti le sono serviti altri diciotto anni per riuscire a scrivere un libro sul suo stupro Questo.Ma riuscire a dirne il nome ad alta voce gi un passo avanti.Il film The Accused Sotto accusa di Jonathan Kaplan del 1988 dove Jodie Foster subisce uno stupro di gruppo proprio sopra il flipper di questa foto.Purtroppo Alice si inceppata e non scrive pi Ma adesso torna in libreria una nuova edizione di questo con una magistrale spietata prefazione che lei ha scritto ad hoc per la nuova edizione americana e inglese di Lucky Robinson di Repubblica ne ha anticipato un ampio stralcio.Comincia cos , con rara potenza Sono passati trentasei anni da quando sono stata violentata, diciotto dalla prima edizione di Lucky, e solo due mesi da quando un molestatore seriale nonch orgoglioso palpeggiatore di figa stato eletto quarantacinquesimo presidente di questi Stati Uniti.Foto di Silvia Camporesi.Prosegue cos , con altrettanta potenza L amara verit questa se potessi avere una gomma magica e cancellare quella notte del 1981, lo farei in un batter d occhio, e se potessi dire a qualunque ragazza o ragazzo violentato da un parente che rispetto a lui o a lei sono stata davvero fortunata, lo avrei gi fatto Ma tutto ci che potevo fare era scrivere un libro e raccontare una singola storia Sfortunatamente non c modo di ricominciare daccapo, e dopo essersi salvati la sfida pi grande rimane vivere con la consapevolezza della vita che ti hanno sottratto.E finisce cos , con profonda lucidit Alla fine credo che la mia pi grande fortuna sia stata aver trovato le parole per raccontare la mia storia, e che quelle parole siano state ascoltate.https www.youtube.com watch v bAgoKSilvia Camporesi ^E-PUB ☔ Lucky ☋ In A Memoir Hailed For Its Searing Candor And Wit, Alice Sebold Reveals How Her Life Was Utterly Transformed When, As An Eighteen Year Old College Freshman, She Was Brutally Raped And Beaten In A Park Near Campus What Propels This Chronicle Of Her Recovery Is Sebold S Indomitable Spirit As She Struggles For Understanding After Telling The Hard Facts To Anyone, From Lover To Friend, I Have Changed In Their Eyes As Her Dazed Family And Friends Sometimes Bungle Their Efforts To Provide Comfort And Support And As, Ultimately, She Triumphs, Managing Through Grit And Coincidence To Help Secure Her Attacker S Arrest And Conviction In A Narrative By Turns Disturbing, Thrilling, And Inspiring, Alice Sebold Illuminates The Experience Of Trauma Victims Even As She Imparts Wisdom Profoundly Hard Won You Save Yourself Or You Remain Unsaved