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Twelve year old Igraine s magician parents have accidentally turned themselves into pigs and will remain powerless until they receive the hairs of a giant to create a reversing spell Compounding the problem is Osmund the Greedy, who has come to Pimpernel Castle demanding the magical singing books that belong to Igraine s family Plucky Igraine, who wants to be a knight, faces danger as she rides alone to the home of a giant, befriends a Sorrowful Knight, fends off Osmund s soldiers, and , all to save her home and her family The adventure is fast paced and light hearted with bits of humor, never too frightening, and completely entertaining from start to finish Colorful characters abound, from pernickety cat Sisyphus to Igraine s piggy parents and the honorable giant Garleff The colorful cover communicates the story s energy and Funke s frequent, lively, line drawings add to the fun This is an excellent choice for readers in grades 3 6. I quite enjoyed this little read It was fast paced and held every little detail about the medieval ages Knights in shining armor, dragons, battles, a little magic, and a girl trying to protect her home The reason why I was able to read this book is kind of a funny one I was complaining to a friend of mine that I had read all of the TOP 10 most popular books of Cornelia Funke on Goodreads as one does, right , except for Igraine Ohnefurcht and that that really bothered me because I hadn t even heard of the book before as a long time fan of Funke, I was disappointed in myself D Then, out of the blue, my friend asked me if I wanted to have her old copy as she has no sentimental value attached to it and here we are, two days have passed and now I m finally in on the mystery of Igraine Ohnefurcht It was a fun little children s tale with a good mixture between adventure and heartfelt moments I liked the fact that Igraine was such a strong heroine However, I still noted some fatshaming in regards to the character of Bertram I really don t understand why Funke keeps stereotyping her characters in that way, always linking fatness with clumsiness It s so unnecessary Also, little Albert is just my bae His fancy entrance at the end had me shook proudmom I really enjoyed Cornelia Funke s other books, so I was looking forward to sitting down with this one Unfortunately, while it s generally a fun, non threateningly quirky read, it s also one of Ms Funke s weakest offerings to date Which is not to say that young girls interested in becoming sword wielding defenders of righteousness should not totally devour this book they should, and they should also practice fencing and being chivalrous and generally figuring out how not to be a quiet, demure scrap of traditional femininity Props to Funke for adding to the budding feminist canon, but I d like to see a little oomph in her next one. Drat it Today of all days I have to be wearing skirts I thought this story was delightful I like Funke s illustrations, too, which are quite whimsical.Perhaps because I grew up in Germany and read German books, I find this one just as delightful as her other books My favourite book of her s so far is Dragon Rider and I want to re read it, so I can read the 2nd in that series Plus, I would love to get into Inkheart as well.In Ingraine the Brave German Igraine Ohnefurcht the things I liked the most were the Singing Books, the enchantments of the small castle and Sisyphus who s Igraine s tomcat. A girl who aspires to be a knight must save her magician parents who have accidentally turned into pigs and defend her castle against an evil magician.Appropriate for ages 9 13This amusing adventure fantasy story is about Igraine, a 12 year old princess who aspires to be a knight, and who lives with her magician parents in a a castle guarded by roaring stone lions and fire breathing gargoyles When her parents accidentally turn themselves into pigs on her birthday and an evil magician is poised to invade their castle, Igraine must save them by going on a quest to gather hairs from a red headed giant, which are the missing ingredient in the potion they need to return to their human form Along the way, she meets the Sorrowful Knight, who teaches her about swordfighting and chivalry together, they ride home to confront the magician Filled with imaginative and comical details, this story with a plucky female heroine is a great read for girls This not scary, so it is appropriate for younger readers in grades 3 5 Appealing black and white line drawings and a section that introduces the cast of characters add to the fun.Reviewers were generally enthusiastic A Publisher s Weekly review from 9 10 2007 described and praised the book and drawings the reviewer also recommended the book as a read aloud story because of an abundance of action and humor A Library Media Connection review January, 2008 was the only one which was somewhat critical the reviewer thought that some of the characters were stereotyped and parts of the story were predictable I think children would be bothered by any of this, and the characters were not stereotypical in any way that would be harmful to children. I m working my way through a list of books that were suggested to counter the fainting princess narrative for girls in other words, I m reading some books with active heroines, looking for some to read to Rose Pink or have her read later that will hopefully invite her to strength and decision rather than passively waiting for someone to rescue her.Right So this is one of those books and I really enjoyed it Igraine faces fear and does what s necessary to save her parents and home At the same time, it was a very safe book because nothing truly irreversibly bad happens My daughter is, after all, only six Let s save real heartache for later It s below YA level, so perfect for reading to her right now. Igraine is a twelve year old girl who longs to be a knight and have adventures But her life is unexciting Until her birthday, when her parents magicians are turned into pigs by accidental magic, and their castle comes under siege by Osmund the Greedy Igraine must use her wits and chivalrous code to save her parents and the castle, with some help from friends.We read this book as a family, and my kids 5 8 LOVED it Really loved it I don t remember the last time they got ready for bed so fast each night Fun as a one time read for me, but definitely a keeper for the kid appeal. Anyone mourning the lack of beautiful dark notes obviously doesn t get what this book is not a dark, meaningful and perhaps even pretentious, because Funke CAN get pretentious young adult work, but a fun, rollicking read that kids will ENJOY And isn t that what matters in a good kids book ^KINDLE ⇜ Igraine Ohnefurcht ⇤ Igraine Dreams Of Being A Famous Knight Like Her Great Grandfather, But Castle Life Is Boring Until The Nephew Of The Baroness Next Door Plans To Capture The Castle For Their Singing Spell Books At The Moment Of The Siege, Her Parents Mistakenly Turn Themselves Into Pigs Aided By A Gentle Giant And A Sorrowful Knight, Igraine Must Be Brave, And Save The Day And The Books