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some spoilers within This crime story is about the murder of a young mother in 1985 by her step daughter who was then only 14 years old She was sent to juvenile prison The investigators at the crime scene felt that there was a wolf lurking in the background orchestrating these events In this case it was David Arnold Brown, the husband of the murdered woman and the father of the young female murderer Thethe detectives probed, thethey found this family and household very dysfunctional After a few years of imprisonment, the step daughter decided to spill the beans and outline the goings on that led to the murder of her step mother in this most peculiar family It is a good detective story and shows well how the intuition and persistence of the investigators finally revealed the truth behind this murder.The father and husband, David Arnold Brown, eventually paid the price and was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1990 He died of natural causes in jail in 2014 He was a real piece of work and we get a stunning psychological portrayal of this manipulator and liar. (((FREE PDF))) ↶ If You Really Loved Me ★ There Was Only One Way To Please Her Father Murder His Wife David Brown Was The Consummate Entrepreneur A Computer Wizard And Millionaire By Age Thirty Two When His Beautiful Young Wife Was Shot To Death As She Slept, Brown S Fourteen Year Old Daughter, Cinnamon, Confessed To Killing Her Stepmother The California Courts Sentenced Her Harshly Twenty Four Years To Life But In The Wake Of Cinnamon S Murder Conviction, Thanks In Part To Two Determined Lawmen, The Twisted Private World Of David Brown Himself Unfolded With Astonishing Clarity Revealing A Trail Of Perverse Love, Twisted Secrets, And Evil Mind Games A Complex And Often Dangerous Investigation Suggested A Horrifying Scenario Was The Seemingly Bland David Brown Really A Stone Cold Killer Who Convinced His Own Daughter To Prove Her Love By Killing For Him A Man Who Turned Young Women Into His Own Personal Slaves, Who Collected NearlyMillion In Insurance Money, And Married His Dead Wife S Teenage Sister, David Brown Was A Sociopath Who Would Stop At Nothinga Deadly Charmer Who Almost Got Away With Everything This is one of my favorite true crime books by Ann Rule even though it doesn t sound right to say favorite about a true life crime The crimes that were committed were so heinous and unbelievable that you wanted to believe it was a bad fiction murder story The story is so captivating I couldn t put the book down for long, I had to knowof this murderous creature, I don t even want to call him a man He ruined so many lives and to all those involved, the dastardly deeds were all done in the name of love What a pathetic animal he was and is if he s still alive I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys true crime books or anyone who wants to see how vulnerable children can be to an obscene predator who manipulated their young minds by telling them how much he loved them when they didn t have a proper male role model in their lives to fill the void in their hearts This book is so well written and draws you into the world of a devious monster that appeared so normal to the people on the outside. Ann Rule s If You Really Loved Me is the sad, sick, twisted story of David Brown, who loved power, prestige and money so much that he was willing to manipulate his teenage daughter into killing his young wife, in order that he might collect insurance money on his dead wife, buy a nicer, larger home and conveniently marry HER younger sister his sister in law David Brown has got to be one of the most despicable individuals Ms Rule has ever written about not only did he instigate the murder of his wife whom he had been involved with since she was a young teenager but his original plan had his daughter dying from a suicide after the crime, he molested his wife s younger sister for years, before marrying her to insure her silence and thought nothing of leaving his baby daughter by his murdered wife without a mother That s not even mentioning his complete denial of his child by his wife s younger sister This book excellently reports the crime, the investigation, probes David Brown s background and the eventual trial A real gem for true crime buffs, it s Ann Rule at her best. I remember watching the Lifetime movie for this when I was a kid and becoming quite fascinated with Clancy Brown s voice At the time I didn t realize that the movie was based on a true story If You Really Loved Me by Ann Rule shows how David Brown was able to manipulate his 14 year old daughter Cinnamon and his wife s teenage sister Patti in a plot that would ultimately end in Linda Brown s death.I think what gets me most about true crime books is that you have to wonder sometimes how can people be this awful to another person and you shake your head at the evidence that comes out via the investigators, forensics, and witnesses I think the thing that gets me the most is that I thought that David Brown was very much a predator of children and it s terrible that was glossed over in a way by a lot of people that should have had some warning signs going off when a 20 year old guy was hanging out with pre teens I just can t imagine something going on like that today and one one saying a word I have read Ann Rule s books before so they can get formulaic after a while She tends to start with the crime for the most part and then jumps back to victim and murders beginnings She adds in details from witnesses she talked to or even from the court cases she has sat in and gleaned from testimony Then shes does this all over again with the police and those in the prosecution office and sometimes with the defense Sometimes some of the detail tends to overwhelm you if you don t know exactly what she is talking about, but I found that she tries to break her writing down so a layman can follow.What made this book so fascinating and what I can t recall if they showed in the Lifetime tv movie was that when David Brown gets sent to jail and is held for bail he digs his hole even deeper You have to wonder about this man s intelligence when you read about what his plans were for getting out of the trouble he was in She apparently updated this book at some point, cause there were several endings so to speak where she explains what happened to David Brown, Cinnamon Brown, Patti Bailey, and other people we are introduced to in this book. One of Ann Rule s best The true story of David Brown, 36, a wealthy computer whiz and psychopath, who persuades his 16 year old sister in law, Patti whom he d started grooming for sex from the age of 11 and his 14 year old daughter, Cinnamon, to rid him of his 22 year old 5th wife, Linda, mother of baby Krystal Supposedly Linda was insisting that he get rid of the two teenagers, who d lived with them for several years actually Linda dead was worth a million dollars in insurance proceeds As juveniles, he assures them, they would receive only a slap on the wrist When Patti backs out at the last minute, Cinnamon does the deed, then accidentally survives an attempted suicide that was meant to kill her After she recovers, she is tried and convicted of her step mother s murder David and Patti quickly forget about Cinnamon they secretly marry and have another daughter Five years down the road, incarcerated indefinitely in a prison for Young Offenders, Cinnamon, whose father is paying her little attention, learns about the new baby about the same time as one of the original investigators, never satisfied with the resolution of the case, contacts her and Cinnamon gives him aaccurate account of the murder Eventually this leads to the arrest of David and Patti on charges of conspiracy to commit murder While in custody, David will attempt to have the investigator, the prosecutor, and Patti murdered by a fellow inmate who s due for release, who will eventually give evidence against him David is currently serving a life sentence hopefully, until the despicable creep can rot in hell. David Brown is one of the most sadistic evil characters I have ever read about As mentioned in the book he was worse than well known killers like Manson because he looked so normal yet wielded so much power The story begins simply enough Police are called to a house and discover a woman shot in her bedroom Her name is Linda Brown, she is married to David Brown They live with David s daughter Cinnamon, Linda s sister Patti, and their baby Linda and David s Krystal David was out at the time of the shooting, Patti in shock and Cinnamon has vanished Later found hiding in a dog house after a failed suicide attempt Cinnamon is brought in to the police station where she confesses to killing her stepmother She is eventually convicted and sent to a juvenile prison End of story, or so it would seem But something does not ring true and two determined investigators begin digging deeper They find some disturbing things As the story unravels, the true David Brown is revealed Not the charming, man, successful businessman, loving father, but a manipulative, cold calculating man who will turn in anyone in order to save himself Even locked behind bars David proves to be a dangerous man, plotting to destroy those who were after him, but in the end it turns out to be his down fall A truly chilling tale Even with the afterward at the end I still wonder about how the young girls in David s life have managed to survive, if they received counselling or therapy for what they were put through and if they were ever able to pick up the pieces of their lives and live normally again The fact that he continues to reach out to one of the girls from prison tells me they might not have But throughout the story despite the evil twisted world of David Brown, we see there is human kindness and some good people even in the most unusual places Included are the tireless investigators and DA, a career criminal member of a biker gang who turned out to becharming and compassionate and one of the most beloved people to come out of this story It s a long read, but worth it to make sure that justice is truly served in the end But I feel I will always be left wondering about the lives of the three young girls most affected by this man and his crimes, Cinnamon, Patti and Krystal. David Brown loved child brides All six of his marriages were to emotionally weak and uneducated females Most of them were 15 years old when David began having sex with them No one seemed to think that odd David had married Brenda, his first wife, when both were 17 Both had dropped out of school a year before, and she was pregnant with Cinnamon when they married Number three and five, Linda they were married twice was only 23 when Cinnamon was 14, but both girls liked each other David was so much smarter than both, and he cared for them with a tough, but wise guidance After all, he was 40 by this time.Cinnamon felt the pressure of competition for her father s love, but she didn t doubt that he loved her After all, she was constantly grounded for the slightest infraction of normal household rules She was expected to conform to the usual middle class values He was rich, respected, had a good job, a nice house, hot cars and gave his wife, child, and relatives anything they asked for.Then one night, the police are called to the swanky home Linda s sister Patti Bailey, 17 years old, with Linda and David s baby in her arms, and David know something bad has happened to Linda They think they know that Linda is dead in her bed, although they are too frightened to look They think they know who killed her 14 year old Cinnamon.The detectives have an open and shut case Right Ann Rule writes brilliantly of a mystery that wasn t. Mini Review An excellent true crime novel I have read so many of Ann Rule s novels and they truly never get old She is a wonderful writer and adds all the pertinent facts for readers to fully grasp the case at hand This one is extremely intriguing I watched the movie on Lifetime ages ago about this case and have been patiently waiting for time to read the actual book Well, I wasn t disappointed I highly recommend it. This book was very hard to put down It is hard to imagine that a man did this to his own family This is a great read