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!DOWNLOAD E-PUB ⚖ Honey Queen ☬ Love Is Honey Sweet, But It Comes With A Fatal Sting Melaina Maris Needs Wings To Fly The Gap Between Loving Sam And Her Family S Ancient Curse That Forces Carnal Love And Then Kills The Male Lovers She Won T Let The Same Fate That Killed Her Father Befall Another She Refuses To Allow Her Goddess Created Bloodline To Continue But There S No Easy Way Out, Especially After The Curse Turns Her Into The Honey Queen Savior To Honey Bees Intensifying Her CharmsTo Help Her Fulfill The Curse S Demands In The Least Harmful Way, Her Grandmother Takes Her To Mate With Terminally Ill Boyd But Boyd S Gay And An Expert In Mythology Instead Of Having Sex, Melaina Learns How She Might Summon The Goddess Who Created The First Ancestor Bee Charmer And Cursed Her Bloodline Melaina S Magic Tears To Save Honey Bees From Endangerment Could Be Enough To Persuade The Goddess To End The Curse But An Unexpected Discovery Soon Changes That Hope, Spinning Melaina Into A Swarm Of Love, Friendship And Death Copy provided from the Publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review This was such a good read It was so different and refreshing I loved the concept Melaina s family are beekeepers to everyone else but in truth they are so muchFor generations the women in her family have taken care of the hives The honeybees are apart of them..literally However there is a catch The women mate,get pregnant and then their mate dies as soon as the child is born They always have daughters Her family is cursed This is the first book I have ever read that has the main character cursed in this way It s about so muchthan the curse of your mate dying They are one with the bees This all ties into Greek Mythology and was really neat I liked how all the elements pulled together Though it may not be real mythology it was just so unique A few times Mel and the other characters aggravated me but I can t say I would have done things differently Easy, quick read I received a copy from YABOUNDBOOKTOURS Spoiler Alert I didn t immediately read Honey Queen once I received it so I kind of forgot what the synopsis was about Honey Queen is actually pretty interesting and entirely unique I mean with all the type of supes I ve been reading this one is about honey bees, honey queen, and their origins leads to a goddess In Honey Queen, Melaina s family have been beekeepers for generations but it isn t so simple because their family is connected to the honey bees And a curse follows them given by the goddess who created their ancestor For they are compelled to mate till they have a new heir but the father of their child dies in which case Melaina doesn t want that to happen to Sam, the boy she s in love with But then there s a little twist which might actually end their bloodline curse.Melaina was a pretty interesting character She had to be since she s the chosen one, the Honey Queen I actually felt for her because of what her family has suffered since the time the curse started and she not only lost her father but her mother too But because of that she became filled the prophecy at the same time she s the last of her line who needs to produce an heir Although she s in love with her best friend and wants to be with him she can t because he too would suffer the curse and she does everything she can to avoid Sam and reject but Sam is stubborn as hell and knows Melaina too well except he doesn t believe about the curse For once I really though she might go through with her plan her grandma s plan that is to have a relationship with a terminally ill guy but then it turns out her first choice is gay and very knowledgeable about myth who kind of knew Melaina s secret But let s just say there is something about Mel s new honey And add an additional goddess and god to the mix, it just might help Melaina break the curse There are some aspects of romance in the story but not so much because the story concentrates on Melaina as the honey queen, what she needs to do, and how to break the curse. I received a free copy of the book from the author for my honest opinion.Melaina Maris is the last daughter of her bloodline Mel comes from a long line of beekeepers A long, long time ago Mel s bloodline was cursed by the first daughter, a goddess And now when the daughters mate they always give birth to a daughter and on the day the baby is born the father dies With Mel being the last daughter the curse has turned her into the Honey Queen Mel has no intentions of allowing Sam the guy she loves and has been her best friend since they were small children die or anyone else.Mel is determined to find a way to break the curse Mel tries so very hard to stop the curse and not mate Every time she and Sam are together she starts to heat up and all she wants to do is attack Sam Her mind tells her no you can t do this he will die but her body has a mind of its own They get into a couple of hot situations but her grandmother puts a little cold water on the situation to help put out the fires Sam can t stay away from Mel he shows up at her house all hours of the night.Mel s grandmother tries to help her out by introducing her to a young man about her age who is terminally ill and is going to die anyway But Mel has such a good heart there is no way she can hurt anyone She meets Boyd and they become real good friends He is an excerpt or knows a lot about Greek mythology and hopefully can help her find a way to break the curse.With everything that Mel has been through in her short life and is going through now has made her a strong woman She has a very big heart and would rather hurt herself than let any harm come to another human being because of her.Honey Queen is one of those books that leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside At times you feel the pain that Mel is experiencing but you also can feel the love and the happiness too I loved all of the characters and would love to knowabout them especially the first daughter I would like to know her story as to why she did what she did There is always two sides to every story so what is her story What happened in her life to cause her to put the curse on her bloodline And what about Sam s bloodline and his love for cows What is Sam s family history The Honey Queen will leave you tingling Mercer delivers an unforgettable character connected directly to nature with a twist of mythology that exemplifies the power of love, and with enough courage, the power to change ones destiny. I was provided a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.This needs to be a movie Period How creative and original Melaina is descended from a goddess, which would be awesome if she hadn t also cursed her family Melaina decides never to allow herself to fall in love have sex because if she does, it is a death sentence for her lover So right there she deserves a medal Melaina then finds that she is destined to be the one to be able to save the bees and she decides to use this as a bargain chip to get her families curse lifted Sometimes you see a trend in books that come along, and this book breaks that trend It has passion, and mystery and well EVERYTHING Its so unique and I love it I know you will too Dowie Really enjoyed this one for the originality and the Greek Roman god goddess elements A fun read full review with blog tour later this week LOVE this book Review coming soon. Honey Queen is a surprisingly unique take on the mythology angle we see in so many YA and MG books now Instead of following in the footsteps of other authors Christina breaks away and spins her own standout tales It s no secret that I love mythology and I love seeing it incorporated into stories in new ways, and that s just what has happened here Honey Queen focuses on Melaina and her rather intense connection with the honey bees that she cares for She s linked to them by centuries old magic and a curse that has dominated the lives of those that came before her As she learns to navigate this power, it begins to grow and shape into something completely different and as a result the curse takes on a new life I loved that she took a rather overlooked section of mythology, the Honey Bee, and showed just how important their roles is in the world both now and in the past All of the history and flashbacks that Christina includes only serve to enrich the story and watching Mel try to take the curse headon kept me hooked I did find the fact that as she become physically ready to bear a child thethe curse drove her to do so a bit weird I felt bad for her, especially given the fact that bear a man s child sentences him to death The gods do take part in the story, but not in a way that they become the dominating factor Melaina is a great main character, and mostly self reliant in her decisions She s capable of thinking outside of the box and pushing limits, and even when faced with hard choices she tries her hardest to do the right thing as opposed to what she deems selfish I love that while she hates her curse she never once blames the bees she s grown up caring for Her best friend Sam, is one that I wish I had a bittime to learn about It s clear they both care for each other but Melaina tries to keep him at a distance and because of that I felt a bit disconnected with him, however I did enjoy seeing the flashbacks of their childhood and loved his support even when he doesn t believe everything she tells him Boyd is fantastic He becomes Melaina s rock when the curse goes into full effect and he tries to help her any way he can, and I really loved his attitude about everything Overall this was a really awesome story I enjoyed the fresh take on mythology in YA, and I really wishauthors would tackle the lesser known stories like this. I won a copy of this book in a drawing at Utopia, a conference for women writers I can t begin to tell you how excited I was, because I d had my eye on this novel for a long time, but hadn t had an opportunity to add it to my TBR Well, having a paperback turned out to be the thing that got me reading it on an airplane, no less I dove in and devoured this book in a little over twenty four hours Now that you know how I came about a copy, let s get to my thoughts on what s inside.From a Reader s Perspective What an interesting premise for a novel I have to say, I ve never read anything quite like it Mythology, sure, but honey bees I fell in love with the main character right away Watching her struggle through the curse made me smile because she s funny when she s frustrated Melaina s grandmother was awesome I adored the interactions with her and the guys chasing her granddaughter Quite a spry old lady Tears of the Honey Queen being the savior of the bees was a great twisty idea.Romance in this novel was a slow burn that had been building over the years Take two characters that have known one another since childhood and seem destined by the gods to be together , and you have a recipe for perfection However, the romance didn t play front and center, even though it was the reason Melaina wanted to be free of the curse It was beautifully complex.Another thing I got into was the description of the cars You can tell the author likes American classic muscle by the way she describes Melaina s vehicle Roaring, even I loved it Pacing was awesome, and didn t let up on the action from page one Like I said above, I read all 200 pages in just over twenty four hours There was never a time I felt like things were dragging.One detail threw me off, and I mention it because it was questioned, clarified, then stated again several times Melaina talks about how she s the last in the line of descendants from the goddess Aera But the last daughter has always been the last in line the only one left until she procreates There s one place where the characters mention how Iliana had two daughters, but then it s clarified when we find out one of those daughters died So there s always been just one Gran was the last when she was a teen, Melaina s mother, then Melaina I just didn t quite understand why this girl was the most important last one.From an Editor s Perspective Plot, grammar, and punctuation were all on the up and up Nicely done Rating 1 Star for making me love the main character and her Grandmother1 Star for the fresh idea1 Star for pacing and wonderful humor.5 Star for the slow romance.5 Star for the confusion1 Star for editingOverall 4.5 out of 5 stars I round up, so this book gets a 5 Recommended for those who like a good dose of gods and goddesses and a fresh story idea.