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I m the type of woman that hates running and will only run if I was being chased, to impress a guy however, when you are all sweaty and out of breath the guy is not at all impressed , or for charity soooooo I was able to relate to Abby BTW, this book made me want to run however, in NYC our weather has been like the Disney movie Frozen so that won t happen till it gets warmer I thought Abby was adorable, funny, and was able to relate to her looking for love Usually, I find Chick lit books unrealistic however, this was one of the books that I nodded my head and could picture this happening in real life Plus, the jerky guy def someone I know I can t wait to read Jane Costello books. After watching the movie Bridesmaids and realising it was from a novel I wanted to read and this book didn t let me downAbby is a hardworking single woman The owner of a small start up graphic design firm, she s just barely balancing her personal and professional lives But when her best friend Jess convinces her to join a running league, she never would expect to fall for the head runner, Oliver aka Doctor Dishy , or bump into the one guy she never wanted to bump into again, Tom On top of that, as her business starts doing quite well, her employee Heidi has a terrible secret she s about to reveal What I like about Costello is that she doesn t waste time From the beginning, when Abby hits a motorcycle, through the end, every page counts Every debate, every though, every random interaction It s all good fun, leading to a pleasing conclusion It s over the top fun, and always exciting The characters are very well drawn, especially Abby s co workers who I liked best Girl on the Run is a book that s equal parts predictable and fun I enjoyed it quite a bit, and finished it a handful of days It s easy, and you know precisely which guy our hero will end up with in the end And she is a hero, Abby a girl who won t quit, and that s proven in the end And because of that, there s no stress when reading Even when things are looking down even when things aren t going quite right, you just know it ll all be okay in the end Because it always is in books like these And, sometimes, we need predictable, we need light We need to know the girl will end up with the guy at the end, and everyone will be happy Because life isn t always like that so why can t fiction In a couple of weeks, I m turning 28 so this book seems fitting as that the protagonist is 28 As I stated before, I can no longer stand reading not real fiction books, I need fiction that s related to my life, so a while ago I bought many books, and I bought 2 of Jane s novels I decided to start this one because so far Abby reminds me of myself.Let me tell you this, I LOVED loved loved this book I giggled and cried and at some points laughed so loud and hard late at night I was afraid to wake up the whole household I don t just recommend this book, I devoutly exhort everyone especially the ladies who neglect their bodies like I used to do but are trying to change that like I am now, to read it asap Abby will make you want to run at 5 30 in the morning Ladies, I have to warn you that you are going to love this book so deeply and all it s characters except Jess that you ll order all of Jane Costello s books like I just did I have mixed feeling about this book the love story was nice and easy, expected, but cool.On the other hand the surrounding environment threw me off a bit The best friend is the most horrible person, and gets away with everything she does, didn t appreciate that Especially I didn t find believable how she gets forgiven so quickly by everybody The so called initial obsession for Dr Dishy seems a bit far fetched I mean Abby obsess over a guy that she sees for months three times a week and never even kiss her, really The boyfriend Abby gets appears out of nowhere, one second she s single, the next she has a boyfriend after what one date, two maybe There is no description of this relationship it s sort of just put there.And finally, I am sorry to say this, but when I read a chick lit I am looking for an escape from reality, and a happy one The decision of the author of making the whole novel pivoting around a sad, progressive, incurable disease was something beyond me You want to raise awareness, I am with you, I am sure we all are that everybody does what they can for the causes they believe in, but don t do it to people that are seeking a break with a book that should supposedly bring them joy and easiness of mind I found it so depressing it upset me a lot Not the feeling I was looking for. . This book is pretty amazing Now I could list another Costello s book to my favorit.Although I admitted I was pretty bored on the first quarter, but it s keep promising and interesting.Girl On The Run is not only a story about a girl who force herself to keep fit and healthy, although it s quite inspiring for me , but I also admired Abby s first motivation to start running It s pretty selfishless and based on her kind and caring heart to help friend, which is amazing since first of all she s really not a running person, and the thought of running always made her giddy.Abby is also a passionate enterpreneur She built her own web design company and keep it growing She loved her job and honored by her employee The romance story is cute Oh, I loved you Tom Overall it s a very entertaining book. Abby Rogers is the least health conscious 28 year old you re ever likely to meet and her only concession to healthy eating is eating on blueberry muffin instead of her usual two So when her best friend Jess invites her to her running club, Abby can think of no worse way to spend her time However, the thought of seeing Dishy Doctor Oliver on a regular basis propels her to say yes After a disastrous first session, puking included, Abby vows to never run again Until she finds out something shocking about friend and co worker Heidi and soon Abby s running for than just the fun of it.I am a huge, huge fan of Jane Costello In fact, that s an understatement I m a massive fan As soon as I read her second novel The Nearly Weds I was hooked I then devoured Bridesmaids and, recently, My Single Friend So it s safe to say that when I saw a fourth novel up on called Girl on the Run, I was excited Jane s novels are always a pleasure to read, and the pages just fly by for me whenever I read her novels So when I received a copy of Girl in the Run I was bursting to read it just my luck I was busy finishing off two books in a series but I cleared them out quickly and finally, finally I got to read Girl on the Run and I bloomin loved it.Girl on the Run is, as you might expect, about running A new trend in Chick Lit it has to be said with Fiona Gibson releasing a novel about running earlier in the year called Mum on the Run Obviously, the motivation behind the running in both novels is to get fit, but with Girl in the Run, it s also about raising funds I don t want to spoil what the funds are for, but you do find out early on in the book so it s not exactly a big secret I liked the reasoning behind Abby s desire to complete a half marathon and is much better than it solely being about getting fit despite the fact that that is a big benefit, too It added gravitas to the plot without being overly contrived.Right from the off, the book had me hooked Abby runs someone over within the first few pages and I loved her panic when she thought she d killed the man she d banged into And the laughs continue steadily throughout the book I don t think a book this year has made me laugh as much as Girl on the Run did Jane just seems to have a natural affinity for putting comedic moments into her novels They don t seem forced, they re just part and parcel of her characters and bring their personalities to life that bit Each page flows perfectly and I was hooked for 455 pages I was hugely worried about Abby s fixation with Dishy Doc Oliver, and I did think that might ruin the book for me, but it didn t.I loved Abby Seriously, I want to meet this girl She s in the exact same mould as Costello s previous characters Evie, Lucy and Zoe She s warm, she s funny, she s the kind of girl you want to be, the kind of girl you want to know The characters around Abby are just as warm and engaging, from her work colleagues Heidi, Matt and Priya to her parents, to her best friend Jess Even Tom, who Abby runs over at the beginning, comes back into the book which delighted me no end, let me tell you Seriously, of all the Chick Lit males I ve put my name to Luke Brandon and Johnny Jefferson amongst others , Tom has shot up the list, he was a fantastic character and I loved the banter between him and Abby I didn t much take to Oliver, the Dishy Doc, he just rubbed me up the wrong way, from that very first meeting with Abby.I knew the ending of Girl on the Run from page 5 Why, then, did I love the book so much I hear you ask Because of what it took to get there For me, when I m reading a Chick Lit novel, knowing who my main character is going to end up with is meant to be predictable I m meant to know, loud and clear For me, the getting there is what makes the book for me What turns the plot takes, what obstacles get in the way and although I d love a romance that takes the bull by the horns and doesn t take until 10 pages before the end to get going, I doubt that s every going to happen so the distractions in novels like Girl on the Run are what I judge the book on Along with the plot and characters and writing style Jane Costello has one of the most pleasurable writing styles I ve read, her chapters are short and snappy and allow for that Just one feeling and the fact she narrates from her main character s point of view makes it all the better I was surprised by Girl on the Run, by how much I loved it because there s always a nagging doubt that this will be the book that might not be as good as the previous ones, but for me, this was Jane at her best and I lapped up every page. Such a great read the second time around as much as the first I was in the mood for a motivating chick lit and this one flew into my mind and well here we are An unfit woman that owns a small business and is quite humorous, decides to start running thanks to a guy she is interested in and that lasted well I guess one run She then found out her friend and employee, has been diagnosed with the beginnings of MS multiple sclerosis so Abby decides to raise money and train for a half marathon for her So motivating, funny, romantic and exactly what I needed. {Free Epub} ì Girl on the Run Û Abby Rogers Has Been On Health Kicks Before They Involve Eating One Blueberry Muffin For Breakfast Instead Of Two When She S Encouraged To Join Her Fitness Fanatic Best Friend S Running Club By None Other Than Its Gorgeous New Captain She Finds A Mysterious Compulsion To Exercise 2.5 stars from me If you LOVE Sophie Kinsella, you will TOLERATE Jane Costello She s compared to this highly talented author and she doesn t even hold a candle to her It was an OK plot but just disappointing I don t think she should have been compared to Kinsella.