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This was a very long detailed tale of murder for hire I had seen an episode of some criminal show that detailed this case so I already knew the outcome Allen is an evil, evil man who should have died when he was attacked in prison The thought that someday an appeal could go through and he could be released is frightening I do wonder where the quads are today and if they faired well. Every Breath You Take is the story of the life and death of Sheila Bellush and the road to bring those responsible for her murder to justice Sheila had a tumultuous marriage to Allen Blackthorne Violent and controlling, she finally found the courage to leave him After her divorce to him he proceeded to create trouble for her and their two daughters Stevie and Daryl Long after Sheila had married Jamie Bellush and they had quadruplets, Allen did his best to disrupt their lives He used her neighbors and his children to create havoc After his oldest daughter refused to visit him any longer he turned up the heat with his youngest daughter He encouraged her to accuse her mother of child abuse After one particular event it was decided they had to get away from Allen and do it secretly Jamie and Sheila moved to Sarasota, Florida after Jamie s boss transferred him to Sarasota Sheila s youngest daughter was still in Texas After flying back to get her and take care of legal issues, Sheila brought Daryl back and she was put in a youth camp Problems prevented them from taking her home with them Daryl through manipulation managed to give her father enough information for him to find them This set in motion that wheels that led up to Sheila s death On November 7, 1997 while at home with her four youngest children Sheila was brutally attacked and killed Ann Rule did an excellent job of taking the reader through the troubles that plagued Sheila until her death She then takes you down the heart wrenching path of the day Stevie finds her mother s body and the all of the law enforcement officers that eventually brought the people responsible for her death to justice This is a 5 out of 5 I read the book in 4 hours. @READ KINDLE á Every Breath You Take : A True Story of Obsession, Revenge, and Murder õ America STrue Crime Writer Fulfills A Murder Victim S Desperate Plea With This Shattering New York Times BestsellerIf Anything Ever Happens To Me Find Ann Rule And Ask Her To Write My StoryIn Perhaps The First True Crime Book Written At The Victim S Request, Ann Rule Untangles A Web Of Lies And Brutality That Culminated In The Murder Of Sheila Blackthorne Bellush A Woman Rule Never Met, But Whose Shocking Story She Now Chronicles With Compassion, Exacting Detail, And Unvarnished Candor Although Happily Ensconced In A Loving Second Marriage, And A New Family Of Quadruplets, Sheila Never Truly Escaped The Vicious Enslavement Of Her Ex Husband, Multi Millionaire Allen Blackthorne, A Handsome Charmer And A Violent, Controlling Sociopath Who Subjected Sheila To Unthinkable Abuse In Their Marriage, And Terrorized Her For A Decade After Their Divorce When Sheila Was Slain In Her Home, In The Presence Of Her Four Toddlers, Authorities Raced To Link The Crime To Blackthorne, The Man Who Vowed To Monitor Sheila S Every Move In His Obsessive Quest For Power And Revenge If Ann rule wants a simple story of right and wrong, then she should pick a simple story in which there is clearly a victim and clearly an evil person and there is no overlap If she chooses to pick acomplex case, like this case, then she should have enough respect for the intelligence and analytical thinking skills of her readers to represent the details of the complex case as such Rule chooses murder cases that I am interested in Despite the fact that she is a profoundly terrible writer very similar to Jerry Bledsoe , I keep coming back forThat just goes to show you that you don t have to be a great writer to rake in the bucks You simply have to provide the reader with an addicting, even if poorly told, story Without exception, Rules isinterested in right and wrong dichotomies than she is in analyzing complexities of human nature It s almost as if her need for justice and punishment turns off the critical thinking parts of her brain, making everything black and white when it s not I want Josh Greene to study people like her There is no excuse for killing the mother of his children There is no doubt that the murderer in the book is just that, a horrible murderer who doesn t deserve the sympathy he pandered for Should we hate him Sure, go right ahead i could not help but hate him while reading this story I am so thankful I never married someone who killed me and ruined the lives of the children we brought into this world At the same time, this divorce was ugly The wife did not deserve to die for her very deliberate part in making things contentious, but that doesn t mean that just because she is dead, she was perfect while a live She was a human being She had good qualities and bad Both her children, who no longer speak to their father and are absolutely devastated by the murder of their mother, have said that she lied about the sexual abuse allegations made against their father I had to look all of this up using outside sources since Rule cannot be counted on to present all the facts The mother wanted the kids and did everything she could to make up lies about the father and then use those lies to threaten him and forcefully take his children from him, even though they very much wanted to see him He too lied about her abusing the girls even though there is evidence that both she and their step father were very hard handed just not quite as hard handed as the father had alleged If I were her, I too might have wanted to keep my kids away from him After all, he did murder her in the end The point is, there was so much complexity that Ann Rule refused to acknowledge Every time the wife hurt the children, lied about sexual abuse, or did anything else that was clearly wrong, Rule justified it It was never the wife s fault So stupid She can be at fault for doing some of the stupid things that human beings do from time to time and still not be at fault for being murdered Rule should do a better job of representing the whole picture. I must say that for a nonfiction book, this read like a novel I was intrigued and disgusted by the case, and I wanted justice done A very good book I will definitely readof Ann Rule in the future. I feel kind of bad but this book didn t work for me It was the writing and story structureIt just didn t do anything for me Reading became a chore. The book was repetitive and dealt too much with the muder plot than the murder itself Ann notes extensively the family history of the nurdered woman and the killer devoting several chapters translating to many hours of book reading time to the kind of parents the murderer had I understand that her attempt was to show the ultimate motives for the murder, but it just took me way off track She could have mentioned as she wrote about the murderer that his mother was abusive, father hated him, etc It was a waste of paper for the most part and awfully hard to read I ll still read my Ann Rule books, but this one just didn t do it for me at all I think this is the one book that I could not finish I like Ann Rule s books and she is a great writer but there is only one word to describe Allen Blackthorne and that is evil He made me sick and it got to the point that I didn t care anyHe deserved whatever this life gives him because I know he will pay for his sins dearly when he passes over. Now I will perhaps get quite a bit of backlash for rating this book so low I have nothing against the story It was tragic, unnecessary, and senseless, like most killings Shelia Blackthorne Bellush just wanted a normal life and after separating from her abusive husband, Allen Blackthorne, she attempted to have just that Jamie Bellush, her new husband, tried hard to give her a sense of normalcy Sheila had two children with former husband, Allen She was the mother of his two beautiful girls, Stevie and Darryl With Jamie, she added quadruplets to the mix So for me, the most tragic part of this story is leaving six children motherless.The reason the rating is so low is mostly due to the writing style I understand that Ann Rule is quite the True Crime novelist However, with Every Breath You Take, there was far too much redundant and pointless information The main characters are Allen Blackthorne and Sheila Blackthrone Bellush I understand why Ann Rule speaks about their parents That helps to establish a why that Allen was so vindictive and manipulative It also explains why Sheila was overly trusting However, do we really need the abundance of information concerning their grandparents It is like listening to a family member ramble futilely about genealogy I was extremely bored.Another issue is the repetitiveness of the entire story I did not write down specific pages but there are plenty of examples throughout the book Again, elderly ramblings come to mind Because of this, I found it hard to muddle through the story I did so only to find out if Allen was convicted Believe me, I was very tempted to skip to the end but being an avid book reader, I consider this cheating My final complaint has to do with the victim I am fully aware that people are not suppose to speak unkind of the dead Here is me acknowledging this Now to completely go against what I just said, I have some concerns about Sheila Bellush Now I will again remind everyone that my opinion does not mean in the least that I feel Mrs Bellush deserved to die She was innocent of any wrongdoing A woman who deserved to grow old with her beautiful family However, Ann Rule mentions a few concerns others had about Sheila but then completely brushes them off For example, she mentioned that Sheila was not a saint but her children came first That was it She did not at all elaborate on this Later in the novel, she speaks about how Sheila would get frustrated and rightly so She would sometimes verbally speak against to her older children and sometimes spank them with a belt Now I am not against sparing the rod, but again it was acknowledged in one sentence and never again So save your time and google the story If the repetitiveness and needless information was eliminated, it would make for a much shorter, and enjoyable, read. Basically a good read if you like to follow true crime However it s a novel that could and maybe should have been written with half as many pages Rule gives far too many quotes and snippets from all sides of the families, legal teams and accused to make it a pleasure to read It drags as we are burdened by a sea of facts,dates and her insights.