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!READ DOWNLOAD ⚇ Enthusiasm ♦ Julie S Best Friend, Ashleigh, Is An Enthusiast Julie Never Knows What New Obsession Will Catch Ashleigh S Fancy, But She Does Know She S Likely To Be Drawn Into The Madness Ashleigh S Latest Craze Is Julie S Own Passion, Pride And Prejudice But Ashleigh Can T Just Appreciate It As A Great Read She Insists On Emulating The Novel S Heroines, In Speech, Dress, And The Most Important Element Of All Finding True Love And So Julie Finds Herself With Ashleigh, Dressed In Vintage Frocks, Sneaking Into A Dance At The Local All Boys Prep School, Where They Discover Some Likely Candidates The Problem With Ashleigh S Craze This Time, However, Is That There Is Only One Mr Darcy So When The Girls Get A Part In The Boys School Musical, What Follows Is Naturally Equal Parts Comedy And Romance, As A Series Of Misinterpreted And Missed Signals, Dating Mishaps, And Awkward Incidents Make Julie Wonder If She Has The Heart For True Love Enthusiasm is a fluffy, comfy book filled with references to Jane Austen and some of her works, most notably Pride Prejudice.A YA book, it was recommended to me by my teen daughter, so of course I had to read it A quick, fun read, with a cast of cute and quirky though unrealistic at times characters, Enthusiasm is definitely marketed to capitalize on the teen fascination with boys, crushes, first kisses and clueless parents.Very sweet and light fare, although as a mom I do take issue with the current trend in having male characters enter the heroine s bedroom at night to just cuddle Sure, it might sound romantic and squee worthy when you read it in a book, but girls, please trust me on this one if a boy climbs into your bedroom at night, he s got on his mind then a cuddle and a good night s sleep.Otherwise, Shulman has penned a lighthearted teen tale that s worth a few hours reading time Just remember to keep your windows bolted. This book is so sugary sweet you could say maybe it almost too sweet But as it is it s just what I needed I was in the greatest mood while I was reading it and after I finished This is probably the reason why I don t read as much deep sad books You know how you sometimes keep the feel of the book while you re reading it for a while If I m having a hard time then there is no way I m going to read a sad book I have to be in the right state of mind Julie has a friend name Ashleigh, who is an Enthusiast who does things to the extreme For a few weeks it s a band, then the next it s Jane Austen Through a series of mildly awkward but usually surprisingly fun encounters Julie finally finds a guy who she likes and who just might be into her too The family life was done pretty well I think Julie has a few issues but is doesn t completely fall into the same clich s of divorced parents I think the best part of the book was Julie being such a good friend and Ashleigh is so loyal too She and Ashleigh are just so loyal and good to each other even though Julie has to fight so many emotions The second best part was the romance It s all just right there It could all work so perfectly if just one person would open up and make the right move But back to the book, I think this was supposed to be a loosely based on one of Austen s books, or maybe a few of them I m not sure really but it doesn t really matter It didn t have as much Austen as I thought it would I honestly didn t look for any Austen references after a while.So yeah it s predictable and fluffy but I liked it a lot I might just check it out again to get myself in a good mood It s just so funny. I love Jane Austen I have read all of her completed novels at least twice I ve read quite a few JA para lit novels, and this is by far the best of the bunch It includes allusions to not only PP, but Emma, Persuasion, Sense and Sensibility, and even a little Mansfield Park, too Although she borrows from Austen s characters, Shulman does a great job of making them and the story fresh and unique There was never a doubt in my mind as to the ending it is, after all, a romance, and a YA one at that , but getting there was so much fun I wanted to read it all over again after I finished, and I probably will at some point in the future I m loathe to give out any details of the book, because I want everyone to discover it for themselves, but I will say that musical theater specifically, a musical version of A Midsummer Night s Dream comes into play There are also sonnets, chocolate turkeys, fun new words like igsome ig for short which is used to describe something someone bad , romantic mix ups, and all the usual high school drama.I bought my copy through Scholastic s Book Club, and if it s ever made available again I ll probably buy a few Even if you re not a fan of Austen, I m pretty sure you d enjoy this book it s just that wonderful. It s been around five years since I first ran across ENTHUSIASM by Polly Shulman And, honestly, when I think about it, I m fairly certain I got this recommendation from Stephenie Meyer s website way back in the day I believe she had it on her list of recommended reads and I picked it up based on that and the fact that it had a Jane Austen angle It seems like there are so many of those these days, but at the time I hadn t read many I m very glad I did pick it up, as this is a perfectly delightful, perfectly quick read that entertains and leaves a grin on your face I still don t see it around very much, but I m happy to see Ms Shulman has a new book that came out last year Definitely need to go check that one out since I read this one in a single sitting As far as the covers go, what do you think I m always interested to see where they go when they change it between hardback and paperback releases I think it s interesting the slight shift they took on the paperback, lightening the background and adding the Austen figures to highlight that aspect of the story Probably a good idea, but I do find myself sort of preferring the bright, simple colorblock of the hardback This sweet, smart little novel follows 15 year old Julia Lefkowitz who loves Jane Austen Enter her best friend Ashleigh the Enthusiast There is little likely to exasperate a person of sense than finding herself tied by affection and habit to an Enthusiast Ashleigh moves from one obsession to another like they re going out of style But she always, always devotes her whole self, heart and soul, to whatever the obsession of the day is And most recently, rather unexpectedly, Ashleigh has decided to follow her less enthusiastic friend Julie s lead and adopt Austen as her latest obsession Specifically Pride and Prejudice In short order, she s talking like Elizabeth Bennet, dressing like Elizabeth Bennet, and dragging poor Julia off to crash an all boys school cotillion in search of a Darcy and a Bingley apiece Suitable young men are found naturally , the charming Ned and Parr, but which one is which and just who is actually in love with who Delightful and quirky, full of sly Austen references, and even a play within a play, ENTHUSIASM is easy to fall for In fact, I stayed up late in the closet reading this one after a particularly long and trying day This was back when I lived in a room with a walk in closet Don t you love those for reading in late at night, or is that just me I remember I had one as well when I was around 14 years old and, let me tell you, I spent many a night cozied up in that space, surrounded by hemlines, shoes, and a good book In this case, I really liked these two girls The reserved one and the vivacious one, together they are the real deal when it comes to being friends So much so that when misunderstandings arise, they stick it out, even if it means as it does here one of them swallowing a rather hefty helping of disappointment for much of the book But I loved their friendship and I loved the swoony romance that develops between Julie and one of the young lads not telling which one Complete with first kisses, climbing in and out of windows, and sonnets pinned to trees Be still my heart Genuine and sweet, ENTHUSIASM has stayed on my shelf over the years, for whenever I need a little modern day Austen in my life. Text to SelfThis book is definately for the light of heart, teenage girl Which is exactly what I happen to be I found a lot of connections between this book and my self I am a lot like the main character Julia We both have an extreme love of the Jane Austen novel Pride and Prejudice, we both love, even though we might not show it all the time, our very best friend than anything, and would do almost anything for them, and we both hold on dearly to the dream that we will one day find our very own Mr Darcy.Text to TextThough this book makes a lot of refrences to Pride and Prejudice it remindes me of Austen s Emma Ashleigh, Julia s best friend, reminds me a lot of Emma Woodhouse Just like in the novel, there is much confusion about who loves who, and how to go about making those you love, fall in love with you Ashleigh, like Emma, takes it upon herself, through certain schemes, to help her best friend find love, while along the way, finding love herself.Text to WorldIt took me a while to figure out how to connect this book to the world, and then it hit me, drama The world is full of drama, espically teenage drama Being a teenager, I ve seen my fair share of it This book does cotain a good bit You can find drama, like that of this story, everywhere you look T.V., magazines, real life, movies, like I said it s every where Do you adore Jane Austin Are you searching for your very own Mr Darcy Do you have absolutely no idea what I am talking about Ok, well Julia Lefkowitz and her next door neighbor life long best friend Ashleigh Rossi do Julia is a huge fan of Austin, especially Pride Prejudice, and Ashleigh, well she is what you might call an Enthusiast At least, that is what Julie calls her You see Ashleigh has a tendency to become deeply, passionately obsessed with something, committing her whole life to it, at least until the next craze comes along This time, she s hooked on the prim and proper world of Austin Julia hopes the craze will pass soon, but before it does they will have to do at least one terribly embarrassing thing like, maybe crash the formal at the local all guys prep school And, when the girls meet two prep attendees they must vie for the attentions of the likely Mr Darcy If you re hooked on Austin, have a best friend whom you adore despite their crazy notions, or maybe even just like a good romance, give this one a try. This is NOT a modern day retelling of Jane Austen It s of an homage to Austen and also Shakespeare The MC s BFF becomes obsessed with PP and Jane Austen, and there s a tiny bit of Pride and Prejudice references A Bingley, a Collins, but the male lead is no Darcy There s also a play within the book and a play within the play within the book Which is kind of fun.I enjoyed reading this book There were shenanigans The MC needs to grow a backbone and become a little aware of the world around her, but she has good friends and the romances are cute There are no mean girls and there s no drama and I always appreiciate that in a YA. Ha This proves I like light, fluffy books Although rather predictable this book was thoroughly enjoyable Right on the cover was a recommendation of praise from Stephanie Myers which made me roll my eyes, and consider not reading the book I m glad I did though, I loved the two friends, Ashleigh s loyalty was refreshing Though her Enthusiasm didn t seem so very Enthusiastic after the first 50 pages or so Not when compared to the crazy things she s done in the past The love interest of both girls, Parr, was slightly bothersome to me at first but Julie s adoration bent my will and I was quite smitten with him at the end though I still would have gone after Zach, he s my type Overall I would recommend this book right along with, dare I say it, Stephanie Myers. You love herBut she loves himAnd he loves somebody elseI don t care for any casanova thingAll I can say isLove stinks Love stinks Boston s own J Geils BandI think our heroine has elements of Elinor Dashwood and Catherine Morland.