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~Read Pdf ♬ Deranged: The Shocking True Story of America's Most Fiendish Killer! ⚑ Lured From The Safety Of Home Into The Jaws Of Hell America S Principal Chronicler Of Its Greatest Psychopathic Killers The Boston Book Review , Harold Schechter Shatters The Myth That Violent Crime Is A Modern Phenomenon With This Seamless True Account Of Unvarnished Horror From The Early Twentieth Century Journey Inside The Demented Mind Of Albert Fish Pedophile, Sadist, And Cannibal Killer And Discover That Bloodlust Knows No Time Or PlaceOn A Warm Spring Day In , A Kindly, White Haired Man Appeared At The Budd Family Home In New York City, And Soon Persuaded Mr And Mrs Budd To Let Him Take Their Adorable Little Girl, Grace, On An Outing The Budds Never Guessed That They Had Entrusted Their Child To A Monster After A Relentless Six Year Search And Nationwide Press Coverage, The Mystery Of Grace Budd S Disappearance Was Solved And A Crime Of Unparalleled Gore And Revulsion Was Revealed To A Stunned American Public What Albert Fish Did To Grace Budd, And Perhaps Fifteen Other Young Children, Caused Experts To Pronounce Him The Most Deranged Human Being They Had Ever Seen Though his name has faded from public memory, his presence is inescapable Personally, for me this is one of the most terrible serial killers of all time Albert Fish This is one f d up gramps A detailed story of the difficult hunt for him by the police and of the atrocious crimes he committed in the late 1920s He did not kill as many as other notorious serial killers, but his modus operandi and the fact that he got away with it for so long is absolutely shocking This book focuses on many of the cases including the New York kidnappings of Grace Bubb, Billy Gaffney and Francis Mcdonnell But the court case will haunt me for a long time A few times while reading this book, it literally gave me the chills and I needed to get an extra blanket The fact that no one could link the missing children from over the years to one another and even though he admitted to his crimes once caught, no one can tell for sure how many innocent victims died viciously or were tortured at his hands, but it is believed that it is in the 100s The acts that this human monster committed, doesn t come close to any fictional character I read about in horror books And if it does, the author s got some serious issues just thinking it up in the first place In a very real sense, a cockroach had led to the capture of Albert Fish My personal opinion about his case He should not have been sent to the electric chair Why Because he was a man that enjoyed self infliction as much as he thrived on torturing children It was probably the ultimate thrill being shocked to death with a self inflicted carved cross on his torso from a sharpened chicken bone and 29 needles that he shoved into his friggen asshole This dude did not deserve to live, but he definitely deserved a slow boring AF death with no excitement.Harold Schechter is my all time favorite true crime author This man can write a story so well, the fear he brings out of you through his historical storytelling and the facts that are so detailed makes you feel like you are living in that era and reading the daily tabloids I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of humanity, because facing the lowest of humanity without looking away or shutting a book can make youaware But I don t think he was human If this could happen in the 1920s, what could possibly be out there today The acts that Fish committed were the stuff that no fictional artist could imagine It takes a specific kind of individual to even come close to thinking of the things that Fish practiced his whole life I am not a person that thrives on the lowest of humanity or on being able to stomach the horrific Still, I chose to read a book, this book, which includes all of the above andI could not put it down I read it whenever I could and was captured from the very first words Every period is known not only by its heroes but by its killers as well The author, Schechter, is an author with true talent It is a given that you will be shocked when reading Deranged Fish, the person written about, was TRULY deranged but it takes skill to write a book about such a murderous villain and have the book beabout the people he affected than about the murderer himself, even though the depravity was written about in detail Deranged read like a mystery, and even though I knew who and what the book was about having learned and read of Fish on the internet, I was continually enthralled with finding out when and how this man would get caught and just how sick this man actually was In the beginning, we are introduced to the Budd family whose humble living and innocence makes them a prime target for Fish, and learn of their eventual regret in allowing a predator to take their child away We move forward to other families that suffer similar losses and actually feel their pain as their babies are led into the woods of the never again seen alive The book in its finality gives us the depths of this man, Albert Fish, and makes no excuses for him though the author makes it a point to tell what Fish felt were catalysts to his bad behavior I know that it takes quite a bit to read about a person like this and not hate them and judge them as I read It appears, though, that the author has as little judgment as humanly possible as he writes this monstrous tale That in itself is a feat It was enjoyable to read because of these facts not because a person of unseen proportions of degeneracy was on display So, I would suggest this book to anyone who d like to try and gain a better understanding of humanity, because when you can face the lowest of humanity without running away or closing a book then you can face the greatest of humanity with even greater understanding I cannot recall reading a book this well written The book of the year for me and I have read almost 30 books this year alone A true crime book that completely lives up to its title I don t believe I ve ever read of so appalling a catalogue of crimes before and am shortly off to give myself a good scrub to get rid of their taint.Albert Fish was a harmless looking old man whose appearance masked a truly depraved personality host to an incredibly long list of sexual and religious perversions, amongst other things Fish was a child killer who tortured and ate his victims.I ve never read such a shocking account of depravity, but was also surprised by many other aspects of the case The police in the 1920 s seem an altogethernaive bunch than those around now when Grace Budd and the other children initially goes missing it seems unfathomable to them that anyone would be kidnapping a child for anything other than ransom both rather popular criminal activities in the 20s , and many parents were unaware also unlike parents of today who are hyperaware of paedophiles and child murderers.Also surprising though it probably shouldn t be was the sensationalism of the tabloids, with one particularly lurid account of The Mirror going so far as to provide step by step illustration of Grace s murder culminating in a close up of the little girl s strangulation I was taken aback at how little time the psychiatrists for both the prosecution and the defence spent with Fish once captured in an effort to ascertain if he was insane Though the defence managed to spend a total of 12 hours with him, those for the prosecution managed a single visit of just 3 hours The legal side to this argument was fascinating and I did spend some time myself questioning how I would have decided had I been a juror to be able to commit such awful crimes Fish was surely insane, though he wasn t without his reason, and I fully sympathise with the jurors who had to sit through such detailed testimonies and decide whether the man lived or died There was no hope that the man could be rehabilitated in any way and punishment was like sexual reward to him so while I don t personally support the death penalty, I can understand why many of the jurors saw fit to have him executed even while believing he was insane Personally, I can t help but think that there would have beenbenefit to society had members of the psychiatric profession been able to speak to and learn from him instead.Simply and straightforwardly written, there were only a couple of occurrences that didn t sit right with me where the author attempts to present some moments inside the mind of the killer While I appreciate that some of Fish s thoughts and feelings from the time could have been gleaned from his interviews, these couple of instances feltlike supposition and were the sort of sensationalism I expect from the tabloids than from a decent journalist That said, I will be seeking outof Schechter s work. I do not mind true crime I enjoy watching Criminal Minds I understand why it s a popular genre Many have a certain curiosity for the macabre and delving into the deranged minds of criminals gives us a glimpse of how humanity can go to hell in a hand basket in no time flat My issue with this book was not the content, not exactly Sure, Albert Fish was a particularly disturbed individual and he did some horrible things If he lived in acurrent time, perhaps he would have been able to receive the help he so obviously needed As a story , it was interesting enough But as an overall piece of work, I cannot agree with it I can divide my grievances into two categories.Gripe 1 The Writing StyleOddly enough, if you read the acknowledgements at the end, he dedicated this book to his editor for doing such a fantastic job as always I d like to have a serious talk with this editor and how much work she actually completed with Schechter Not only were there typos and grammatical problems, but the sentence structure and overall layout of the book provided a very choppy picture At times, it was difficult to read, dipping into the realms of high school history reports The run on sentences could have been easily fixed with some added punctuation Or, even better, cutting whole sections out entirely I think Schechter could have made the same, if not a better, impact with 100 fewer pages There were paragraphs that did not even relate to the current content There were entire chapters I honestly skipped after I realized he decided to go on a field trip tangent about some other event There are good and bad ways to incorporate related ideas With Deranged, it felt like the author could not keep his focus And this led to repetition and over the top, long winded theories I think he took a lesson from the Dempsey lawyer because it also took Schechter 15,000 words and 45 typed pages to get out one statement.Gripe 2 WHERE ARE YOUR SOURCES I cannot, in my right mind, give a nonfiction title greater than 1 star if there is no bibliography, index, footnotes, or any recognition from the author that he used outside sources to compile his book Any researcher, librarian, or freakin high school student, knows that a source is not credible if they do not cite resources I m not asking for much, just some proof that what Schechter presented was factual He did quote some newspapers, which was nice However, I still wanted those newspapers to be listed in a bibliography, or at least a note of which database he used to find the prints Without it, I have to say that Schechter painted a fictional portrait of a serial killer The accounts in this book are way too specific to be real It reads like fiction most likely because a lot of it is The dialogue has no basis, and plenty of it would not have been recorded in any form So how did Schechter know who said what and when It was conjecture And I m fine with conjecture, as long as the author makes a note of it Erik Larson author of Devil in the White City, among others at least gives us that He adds a forward to his books that lets us know that some conversations were fabricated to help with the facts Any nonfiction writer worth his salt should know this I Do Not Trust Schechter And his lack of refinement in this category really irked me to no end Sure, I could do my own research to back up his information, but that s not the point of reading nonfiction I should not have to double check the author s work Nonfiction should not come with homework unless you are writing a paper and using it as a source, hah For all I know, Schechter wrote this book by looking through blogs and Wikipedia So, no Just no. I ve always been fascinated by Albert Fish, and I thought I knew all about him I was wrong Schechter has a way of making you feel like you re there, and you can see it all perfectly clear I knew Fish was incredibly depraved and disturbed, but the extent of the horrors he inflicted on innocent children was far beyond anything I thought I knew It takes a lot to creep me out Fish creeps me out This book creeps me out It s well written and the facts are solid Anyone who is interested in true crime, particularly the psychology of serial killers, although Fish wasn t exactly a typical case, should read this book. Albert Fish was a monster who preyed mainly on black children, by his own admission This book only focuses on the white children The author struggles to stay on topic, because of that, the book felt disorganised.People were so trusting back in the day Yes strange, creepy man You can take my daughter to a partyalone I also think Fish should of been studied and analysed before he was electrocuted. This is the story of Albert Fish child killer and cannibal.He was every parent s worst nightmare until he was caught by the cop who wouldn t give up the search.This book will sicken and sadden you, but, in the end, when he is strapped in the chair you will breathe a sigh of relief knowing that this monster will never, ever harm another child.Rest In Peace Billy Gaffney Age 4 Francis McDonnell Age 8 Grace Budd Age 10 And the ones who remain nameless. Can a book be terrible A book can be bad, it can be boring, it can be poorly written, but I like to think that just by being a book it s exempt from being thought of asterribleTerrible like Ivan Terrible like children who are two Terrible like some of the things Ann Coulter and Rick Santorum say.Sadly, Deranged The Shocking True Story of America s Most Fiendish Killer, is, despite it s eye grabbing National Enquireresque title, pretty much a terrible book.And worse, I didn t find it terrible because of the gruesome subject matter, but because it s not only poorly written and it s not only boring, but it reads like a shortcut seeking, high school student s book report And by shortcut seeking, I mean the type of book report that was written in a hurry by someone not being familiar with the book and relying only on the synopsis on the book s dust jacket.The subject of the book, Albert Fish, was a serial killer who committed crimes too horrible for me to mention here He was born in 1870 to a supposedly distinguished family that suffered from histories of mental illness After his father died when he was five years old, Fish was sent to an orphanage and it was there where the seeds that would shape his future obsessions and behaviors were planted That is about the extent of the man s biography shared in the book Thorough, huh More biographical information is given about a German serial killer, Fritz Haarmann, than about Albert Fish.The rest of the book is made up of boring, long winded accounts of Fish s two final crimes, the city wide manhunt, and his subsequent arrest and conviction and it reads like everything was simply lifted out of old newspapers And the narrative it just goes on and on and on andLet me save you some time Fish was tried and despite jurors saying they believed he was insane, they also believed he should die for his crimes so they found him sane and he was put to death in the electic chair in the Sing Sing Correctional Facility Too bad he wasn t holding this book when they pulled the switch.You guessed it I wouldn t recommend this book to anyone. One of the worse killers ever the chair was to good for him.