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This is one of those stories that will leave your mouth gaped open throughout the read The things this couple did to young women are only things lurking in a deranged person s nightmares If you ve ever seen the movie, Natural Born Killers, this couple sort of puts you in the same frame of mind How you could torture innocent people all for the sake of your sexual pleasure, is something I will never understand about some human nature I believe in honoring your marriage, but there are some things a spouse should never ask of his partner, and committing sexual deviate assault and murder are two things that immediately come to mind I remember this book like I read it yesterday I still can t believe what this Canadian couple did One of the most horrific true crime books I ve ever read, and I pray to God I never read anything like it again This read was ghoulishly outstanding You will not be able to put it down It s over 500 pages long, and I read it in a weekend, so it kept me turning You will be mesmerized by the horrible things this couple did, and it s so horrific, described in great detail, that you just couldn t make this type of stuff up The last time a true crime book gripped me like that was when I read Ann Rule s A Stranger Beside Me, the true story of Ted Bundy That book gave me nightmares, and this story gave me the same feeling. This review may contain spoilers Read at your own risk Deadly Innocence is a true crime novel about the famous Canadian couple, Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka They are famous for abducting, torturing, and murdering innocent school girls, as well as videotaping their evil acts Paul was also a notorious rapist.This was a very hard book to get through I decided to read this a while after watching the movie, Karla The book goes into a whole lotdetail than the movie does The book is written well enough, but it was still a lot of infodumping I haven t read any other true crime novels, but I didn t imagine the writing to be so dry at times This book also needed a better editor I can t count of how many times I came across errors While it s not a big deal to have a few, a lot are annoying as a reader.I felt sick during reading most of this book Think horror movies are scary Read about the things this couple did There were several times that I had to put the book down because I felt so sick There s a lot of graphic descriptions and accounts, so if this bothers you, you may want to stick to the movie, or Wikipedia.All in all, it was an interesting book but very horrifying The book, for the most part, was unbiased, but I got the feeling that it was leaning toward Karla s claims of being a victim Even though Paul is pure evil and I wish Canada would have used the death penalty on him, Karla is truly baffling I do believe that she was a victim, BUT I also believe that she could have put an end to this early on There has to either be something wrong with the woman or she s just as evil as Paul to torture, rape, and kill girls Especially her own sister.As bad as it was to hear about Kristen and Leslie, Tammy s death bothered me the most It s one thing to hurt a stranger, but your own sister There are times when I am angry at my sister, but I could never dream of actually harming her And letting your fiance rape her right in front of you Sick.I don t believe I ve ever heard of any two people who made me feel as sickened as these two It s unreal that Karla is out walking the streets now and with her own kids. Canada s own Barbie Ken gone very bad a well written, extremely disturbing story At the time this was happening I followed it religiously in the news as did most Canadians, read a couple of other books on it as well I m still trying to figure out Karla Was she just a mind twisted victim as this author implies or a cold, calculating piece of crap Jury is still out on that one It almost feels wrong to give this book 5 stars when I really try not to give a book 5 stars unless it s brilliant but for a true crime this is above and beyond Sometimes it was painfully hard to read what these two disturbed adults did but that was because the author really captured the depth of the terrifying story. Usually I hate these mass market paperback exploitations of well known cases, and why do they always have such ridiculously lame titles but a co worker handed it to me and I had to pass my late night shift somehow Plus which, I was sort of interested based on the fact that Paul Bernardo s mere ownership of a copy of American Psycho was enough for mycensorious sisters in feminism to call for its banning.It s at least fairly readable, though the recalled dialogue by Bernardo and Karla Homolka s friends is stilted and laughable human memory combined with hack writing, one must suppose I didn t know much about either of their childhoods, so that s proving to be the most interesting reading thus far, though I ve only just made it to the part where Paul and Karla meet they haven t yet discovered their true effed up kinship yet.8 16 Done I can t say I really learned much, other than that there are some pretty truly horrible people in the world and that the Canadian legal system has some neat quirks and intricacies Paul Bernardo named his penis Snuffles, which is your Fun Fact for the day His entire outward persona was built on Amway, Dale Carnegie, self improvement seminars, Gordon Gekko quotations, and televangelism not Christianity, but the slick shallowness of television preachers Don t trust the charming ones. This book is an account of the Ken and Barbie Murderers of Canada, Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka For those of you who haven t heard of the formerly married serial rapists murderers, Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka met when she was 17 and he was 23 Paul, at the time, had started raping young women at that point Karla indulged his activities and even started participating in them Together they raped quite a few girls and killed at least three young girls, including Karla s younger sister They both ended up in prison, but thanks to Karla s deal with the prosecutors, she has already been released.I remember reading about Karla when she gave birth to a son and her past was brought up The other night the story came up again on 48 Hours Dateline 20 20 something So I picked up this book, as I had never read the entire story I read the Kindle edition which, according to other reviewers, has a lot of editing issues I have to agree, as there were a lot of typos and the story did seem to have some flow issues at some points However, it wasn t enough of an issue to affect my comprehension of the book.For the most part, it was very well written At times, it was difficult to read because of the subject matter However, it was interesting to read the entire story from start to finish If you enjoy true crime novels, I think you will like this one.It s so hard to imagine a person who could do this The fact that they both participated in this is just mind boggling Karla has maintained that she was a battered wife and that s why she didn t feel as though she could defy Paul Maybe that s true It s hard to say I can t imagine being so under another person s spell that I stopped knowing what was right or wrong But that may be what happened here.All in all, a very interesting read. One of the most shocking stories I have ever read. This book was dark and horrifying I knew the story, but there was so muchI had no idea about If you re a true crime fan, this is a must. How I Came To Read This Book When Karla Homolka was on her way out of prison, I really had no idea who she was or what she d done My dad spazzed and gave my sister and I each a book that covered the notorious couple of Paul Bernardo Homolka, and I read this one I read the other one a couple of years later The Plot Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo are two of Canada s most legendary serial killers having murdered three young girls including most disturbingly, Homolka s sister mere weeks before their wedding This book kicks off with a teaser of the storm that was slowly building as the other girls deaths were discovered, before taking you back to the beginning of their lives, their courtship, and their reign of terror in Southern Ontario Finally the book reviews the infamous deal with the devil the crown made to have Homolka testify against Bernardo in exchange for a lessened sentence a point of contention in all discussions around the twosome to this day i.e how messed up is Karla The Good The Bad One criticism I ve heard of this book vs the other one I ve read is this one focuses too much on anecdotal evidence Indeed, a good portion of the book comes from the mouths of some childhood friends of the killers or other people linked to the investigations, rather than sticking to ajournalistic reporting style I personally felt like the personal testimonies of those affected by or involved with the case made youengaged but reading other books broke down the cut and dry facts a lotwhich was helpful in other words, I say read them both This book is both a page turner and extremely hard to read on several occasions I had to put it down and walk away because I was so disgusted and horrified with the whole story This is NOT a book for bedtime reading one friend I lent it to had nightmares throughout reading the whole thing Still, if you want excellent, gripping coverage of the crime spree that gripped the nation, this is a great book to cover all your bases The Bottom Line A horrifying story, an engaging read.Anything Memorable Just that I finished this book shortly before Homolka was let out of prison I also recall my cousin reading it while we were at my sister s graduation ceremony that s ONE way to spend three hours 50 Book Challenge Nope. ^FREE DOWNLOAD ⇪ Deadly Innocence ☔ Karla And Paul Seemed Like The Picture Perfect Newlyweds, But Were Really A Pair Of Vicious Killers Who Abducted, Sexually Tortured And Murdered Innocent Schoolgirls, Videotaping Their Evil Acts In Suburban Niagara Falls Billed As The Crime Of The Century In Canada, This Case Has Received A Great Deal Of Media Coverage On Both Sides Of The Border Includes Eight Pages Of Photos