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It is said that facts speak louder than words, and with this book they are certainly screaming louder than you ve ever heard them before The one thing I ve learned from this book, which I ll take with me for the rest of my life, is this Should I ever find myself in the situation that I need to cover up a political assassination, I should remember 3 things 1 When setting up a patsy to take the fall, make sure and give them a weapon that could reasonably be expected to carry out the task i.e range capable and with bullets similar to those that will be found at the scene this is important because nobody is going to believe that a boy with a pea shooter is capable of shooting down a passenger plane 2 Make sure the cover story shooter is not located at a vantage point that will make the story seem ludicrous i.e located on a trajectory 180 degrees from where the actual live bullet will come from 3 Don t refer to your patsy with a three fold name that s just a dead give away D The book everyone must read I m also sure it will be the book the authorities want to suppress. This book looks at the mysterious deaths of 10 subjects by laying out how the official rulings contradict the ballistics, eye witness accounts, laws of physics, and reason.Marilyn Monroe had so many drugs in her system that there was enough to kill 15 people even though she had no access to that amount of pills She also had no traces of pills in her stomach, leading to the conclusion that she was killed with an enema, possibly by the Mob in order to create scandal for the Kennedys Read the chain of events of the day and evening leading up to her death and the aftermath of the circus that ensued to cover up the murder.See the lunacy of the claim that Oswald shot JFK in the front of the head while perched in the school book depository, which was behind the motorcade Learn how Sirhan Sirhan shot RFK with a gun held three inches from the back of the senator s head, all while standing 10 feet in front of him Martin Luther King s sniper stood much higher and to King s right, not directly across the way where authorities claim James Earl Ray made the shot Even King s family didn t believe Ray to be guilty and in 1999 a jury concluded that King was murdered in a conspiracy including government agencies Vince Foster, lawyer to the Clintons, was found dead in a park of a suicide in which no gun was found at the scene, and then a black gun turned up in his hand, and then a silver one His body and the ground under him showing little blood and tissue matter and impossible feat for such a horrific and graphic death.Read how eyewitnesses were forced and intimidated into changing their stories in order to match official findings Learn about LBJ s hitmen, Oswald s link to the kill Castro plot, Aristotle Onassis claim that he fronted the money for Bobby Kennedy s assassination and evenshocking revelations that are neatly presented in this ground breaking, fascinating account of history and the people who have been subverting the truth for years Dead Wrong is scientific, meticulous and detailed, yet reads like a gripping suspense novel I look forward to readingfrom Richard Belzer and David Wayne Don t miss the most talked about true crime book of the summer. 3.5 starsI generally take the claims these kinds of books posit with a grain a salt But I am actually quite sympathetic to some of this stuff The Marylin Monroe story, for instance, that s one I need to knowabout All of it s a fun read, though It s like ghost stories for me they can be quite fun if you can suspend disbelief and read them in the middle of the night. I m counting the days until I receive this fromBelz has advised people this is NOT a conspiracy book, but a FACT book Check out www.belzerbook.com, as it s not your average website The music chosen for each murder victim is amazing The book is also on Facebook, as is Belz If you want to see Belz s site, it s www.iBelz.com and his Twitter is MRbelzer You can always tell him Glock35Gal sent you Belz s co author is David Wayne You ll want to subscribe to him on Facebook If memory serves, he s DaveWayne on Twitter He and Belz make a fantastic team Richard Belzer and David Wayne Ugh, that was one of the most tedious books to get through Some of the cases were direct, to the point and enjoyable to read Some seemed incomplete they were so short But the ones that really got me like JFK, MLK and Marilyn Monroe were way too long The repetition of the same facts over and over was rediculous Ok, we get it after the second, maybe third time reading it, the pill bottles on the table next to Marilyn s bed were placed there to make it look like a suicide That was just one of many I understand that the authors were trying to show that the government is covering up the true facts of these cases, but it was overkill It is unfortunate because I did find a lot of the information interesting and unbeknownst to me Unfortunately trying to get the tidbits of new information in between the repetition of the majority of the information was tiring, and I got to where I was just skimming through rather than really reading it I will say that the afterward by Jesse Ventura was possibly the most interesting part of the book and something that really made me think Not sure that alone is worth buying the book for though. American main stream media is now recognized as a huge propaganda machine, subservient to the ruling corporate class and the Federal government, which itself is subservient to the oligarchy But there was a time when media outlets weretrustworthy, certainlytrusted.This book provides a necessary counter narrative to the official stories Whether you agree with the analysis or not, it s importantno, absolutely vitalto look at each of the covered incidents from a different perspective Had we beendiligent in the past, we wouldn t have the comic book soap opera media government disinformation machinery we re stuck with today. one of the most important books to read I don t have any theories All I have are the facts.The above quote is from the book and it tells you a lot about how serious their research was for this book It is a quote by a former FBI special agent who was one of the sources for their research and it describes this book very well because they really just lay out all of the evidence and follow it no matter where it leads.I got to read a pre release draft of this book and it is a very cool compilation of actual evidence The cases are fascinating when you look at the real scientific facts There is an amazing chart in the chapter on John F Kennedy that absolutely PROVES that even one professional sniper could not have done the shooting that the government says that Oswald did It is called SNIPER SNAPSHOT and it is worth getting the book just to see that. ^FREE DOWNLOAD ⇡ Dead Wrong: Straight Facts on the Country's Most Controversial Cover-Ups ↱ Dead Wrong Is A Study Of The Scientific And Forensic Facts Of Four Assassinations Of The S President John F Kennedy, Senator Robert F Kennedy, Dr Martin Luther King, Jr And Black Panther Leader Fred Hampton , As Well As An Examination Of New And Incriminating Evidence Indicative Of Murder, Not Suicide, In The Deaths Of Marilyn Monroe, White House Counsel Vincent Foster, UN Weapons Inspector Dr David C Kelly And Bioweapons Expert Frank Olson It Also Examines The Cases Of Two Murders Directly Linked To Lyndon B Johnson, Th President Of The United StatesFor Information, Please Go To BelzerBook Black White Illustrations