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( Read E-pub ) ô Coco Pinchard, The Consequences Of Love And Sex (Coco Pinchard #3) ñ Since Coco Pinchard Found First Husband Daniel In Bed With Another Woman, She Hasn T Just Picked Up The Pieces She S Now A Best Selling Author Married To Her Hunky Soul Mate Adam She Feels Stronger And Wiser And Surely The Second Time Round She Ll Have Learnt From Her Mistakes But Things Aren T Going Quite According To Plan Adam Has Lost His Job, Coco S Grown Up Son Rosencrantz Seems To Have Derailed His Life In Spectacular Fashion, And Ex Mother In Law Ethel Keeps Letting Herself Into The House Thanks To An Endless Supply Of Spare Keys When Literary Agent Angie Takes On Coco S Arch Rival, The Indomitable Regina Battenberg, It Looks As Though Things Can T Get Any Worse And Then Coco Discovers She S Pregnant At Can She Really Go Through It All Again Sleepless Nights, Stretch Marks On Top Of Stretch Marks, And Poo As A Normal Topic Of Conversation The Third Book In Robert Bryndza S Bestselling Coco Pinchard Series Which Can Also Be Enjoyed As A Stand Alone Story Is A Hilarious Diary With Coco S Trademark Wit And Honesty, Tracing The Raging Hormones And Extraordinary Twists That Take Her To Motherhood For The Second Time Also posted on This Chick ReadsCopy provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewCoco Pinchard, The Consequences Of Love And Sex is the third book in the Coco Pinchard series, but funnily, it s the first one I ve read However, after reading this book, I m definitely going to bump up the other two parts to the top of my TBR pile.Coco is a wonderful character, she s 44, recently married for the second time is a successful writer Or at least she tries to be We all know publishing is not easy, so a good part of this book is focused on all the things an author goes through to publish and market their book Add loads of humor to it, and you ll see what Coco Pinchard 3 is about However, that s not all This book is written in the form of Coco s diary entries and you can see how things develop and all the stuff Coco goes trough in her life in just a year Coco is the coolest mother ever, her twenty something son is homosexual and she s so supportive of him She loves him for who he is and doesn t give a damn what others say She s not the type that wants to please everyone, there s her husband Adam and her son she d do anything for, but also there are few characters who appear in this book like her ex mother in law who just add to the story and make this book even hilarious.This is definitely a nice feel good read, perfect for fans of humorous books and those heading for the beach It s the only book I ve read while on holidays don t ask, I was around two small kids who were trying to strangle each other every free sec they got and I can say it s the perfect beach read I laughed out loud on couple of occasions and even managed to get the odd stare from those around me, thinking I must be loco or something Overall, this was a great, easy, summery read and I strongly advise you to check it out It s light, easy to follow, with fresh humor that will make you pick up Robert s other books I m kind of sad there won t be any other books in the series, because Coco is one of these epic rom com characters that will never cease to be funny or interesting Who knows, Robert might change his mind and write parts of it in the futureI sure hope. I was fortunate enough to receive an ARC of this book from the author which was awesome so thank you Robert This book was great just like the previous ones If you haven t read them go and buy them They are a great read Coco continues to be kind of crazy, funny , and lovable This time she is pregnant at 44 years old so she is emotional especially with Regina Battenberg taking her spotlight again I loved Adam He was very patient with Coco and very supportive Overall I just really enjoyed this book I loved getting to read about Coco, her friends and her in laws, like Crazy Ethel who I hated in book one but I love now I m sad this series is over and I look forward to great books from Robert Bryndza. A fun read Once , Coco Pinchard s life is in retrograde She s pregnant at 44, her husband is still unemployed, her son is in deep doo doo, her agent seems to have abandoned her, her ex laws keep on invading her privacy On the plus side, her dog, Rocco, seems to have it together.There are times when I want to shake Coco her surrounding messed up co dysfunctionaries but then I realize that they re all normal abnormal, just like me.The author hooks you in with the humor and humanity of all and I had trouble putting the book down So I finished it in two days and had a blast doing so. I am a huge fan of the Coco Pinchard series so was very much looking forward to reading the next in the series.Even though I am slightly younger than Coco, it very much feels like she has grown up in this novel The fact that she is pregnant with her second child is probably something to do with it The whole story actually made me feel like a mother sending her child out into the world, it certainly felt emotional than the others.The author yet again delivers a novel packed full on fun and laughter I especially liked how the author makes light of being a writer Obviously a lot of sweat and tears goes into writing a novel and then when it is published there s that fear of rejection from readers I actually felt quite bad at laughing at some of Coco s misfortunes in her aim to become a best selling author It certainly was fun taking the light heart ed route even though you could fully see the emotions that a real life author would go through.Being pregnant makes Coco re evaluate where she is Being an older mum to be is not easy and then having her twenty three year old son go off the rails really takes it s toll on Coco Even though she has the hunk of a husband Adam, with his new job working in a bar, he isn t around as much as she would like him to be which causes added tension One thing that Coco does have though is the most annoying yet lovable ex mother in law, as well as some really great friends.The Consequences of Love and Sex is exactly that It is very much a light heart ed look at different types of relationships as well as an unexpected pregnancy Due to the nature of some of the threads involved in the novel it had me feeling a lot emotional than I had expected At one point I was nearly in floods of tears only for the author to put in a quick twist that had me wanting to hug and kiss him as I knew he couldn t be that cruel to his fans, though the hug and kiss would be after slapping him first An absolutely fabulous read that I can t recommend highly enough.