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Cute out the wazoo I absolutely loved this book about the zany people in Coco s life, and the power of sacrifice and love My heart is happy from this book Full review to come this week for the blog tour Thank you to Sarah for including me in the blog tour was a massive fan of Coco after reading the first book in the series, The Not So Secret Emails of Coco Pinchard and I have to say that I enjoyed this one just as much This is a fabulous book with plenty of laugh out loud moments.I think that the way the story is told through Coco s e mails is brilliant and a really fun and different way to bring her to life Her supporting cast is fabulous, such different personalities, so well developed and they all work together brilliantly Everything about the book worked for me, the idea behind the book was great and the author has a brilliant writing style that suits this genre 100% It flows so well and I read the book the same day I started it it was a complete treat Five stars from me, a delightfully funny story that I loved The books are on special offer at the moment so no reason why you can t treat yourself they are all excellent reads, brilliant pick me ups and well worth it Funny and cute Outstanding narration by Jan Cramer. Robert Bryndza writes the brilliant crimeSeries featuring Detective Erika Foster Discovering his chick choc lit rom com line of books was a super surprise I love a writer who can tackle different genres.This was my first introduction to Coco but reads fine as a stand alone It s funny, sassy and has some great laugh out loud moments Coco s life takes some twists she ain t thrilled about and the plot is a real feel good journey Follow her ups and downs I think we have the same Mother in Law I don t read much any in this genre Only books that really appeal and don t have a cafe, bakery or shop in the title or on the cover I adored Coco Very relatable character and this one gave me light relief from my reading marathon of heavy crime and horror.A generous 4 stars from me A champion of a novel if you love a good laugh and this style of book A talented, multi faceted writer I m two books behind on his Erika Foster series Missed them on NetGalley so must catch up.Follow my reviews, enter competitions to win books, be invited to online book launches and on my pages I love to connect.www.facebook.com BookloverCatladywww.twitter.com promotethatbook ( EBOOK ) ♕ Coco Pinchard's Big Fat Tipsy Wedding ⚕ After A Tumultuous Divorce, Coco Pinchard Has Found Love With The Gorgeous, Hunky, Four Years Younger Than Her So Technically A Toy Boy, Adam Her Career As An Author Is Finally A Success, And She Has Fabulous Friends In Christopher, A Neurotic Middle Aged Socialite, And Marika, A Slightly Alcoholic Dog WalkerCoco Is Even Learning To Cope With Her Awful Ex Mother In Law, Ethel, Who Despite The Divorce, Still Thinks It S Fine To Criticise, Especially When Coco And Adam Decide To Take The Next Step, And Move In TogetherBut Hours Before Move In Day, Adam Ends Their Relationship Without Explanation And Disappears After The Initial Shock And Anger And An I Told You So From Ethel Coco Sets Out To Discover What Has Really Happened, And Uncovers A Shocking Secret Adam Has Been Hiding From Her Full Of Hilarious Twists And Turns, Coco Pinchard S Big Fat Tipsy Wedding Is A Witty, Heart Warming, Romantic Comedy The Stand Alone Sequel To No Bestselling, The Not So Secret Emails Of Coco Pinchard Coco Pinchard has to be one of my favorite book characters She is British, out there, and manages to get herself in and out all sorts of scrapes This is the second book in the series and I know most people remember me raving about the first The characters are SO real it is like they could just walk off the page It is a great read that had me laughing at and feeling sorry for Coco all at the same time In this installment, Coco and Adam are together, Rosencrantz moved out, and Ethel is still her cranky self, hilarious self When circumstances cause Adam to cut Coco out of his life, Coco goes on many adventures to find herself and find out the reason why The answer is shocking then you think I would love to see Rosencrantz s story I love him and his flat mates All the characters together just breathe life into this book There is never a dull day with Coco s clan I give this book 5 stars Another of my holiday reads and have to say I am a massive fan of coco I have to say I really felt for Coco in this book, you can tell how much Adam means to her and she does everything she can to prove he is innocent, even taking the law into her own hands This is another fabulous and heart warming read All the characters are back from the first book with the hilarious Ethel nearly taking Coco s limelight in the book I think everyone would love a mother in law like Ethel, she s so funny Another great read. Great news Coco is back And if her Big Fat Tipsy Wedding is even half as much fun as her Not So Secret Emails were, we re in for a treat This book is at the top of my To Read list and should be at the top of yours, too. OMG, I love this book so much Very funny and very touching I want to live next to Coco and Adam and have a Ethel over for tea Seriously this book is so well written and stunning My fav.bit when Coco was totally broke and was hosting a drink bash for her friends. Oh Coco Coco Coco Coco, what have we gotten ourselves in for this time We live the highlife with her, all through her emails I might add, where she is on a high from the Edinburgh Festival for Chasing Diana Spencer, writing a new novel, and then her world is turned upside down by Adam I still love that the book is told in an email form, and I high life that Chris called her out on the rambling emails We meet some new characters and fall in love with some old ones For me, Ethel, the ex mother in law, still steals the show, and Meryl, the ex sister in law, having to be sectioned was crazy funny With Rosencrantz moving in with two guys, Will and Oliver, I think they were perfect and I love how they helped Mrs P in her many many hours of need Reminded me of such a crazy but happy family aka the A Team So the only downside for Coco, was the issues with Adam, everything else was falling in to place, but with this current crisis , her world was falling apart I felt for Coco, she definitely needs a break Mr Bryndza, looking at you here But Coco being Coco, she gets on with it, and yes she has a moan and tempted to be naughty with a certain man rocking a hot bod, but who wouldn t she still sacrifices herself and happiness for what she believes in, Adam Even when everyone else didn t believe in him, she did, she stands by him, without a shadow of a doubt and I loved that.About 90% of the book it just all kicked off and I was rushing through the pages, needing my happy ending, and phew When I got to the end I could breathe It was a riot, and dare I say it, typical Coco Everything with Coco is constant and high octane and reading her emails is like a high I do not want to ever come down from She is forever going to be in my heart, and head, always asking myself What would Coco do in my shoes And then do the opposite, I want to lead a quiet life lolI am going to jump straight into the next book, and please god, aka Mr Bryndza, give her an easier time this time