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When I was younger, my sister introduced me to this book I instantly denied it due to the fact that I always thought Chicken Soup books were for saps and stay at home mothers But when there was a rough patch in my home, i needed something to turn to This was my turn to guide Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul is what I would call a teenagers dream for emotional support From boys to divorce to death, this book covers it all One story I immediately turned to was Soul Mates A quote that got me was, They ll never have to worry about their parents saying Don t take it so seriously, its only puppy love After reading that, I was hooked I quickly thought how much that quote impacted me Another section of the book that had a huge impact on me was the On Learning section The passage I loved was called I Try to Remember When reading it, I remember thinking about how so many people out there are affected by their lack of self confidence I also thought that if every person out there affect by that had a chance to read this, they d be so touched Just like me To me, this passage was a new level for everyone to connect on Finally, there was a poem in one of the back sections of the book called The Girl Next Door What I felt while reading this section was pure terror Well that may be a bit dramatic but I was scared I was scared about how everything was, is, and will always be changing Change for me was difficult and still is But just knowing that someone else was too helped me to feel less odd. Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul was a beautiful compilation of short stories that I think every teenager can relate to, all the time I m almost positive that fifty years from now, if a teenager picked up this book, they d instantly be able to relate to it.With that said, Chicken Soup wasn t always brilliantly written, but the thought was there I wasn t expecting it to be out of this world, because of course, it was written by teenagers for teenagers The stories inside it were just, wow.I would highly recommend it to anyone who is feeling down, or anyone in general You don t need to be a teenager to appreciate the brilliance of Chicken Soup. [Download Kindle] ☨ Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul (Chicken Soup for the Soul) ♿ This First Batch Of Chicken Soup For Teens Consists Of Stories Every Teenager Can Relate To And Learn From Without Feeling Criticized Or Judged This Edition Contains Important Lessons On The Nature Of Friendship And Love, The Importance Of Belief In The Future, And The Value Of Respect For Oneself And Others, And Much This book was just heartwarming I read the other books of the chicken soup and the teenage soul when I was a teenager and I stumbled upon this one a year or so ago I couldn t resist buying it the book is as good as I remember the others were these real stories and experiences really inspire me. Stephanie JonesShort Stories As a young teenager, I remember reading the first editions of the Chicken Soup series They were given to me by loved ones who wanted to make my teenage years as easy as possible The Chicken Soup books were written to bring comfort as actual chicken soup does to different age groups and share the experiences of ordinary people to help readers to see that they are not alone in what they are dealing with These books of short stories, along with the Bible, were my instruction manuals on how to survive being a teenager Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul took me back to some of the most difficult and confusing times of my life I laughed, I cried, and even felt grateful to be able to look back and know I survived those times The tears, questions, heart wrenching moments, and emotional physical changes made me the woman I am today Thanks, Chicken Soup The book Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul is a really good book Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul is written by Jack Canfield.I really enjoyed reading this book It was at my level, meaning it was easy to read.Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul is pretty much a book for teens This book mentions family, friendships,relationships, learning, kindness,tough stuff,and make differences Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul is like a guide for life It includes many stories that relate to teens.This book includes 101 stories of life as a teenager and how to get through situations.I have made connections thru out each chapter It tells stories of real people who experienced problems in their teenage years If you like to read about realistic fiction, problems and encouragement, I suggest you read this book. Chicken soup is a really good book because it gives you great advise and its a book that will make you happy and sad This book really makes you care and feel good or bad for the people in the book This book is really good because its not like any other book you dont have to read cover to cover you can skip storys or read them all but the storys are really good This book is a text to world book I say this becasue this book is from teenagers adults who remeber storys or there teenage years and anybody can relate to the storys Some people in this book have storys that may have happened to the person thats reading the book or it might make a person learn a lesson or improve there life This storys will make anyone have any kind of feeling and make them care and be happy for all the opertunitys they have and love life I rate this book a five because you get any feeling out of this book and it drags you in and the storys are real so you know that the thing in the book is real and can happen to anyone. This book was pretty goodAt first I wanted to stay within my fantasy book and not move on to a nonfiction The Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul books were given to me by my cousin If this wasn t part of the forty book challenge and my cousin never gave it to me, then I would have never picked it up I really liked this book 4 stars It had plenty of interesting, inspirational, sweet, and sad stories that really touched your heart For those who don t want to read a nonfiction book this one is an easy read and engaging. Being the first one in the trilogy, it was good and very touching It gave me the felling that I was not alone in feeling the teenage feelings I was feeling. The name of this book is called Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul 101 Stories of Life, Love and Learning Paperback by Kirberger Kimberly This book is jammed with many stories written by real life people who had actually experienced what they have written in this book An example of a story that in this book would be about a girl who had her heart broken because her boyfriend decided that they best way for them was to end the relationship She said that she hated it and that she hated how she saw him so happy with other people and when he was talking or hanging out with other girls she would assume that they went out She would throw herself to guys and try making him jealous But one day she just couldn t take it any and she decided to call him and tell him that she didnt know how to be her without him But they never went back out She said that she was slowly healing and she started making plans with friends and how she forgot about him over time and there were even days she wouldn t think about him But now shes over him This is just one of the many stories that are in this book.I would definitely recommend it to anyone at any age But i would especially recommend it to teenagers because there are a lot of things that we can learn from them so that we feel better about ourselves and we know that we aren t the only people in this world going through this situation.