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READ PDF ⚡ Charlie And The Chocolate Factory â Best Book, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Author Roald Dahl This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, Essay By Roald Dahl Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You One of the first books I ever read I wanted to watch the movie, but wasn t allowed to until I read the book And so I did And now, every few years, I want to again It s been a long time But who doesn t love chocolate and dreams and wishes and gifts I think I may read this series only looked at the first one.FYI Wrote this review 2017 from memory as I want to have a review for everything I remember reading If I messed it up, let me know LOL Tonight I just finished reading Charlie and the Chocolate factory with my son This is the first chapter book I ve read all the way through with him And it was a ton of fun First off, I ll admit that I love the movie I grew up with it I m talking about the Gene Wilder version, of course I ll even admit to liking the movie better than the book Which is something that doesn t happen very often with me That said, the book is really, really good It held my four year old s attention It s silly, and it s fun And it s DARK For those of you who haven t read the book, let me underline this fact for you Dahl takes pains to really detail the fact that Charlie and his family aren t just hungry and poor They re destitute Charlie sleeps on a mattress on the floor In the winter they are cold, and they re starving to death And if you think I m exaggerating on that last point, I m not One of the chapters is titled The Family Begins to Starve But you know what I like this book better because of that It s not sanitized pablum written by committee to be inoffensive It s the story of a little boy who is in a fucking awful situation, but he is still good and kind and polite and then something really nice happens to him That s a trope I can get behind Its it a good book to read with your kids Absolutely That said, allow me to tangent off and share my thoughts as a total bastard If Willie Wonka actually hired workers and paid them a living wage, maybe Charlie Bucket wouldn t be starving to death in the first place Follow me here Wonka is effectively running a company where everyone is paid in scrip The Oompa Loompas are paid, quite literally, in beans Beans that I m guessing he has the Oompa Loompas themselves growing in some huge underground cavern Let s not even get into the ethical tarpit of the fact that Wonka uproots an entire indigenous culture and enslaves them Let s just look at this from a raw numbers point of view Pure economics The Oompa Loompas work in the factory They are not paid They never leave the factory That means they don t pay rent They don t buy groceries They don t go to the movies, or take taxis ,or buy clothes But everyone buys Wonka s chocolate That means that money goes into the factory, but it doesn t come back out into the town As a result, the local economy is crap And it s because of this that Charlie s dad can t get a decent job What s , it s because of this that his dad loses his shitty job, and his family is starving to death Willie Wonka isn t a childlike magic maker He s a billionaire corporate fuckwit He s the candy equivalent of Monsanto There s no government oversight there Osha would never have approved that bullshit boiled sweet boat and chocolate river No Dude is untouchable And don t tell me he isn t That shit that goes on with the other kids Nobody even thinks of suing him None of the parents even hint at it He probably owns half the judges in the state, and a handful of senators, too He s a fucking supervillian And I would paid serious money to see a story where Batman kicks his ass End Rant In closing, let me share something that Oot said while I was reading him this book Dad, Willie Wonka is just a regular human, but he is a little bit of a wizard like you. Jess, my 7 year old little girl, gives it 5 stars.Comments while reading How come someone is called Gloop And Salt Isn t that the thing that we use for cooking What is spoiled Oh, okay, I m NOT spoiled Huh, Grandpa Joe is 96 years old How come that he s even older than my grandpa How come Charlie s dad can t work at the toothpaste factory any What does bankrupt mean Will Charlie ever get the golden ticket Yes Charlie found it Mr Wonka looks like a clown How come Oompa Loompas only eat mashed up caterpillars EEW Augustus Gloop got sucked up into the pipe because he was GREEDY Will Violet ever be all right again or will she always be a blueberry I want these EATABLE MARSHMALLOW PILLOWSSo I can sleep on it and eat it little by little LICKABLE WALLPAPERIt would be great if I can have it in my room, so every time I want an orange or banana, I can just lick it.LUMINOUS LOLLIES FOR EATING IN BED AT NIGHTSo that I don t have to use my night light any But what happens when it s finished INVISIBLE CHOCOLATE BARS FOR EATING IN CLASSSo that I can eat it in class But I don t think Miss Ayu will like it if I do that These are just silly Mr Wonka likes to invent strange things HOT ICE CUBES THAT MAKES HOT DRINKS HOTTERWho wants to have their hot drinks even hotter FIZZY LEMONADE SWIMMING POOLWon t your body be tingling and itchy all over if you swim in there It s fizzy like Coca Cola, right But the funniest thing is that SQUARE CANDY THAT LOOKS ROUND I m going to tell dad about it and then all my friends at school I like it when Mr Wonka says to Mrs Salt, My dear old fish, go boil your head Mr Wonka used to be polite and now he is getting rude Mike Teavee got very small because he is sent through the TV No, I don t watch too much TV like him This song about watching too much TV is too LONG Just skip it I don t think anything bad will happen to Charlie, because he s good Also, it is written in the front of the book that he is THE HERO What Charlie got the whole factory That s because he s GOOD I want a chocolate candy and I want books by Roald Dahl Gene Wilder June 11, 1933 August 29, 2016 Goodbye Gene, you ll always be Willy Wonka to me.Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl first published in 1964 was an immediate children s classic and has inspired two film versions.I was surprised to see that neither of the films came close to Dahl s text Dahl s Willy Wonka is a dark creature who killed children, crushed their bones and baked them into the candy bars.Just kidding.This is of course a delightful children s young adult fantasy featuring the inimitable Willy Wonka The 1971 musical film directed by Mel Stuart and featuring Gene Wilder and Jack Albertson has long been a family favorite and I grew up loving the songs and Wilder s performance Interestingly, according to IMDB so you know its true Peter Ostrum, the child actor who portrayed Charlie Bucket, only ever appeared in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, it was his only film credit He is now a veterinarian.Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Tim Burton s 2005 adaptation starring Johnny Depp and Christopher Lee was also very entertaining and I have enjoyed watching it as well So it was no surprise that I finally got around to reading Dahl s original novel I was curious to see which film version came closest to Dahl s vision, and I can surprisingly report that though they both come close to the original text, both rely heavily on artistic license and the kind of freedoms a director will often take when translating a literary work into film.Brilliant, quirky, and original this is a short work that a fan of the films, or of children s fantasy literature should take the time to thoroughly enjoy.