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What I learned from this book, Goodreads asks That con man really does mean confidence man theyou act like you deserve something, thelikely you are to get it A precocious child who devised clever modes of personal gain, Frank A grew into an even smarter man He faked college degrees, professional affiliations, career histories pretty much everything, including his name Without any relevant schooling, throughout his life he was meaning he successfuly convinced people he was a pilot, doctor and college professor, among others Amazing This is a great book and a real inspiration for those who believe the mantra what people don t know won t hurt them and will probably help me. This is honestly the best book I have read in a long time It s one of the few that I couldn t put down and had to know what was going to happen next I know I had already seen the movie, but the book was better I was disappointed to find out that the movie was actually a watered down version of the story, and that the events were shuffled around and sometimes completely made up to go along with the flow of the movie The actual story is much harsher and emotional, and there is really no cat and mouse game with the detective I mean yeah Abagnale did do stuff to piss off the police, and it was usually O Reilly that was following him, but there wasn t that love hate relationship that there that really made the movie so great.I was also disappointed in the fact that the book just kinda stopped I loved how the movie showed Frank s experiences after being caught I mean I guess he talked a little about that in the book, but it wasof an epilogue and part of the question and answer section with the author The movie was able to show what it was like after his life of crime while I felt like the book was just like crime crime crime crime crime fun crime fun crime jail OVER.So yeah. Although I knew the ghostwriter, Stan Redding, as far back as the 1970s and in the 1980s when this shot to the top of the bestseller lists, I never sat down to read it until 2008 When I was done, I couldn t understand the fuss I ve had to chalk it up to the tenor of the times, in which any sort of true confession like Abagnale s would seem a revelation In addition, I am sure the excitement of such an accomplished, child prodigy con artist overshadowed the omission of some elements I would have considered vital to this story Stan allowed Frank to run wild and loose on the narrative of his exploits with almost no confirmation, so that technique left it hard to believe A thorough job of dissecting Frank s psychology might have salvaged that issue But I m betting Frank was holding back, and Stan was just taking what he could get out of him He still produced a book that would entice a the top movie director actor combo of Scorcese DiCaprio Hanks to develop a feature film 20 years after the fact But Stan and I were jouirnalists in Houston back in the 1970s, so I was expectingfrom him Catch Me If You Can was plenty of fun with a surface scrubbing of the main character s psychology that left me suspicious about how much of this true crime memoir actually was fiction. 3 5 ( READ PDF ) ⚔ Catch Me If You Can ⚖ I Stole Every Nickel And Blew It On Fine Threads, Luxurious Lodgings, Fantastic Foxes And Other Sensual Goodies I Partied In Every Capital In Europe And Basked On All The World S Most Famous Beaches Frank W Abagnale, Alias Frank Williams, Robert Conrad, Frank Adams And Ringo Monjo, Was One Of The Most Daring Con Men, Forgers, Imposters And Escape Artists In History In His Brief But Notorious Career, Abagnale Donned A Pilot S Uniform And Co Piloted A Pan Am Jet, Masqueraded As A Member Of Hospital Management, Practised Law Without A Licence, Passed Himself Off As A College Sociology Professor, And Cashed OverMillion In Forged Checks All Before He Was Twenty One Known By The Police Of Twenty Six Foreign Countries And All Fifty States As The Skywayman , Abagnale Lived A Sumptuous Life On The Run Until The Law Caught Up With Him Now Recognised As The Nation S Leading Authority On Financial Foul Play, Abagnale Is A Charming Rogue Whose Hilarious, Stranger Than Fiction International Escapades And Ingenious Escapes Including One From An Aeroplane Make CATCH ME IF YOU CAN An Irresistable Tale Of Deceit I learned early that class is universally admired Almost any fault, sin or crime is consideredleniently if there s a touch of class involved.Charming and riotously entertaining, captivating and devilishly debonair Crime has no business being this fun.5 stars. Q One of the New York cops who d worked hardest to catch me read the report and snorted This head doctor s gotta be kiddin us, he scoffed This phony rips off several hundred banks, hustleshalf the hotels in the world for everything but the sheets, screws every airline in the skies, including most of their stewardesses, passes enough bad checks to paper the walls of the Pentagon, runs his own goddamned colleges and universities, makes half the cops in twenty countries look like dumbasses while he s stealing over 2 million, and he has a low criminal threshold What the hell would he have done if he d had a high criminal threshold, looted Fort Knox There is enchantment in a uniform, especially one that marks the wearer as a person of rare skills, courage or achievement.A paratrooper s wings tell of a special breed of soldier A submariner s dolphin denotes theunusual sailor A policeman s blue symbolizes authority A forest ranger s raiment evokes wilderness lore Even a doorman s gaudy garb stirs vague thoughts of pomp and royalty.I felt great in my Pan Am pilot s uniform as I walked into La Guardia Airport I obviously wascommanding respect and esteem Men looked at me admiringly or enviously Pretty women and girls smiled at me Airport policemen nodded courteously Pilots and stewardesses smiled, spoke to me or lifted a hand in greeting as they passed Every man, woman and child who noticed me seemed warm and friendly.It was heady stuff and I loved it In fact, I became instantly addicted During the next five years the uniform was my alter ego I used it in the same manner a junkie shoots up on heroin Whenever I felt lonely, depressed, rejected or doubtful of my own worth, I d dress up in my pilot s uniform and seek out a crowd The uniform bought me respect and dignity Without it on, at times, I felt useless and dejected With it on, during such times, I felt like I was wearing Fortunatus cap and walking inseven league boots. 2.5 3 stars for the writing, but a full fledged 5 stars for his confidence and skill.Frank Abagnale must be one of the smartest criminals I ve ever read about He s quick thinking, and he does his research I really don t know how he got away with it for so long, and it s pretty amazing I never have committed a crime and I hope I never have to, but I have to tip my hat to this guy.Abagnale has successfully scammed everyone from airlines, hotels, and banks to local prisons, hookers, and the FBI But this book really isn t all that special if you already saw the movie That s right, the movie was better.I loved Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks in the two roles and kept picturing them for the characters in the book The book doesn t have anythingthan the movie, and it isn t written very well either If you already saw the movie, you can skip this one If you didn t see the movie, just watch the movie Wow, I never thought I would say that.Yes, I loved reliving all the conning from the movie, but it just felt like I ve heard it all before so I was uninterested I ve watched a lot of movies before reading the book they originated from, and I never felt this way before I wanted to enjoy this book muchthan I did, and I even stuck with it all the way through despite being overly disappointed.Honestly, save yourself the time and just watch the movie You ll be farentertained. Few have ever really been fooledthan once in their lifetime And Frank took advantage of that He saw what the world was offering and cut his way to the top Wow, prison life in Europe and still wantingafter that he got what he wanted He was a good freeloader How long does it take to dismantle a plane Frank knew that to get close to the cockpit, knowledge of any engine was thrown out the window Thus making it an advantage for a common commuter to glide on the rails of the untrained eye. Podr as estafar a tu propio padre, Frank Ya lo hice Qu decepci n me llev con este libro Cre que iba a ser como la pel cula, o incluso algo similar a la serie White Collar, pero la realidad fue otra y lo que encontr no me gust.Esta es una novela de cr menes reales, supuestamente basada en la vida de un estafador El problema es que termin por no creerle el 90% de lo que contaba Sobre el otro 10%, espero de verdad que no sea cierto, porque sino Frank Abagnale ya se gan una c lida parcelita en el infierno.Estuve tan asqueada con este tipo que me negu a hacer la rese a durante dos semanas.En realidad al principio me gustaba mucho, me parec a que estaba redactado de forma ingeniosa y hasta carism tica Me re a internamente porque estaba disfrutando m s de lo que deber a de las an cdotas de los cr menes, y en general l me resultaba simp tico Eso pronto cambiar a.Al principio del libro hay un texto en el que nos resumen toda la historia Y cuando digo toda, me refiero a toda No habr sorpresas a lo largo de la narraci n, porque ya desde la p gina uno sabemos que Frank se va a estafar a su propio padre ah ya no me simpatiz tanto , va a hacerse pasar por piloto de Pan Am, por m dico, a comprometerse con una chica a la que tambi n tiene enga ada, a ir preso y luego de escaparse, acabar ayudando a la polic a a capturar estafadores Ya est , no habr nada nuevo aparte de eso l es b sicamente un mujeriego, su motor son las mujeres con las que es asquerosamente condescendiente y despectivo y quiere conseguir dinero para poder frecuentarlas Se auto descibre o lo describe Stan Redding en realidad como un hombre muy atractivo que aparenta m s edad de la que tiene Empieza desde muy chico con sus estafas haci ndose pasar por piloto de Pan Am, y su maravillosa apariencia hace que tenga un xito arrasador con las mujeres No les voy a mentir, me dio curiosidad y fui a Google Esperaba encontrar a alguien del aspecto del protagonista de White Collar, o con un cierto parecido a Di Caprio ya que lo represent en la pel cula, pero me encontr con que en realidad Frank W Abagnale Jr se ve a as Y entonces empec a leer con bastante m s escepticismo.Que me disculpe, pero yo no le creo que haya tenido ese xito que cuenta, ni que haya pasado por las s banas de tantas mujeres hermosas de quienes deja muy claro que ve como cuerpos o como posibilidades de alojamiento y nada m s , o que haya tenido ese tr o con las azafatas.Igual eso ser a lo de menos, aunque lo despectivo que es con las mujeres no me hizo gracia Se refiere a ellas con t rminos muy, em, zool gicos, y por regla general asume que ninguna tiene neuronas Pero el verdadero problema para m vino cuando se hizo pasar por m dico Porque no se conform s lo con pasearse por el hospital y que le llamen Doctor l siempre est buscando tener cargos de importancia donde la gente lo admire sino que se hizo pasar por m dico pediatra, y durante muchos meses dio el visto bueno a la salud de beb s reci n nacidos sin tener ni idea de lo que hac a.No fue hasta que uno se le puso azul que decidi que ten a que cambiar de estafa En serio Luego vuelve a hacerse pasar por piloto y a seguir narr ndonos lo mismo Viaja, frecuenta mujeres hermosas, cambia cheques falsos A esta altura ya no le cre a ni la mitad de lo que dec a.Se vuelve repetitivo y jactancioso bastante pronto Una y otra y otra vez b sicamente cuenta lo mismo No hay lo que se dice un verdadero argumento ac , salvo peque as estafitas intercaladas cada taaaanto, de las que habla poco y que la mitad parece mentira El resto es basicamente l viajando de una ciudad a otra vestido de piloto y cobrando cheques de Pan Am Y no lo describe con mucho m s detalle del que acabo de dar Adem s pronto se empieza a notar que tambi n embauc gente inocente, gente que es muy probable que haya perdido el empleo o tenido serios problemas para conservarlo Cuenta tambi n un encuentro con unos agentes del FBI que sospechaban de l, con uno de los di logos m s mentirosos e improbables que he leido Ser a antinatural y mal escrito hasta como di logo de ficci nEl agente del FBI sonri y me dio su tarjeta Ll meme dijo Especialmente si tiene una amiga hermosa Por este entonces Frank Abagnale parece un Gary Stu al que la vida se le acomoda alrededor para que las cosas le salgan bien O se encontr a todos los idiotas del mundo, las personas m s confiadas y los empleados m s ineficientes porque l sinceramente no destaca por su inteligencia o estrategia , o ac miente a boca de jarro Tambi n se contradice con unas cuantas cosas Todo es demasiado f cil por momentos Siempre hay alguien cerca que JUSTO tiene una profesi n que a l le sirve para su ltimo problema Todo huele a mentira, nadie revisa, nadie consulta.Le gusta que la gente lo elogie cuando est con uno de sus alteregos y sin ellos se siente un trapo El tipo es pat tico pero se cree un dios.Llegando un punto estaba deseando que lo lleven preso No pod a esperar a que lo metieran en la c rcel.Cuando ese glorioso momento finalmente lleg , para m no fue otra cosa sino otra sarta de mentiras La forma en que cuenta que lo tuvieron en la c rcel, disculpenme, me parece otra gigantesca exageraci n.Adem s a esta altura intentaron que parezca una victima, cuando l hizo una trastada tras otra siendo muy consciente de lo que hac a.El escape y el final vuelven a ser amenos como el principio, pero a esta altura ya era muy tarde.Dice wikipedia que no se comprobaron las estafas que cuenta, tambi n dice que Abagnale dijo que el escritor fantasma adorn mucho las historias No me digas Tambi n me dio la impresi n de que trat de hacer algo similar al estilo de El guardi n entre el centeno, novela que curiosamente empec a leer a la vez que sta Si esa fue la intenci n, fracas estrepitosamente La estafa, ac , es el libro Rese a de Fantas a M gica