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Not the best in the series, but my grade schoolers enoyed it as a read aloud Unlike some of the other Clue Crew titles we ve read, they were able to solve the mystery in the first couple of chapters. [Download Epub] ♫ Camp Creepy (Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew) ⚑ In Camp Creepy, The Girls Take A School Trip To Taos, New Mexico A Classmate S Uncle Has Opened A New Camp And The Kids Of River Heights Elementary Are Invited To Come Test It Out But When A Series Of Mysterious Incidents Ruin Nancy S Art Project, Nancy Thinks Something Eerie Is At Work Could She Have Upset The Taos Indian Spirits Nancy and her friends made a castle to bring to school In the night something took it apart They had a big mystery to solve They saw a girl eating a piece of the castle, but the girl cried I didn t know it was your castle When the girl had stopped eating the bars from the castle, in the night something else wrecked it In the morning they saw Buttens, Nancy s dog eating it up That was the mystery I love this book, but it is not the best book ever. It wasn t the best, But i enjoyed it I learned to not always be too suspicious of people that have nothing to do with the thing your trying to figure outAuryn 12 years old, 2016 Not very clever Didn t like it as much as the others. This is another fun mystery in the Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew series We ve been slowly working our way through the series and we like the characters The mysteries are not scary and they aren t too difficult to solve they often have a twist or two in the plot to keep us guessing, so I am actually somewhat impressed with the writing especially for a short chapter book for young readers The illustrations are entertaining and complement the story nicely.This story features an exciting trip to a camp in Taos, New Mexico for Nancy and her classmates The mystery itself is a bit silly, but entertaining nonetheless The story introduces a bit of culture and religion for the Pueblo Indians, although the information isn t very detailed We enjoyed reading this story together.