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!EBOOK ⚖ The Wayward Gifted - Broken Point ☯ Samantha Leigh And Steuart James DuBoise Reside In A Complex World Of Southern Love And Crazy Dysfunction They Snack On Cold Buttered Biscuits, Drink Sweet Iced Tea, And Create Stories On The Sleeping Porch Of Their Grandmother S Bay Front Home Life Changes Abruptly When The Family Moves Than A Thousand Miles From The Only Home They Have Ever Known Encouraged By Their Grandmother, And Armed With Unique Talents, Sam And Steuart Begin Their Adventure In This Coming Of Age, Young Adult Novel Who Are The Wayward Gifted The Wayward Gifted Broken Point Was Co Authored By Mother Son Writing Team, Donna K Childree And Mike L Hopper This Is Their First Novel Sam and Steuart are two bright and creative children who believe that their lives have ended because their mother looney toons lady has decided to pull up her roots The fact that she sees herself as a victim and blames them for everything bad that has ever happened in her life only makes things worse The children find themselves one thousand miles from home and from their grandmother who is the only stable influence for either of them They act out, and end up in therapy This is the turning part in both of their lives thanks to a great psychiatrist named Harry Klesel and a gift that he shares with the kids This is a story of discovery It s a story of hope I m very glad that it s the beginning of a series because I have quickly grown attached to Sam and Steuart I ve also grown attached to the rest of the characters and look forward to the next book in the series.This is a magical book that deals with real family issues This is the reason that people search for indie titles The Wayward Gifted will not disappoint. I don t usually write reviews but I am not sure how this book got so many good reviews This is not a very good book at all It is an interesting concept of two children who are displaced from their home by an overbearing and compulsive mother and have to find a way to adjust However, the writing is so poor that it is difficult for the reader to even know what is going on I think the plot is supposed to have twists and turns but because of the low quality of writing, it comes across as confusing and jarring The children are given dolls to help them adjust but the dolls come alive Again, a wonderful concept but the dolls seem intent on hurting the children and putting them in danger They are supposed to be endearing but it comes across as strange and unnerving It is then suddenly revealed that the dolls are actual people that live in another dimension that the children can access through their neighbors tree house It got stranger from there, with new characters being introduced in the last ten pages One of which is a woman who accosts the children and molests the boy in a store hugging and kissing him against his will This incident is presented as if she is lovable Again, if the prose were of a higher quality, maybe what the writer s were trying to say would be clear and it would be less creepy There are pages and pages of dialogue with no descriptions or speaker explanations for the reader Even the most astute reader would get lost in such a jungle of quotation marks The characterization is bizarre, the children odd and unlikeable and the plot strange and weak It might be because there are two authors that this book seems so disjointed and almost unreadable I am not sure if the authors belong to some review exchange program to amass anything than one star but this is not a book that anyone should recommend Sorry, but a good idea written badly, becomes a bad idea. This is the story of Sam and Steuart, two brilliant yet emotionally damaged children who seek the magic of life When their adoptive mother finally has a breakdown the children are introduced to two extraordinary allies in the most unlikely place their therapist s office Trista and Ed are dolls who adventure through universes, acting as guides to children who need them They re history is a bit of a mystery, but are true friends to the children they are assigned to guide The singular story surrounding the dolls, or placeholders as they call themselves, is highly addictive And the reader can t help but empathize with the main characters Sam and Steuart and later Dottie Without ever having read it as a child I felt I revisited my own childhood imagination and connections The writing style itself is reminiscent of children s classics such as C.S Lewis There are one or two areas I felt could have been expanded upon, but since the book is meant to be part of a series I have high hopes of learning about these characters in later titles I ll absolutely be picking them up to find out I would recommend this book to parents of 10 12 year old children because it emphasizes the importance of empathy, gratitude, and trust never mind the absolutely fantastic use of and fun plays on vocabulary It s biblio tainment of the highest calibre. I so wanted to love this book I thought the idea of the story was fantastic, and I found myself sympathizing with the characters However, I was progressively frustrated, upset, and angered by the following 1 The writing is bulky, cumbersome, and laborious You have to read the same thing written three different ways The characters go back and forth but do not seem to get anywhere, as they produce the same arguments over and over See what I did there 2 There s not a natural flow to the conversations 3 There are so many characters introduced but not really utilized 4 The end of the book is riddled with loose ends 5 It s billed as a YA coming of age novel, but reading it felt much like a kids sci fi piece I m not saying there s anything wrong with either of these genres, but it makes me angry when I sit down to read a book because its the type of book I m looking to read then it turns out to be something really different 6 Along those same lines, the descriptions I ve read of the book are way, way off I would say this is a book about two adopted kids thrust into a situation they dislike, until they come across a doctor who introduces them to a magical world Or something like that 7 This is the first in a series 8 It is way too long for the story it tells I realize that some of my negative comments come about because of reason seven For the most part, I am anti series It s hard for me to explain, but if I am going to enter into a commitment with a storyline, I want to know what I m getting into I feel like I was duped with this one Now, I m left with the problem of really wanting to know what happens to the characters but not wanting to dredge through another tome. A book for the young adult market and beyond, it is about two adopted children and their struggle to live with a mother who is so obsessed with being the perfect mother that she overlooks spontaneous parenting skills She takes the children to a new town but insists they are broken and need help During therapy the children are gifted dolls which taken them on a whole new world of discovery. I won this book through a Goodreads giveaway.The story is about two adopted children and their control freak mother who s husband has left her The mother decides to leave the only stable home the children have known They don t want to go The first 48 pages were torturous How long does it take to say the kids don t want to leave In their new location, the mother sends the children to a psychiatrist when they do not act as her manual on life says they should The doctor gives the children dolls as part of their therapy The mother despises the dolls She doesn t want dolls for her kids she wants drugs to fix them The dolls come to life and transport the children to another dimension.This story was disjointed Way too much detail in some places and not enough in others There was a disturbing interaction between the young boy and a smoochy old lady I don t know if the authors wanted the smoochy old lady to come off as a pedophile or not but this interaction was uncomfortable to read Maybe this is where a little detail may have been helpful Maybe it was disjointed because it was written by two authors It was as if each author wrote sections and you could tell by the writing when one wrote and then the other It didn t seem to be a collaboration It was like one wrote dialogue and the other wrote filler to try to give some direction to the dialogue writers tangents The story was unique but I think it could have been done in some other way to make the action fluent and digestible All in all, a good idea poorly executed. I enjoyed reading this book immensely I found myself drawn into it relating well to all the characters Can t wait for the next book to come out. This work was a refreshing read It s aimed toward tweens, but I think it would probably be enjoyable for just about any age The characters are very distinctive and each has a definitive voice I could relate to two children who are both gifted and hurting at the same time, and I think the author does a great job of helping readers to really experience life through the eyes of the children. I won this through a Goodreads First Reads giveaway I just finished reading this book, and I have to say, I am angry and disappointed by the ending However, I did like the main idea of the story It was unique and interesting The story revolves around two very interesting children Steuart, who loves anagrams, and Sam, who is obsessed with colors They are both the adoptive children of Olivia DuBoise, one of the most horrible women ever to call herself a mother Soon after moving to a new town, Olivia takes the children to therapy were they each receive a doll They later learn that the dolls are actually talking, traveling dolls from another dimension While I really like the idea of talking dolls from another dimension, the story was kind of confusing and mysterious I thought that all of my questions would eventually be answered so I kept on reading Thus my utter disappoint when the story abruptly ended There is another book coming out, so maybe questions will be answered there However, I am not sure if I am intrigued enough to read the next one.There were a lot of characters and ideas introduced throughout the story that were just left in the dust with no resolution I m wondering, how does this fit in what do they know There were also a few parts that could have been left out, that I felt just didn t further the story in any way The one major thing that really bothered me while reading was the Mother, Olivia DeBoise As a parent myself, it was hard to visualize this woman who is so uptight, hateful, selfish, and ridiculous Every time she spoke, I thought to myself Wtf My favorite part of the whole book was when Sam threw cake at her Best part of the whole story I felt victorious in that moment Although I was left ultimately disappointed, I still enjoyed reading about the main characters The children are so unique and weird and I adore them I love Steuart s passion for words and anagrams, although I was some what confused at times I was also really able to connect with Sam s obsession with color being an artist myself All in all, I would recommend the book for a younger audience 8 12 perhaps While, it was interesting to read it from an adult and parent perspective, children might find joy and adventure than I did.