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!E-pub ♿ Bridesmaids ☣ Four Weddings Three Disgruntled Ex Boyfriends Two Very Effective Chicken Fillet Boob Enhancers And One Gorgeous Man It S Tough Being A BridesmaidWith Less Than An Hour To Go Before Her Best Friend, Grace, Is To Walk Down The Aisle, Evie Is Attempting To Fulfil Her Most Important Bridesmaid Role To Deposit The Bride At The Start Line At The Appointed Time But With A Bride Famed For Her Chaotic Sense Of Time, And The Bride S Daughter Busy Mashing Molton Brown Into The Expensive Hotel Carpet, Minus Underwear, The Odds Are Stacked Against Her At Least She Has Her New Chicken Fillet Boob Enhancers To Make Her Feel Special That Is, Until These Are Spotted Poking Over The Top Of Her Dress So Spotted By Jack The Most Ruggedly Attractive Man Evie Has Ever Laid Eyes On Evie Is Twenty Seven A Sparkly, Down To Earth Journalist She Has Never Been In Love And Has Started To Fret That She Never Will Be Small Wonder, Then, That The Prospect Of Being Bridesmaid At No Less Than Three Impending Weddings Is One That Fills Her With Trepidation Things Get Worse When Evie Learns That Jack Is Her Friend Valentina S Date Valentina Is Beautiful, Shallow And Self Obsessed Her Dates Tend To Be Mirror Images Which Can Mean Only One Thing Jack Can T Possibly Be As Good As He Seems But As They Sit Together Talking Late Into The Night, Evie Finds Herself Yearning To Believe He S All Real I picked this up in Asda one day thinking it was a new novel of hers and then got home and realised that it was just a new cover of an old novel from 2008 Although, to be fair, not that it mattered because it turns out this was on my TBR pile anyway So was pleased that I managed to pick it up with a cute and pretty new cover The cover is simplistic but works really well and really draws you in I like the pastel and bright colours used.I was in a bit of a reading rut after just finishing about 3 Christmas novels in a row and didn t really fancy reading another one I wanted something a bit refreshing and when I started reading this I wasn t sure if this was going to get me out of said rut It took me a bit of a while to get into it, some parts I had to re read a line 3 or so times for me to be able to understand what it actually meant But, the further you read in, the better it becomes From about half way I was absolutely hooked and couldn t put it down When it got to this point I was pleased I didn t give up and finished it to the end as I was so eager to find out how it ended The blurb didn t give much away, as it only really mentioned main character Evie and Grace s wedding where she meets Jack So I didn t know how the entire book was going to pan out, but of course knew the storyline was going to surround weddings Evie was a really lovely and funny character At some points in this novel I found myself laughing out loud because some of the things Evie went through was just hilarious Like Gareth for example How much bad luck can one bridesmaid get I really liked Evie and felt myself really feeling sorry for Grace and hating Patrick Valentina was another funny one who I liked, even though she was really self absorbed I found her great fun.Without giving too much away, I really enjoyed this novel in the end, even though I thought I wasn t going to when I first started it It was funny, a bit emotional in parts and just completely unputdownable A fab book that really helped me get out of my reading rut I would definitely recommend you pick one up, especially with the gorgeous new cover. There is one thing I should stop doing now I really shouldn t limit what I read due to stupid connotations of genres of books My mind works like this YES Read classics, book prize winners, books that get nominated for the Nobel Prize If you read these books you shall become a smarter person People will listen to you in conversations because you ve read those books , and you ll be an intellectual You will, trust me NO Don t read chick lit, thrillers, romps You should be exercising your brain at all times Don t read what the masses read Don t You re an individual Read that one, the one that s a constant bestseller, that s sold over 5 million copies, read it because it s a so called classic Young Adult Teenage Do you have to I mean, no one will think that you re smart But, if you have to, anyway you are that age This is a very stupid way to think You are limiting your possible enjoyment of books you re just dismissing I m sure everyone who reads will have moments like this I like to call these moments Reading Demons The problem is, even after reading this book, I had a conversation with people I deemed to be Shock, horror smarter than me e.g, read classics than me I was asked what I like to read So, instead of launching into how I love The Book Thief, how I can read a Sarah Dessen book at any time, or how I just love Anna and the French Kiss, I just said, Crap, really Which is not a great thing to say It s not a particularly great conversation starter, I know But it was because I was embarrassed that my favourite novels are teenage fiction or romances I was embarrassed because I couldn t say War and Peace or something by Charles Dickens.I m going to say this again, this is a silly way to act, and it s a silly way to feel to be embarrassed by what you like And, so I m going to say unashamedly, that I really liked this book Bridesmaids wasn t flawless Do I care Nope, because I was engrossed in the story, the characters and I flew through the book So, as we I have learnt in this long review that is not all a review, is to like what you like To love what you love And now, after I read this book and realised that chick lit can be just as great as other novels I have read, will go by that. Aj nek je 2,5 Previse razlicitih filmova u jednom loncu Previse ironicnih sarkasticnih usporedbi inace to volim po stranici, pocne biti jakoo naporno i iritantno cak A prica, ko prica Procitas i zaboravis.. E lenceli oldu u kadar k sayd da I hate these books, I really really do This type of chick lit really gets on my nerves with only one exception, and that would be Sophie Kinsella s Shopaholic Series and I hate it that I have a weak spot for somewhat pretty covers.They are like historical romances, that I like very much, but they happen in the real world In the modern world And I cannot, for the sake of my brain functioning properly, really get into these types of romances because they give me ideas Ideas that are definitely not right for my measly love life, because, let s face it, I don t even remember when was the last time I fell in love, let alone had so many screaming orgasms my vocal cords wouldn t work So, no, these books giving me ideas that it happens just around the corner for everyone except me doesn t do it for me, and I like to keep my head on my neck.I just don t like these books, and frankly, this one doesn t have anything that separates it from all the others of it s genre Living in a city, working your ass off, meeting a guy, falling for a guy, there s some type of shiz whiz that is supposed to be like A BIG FUCKING DEAL, but everything just passes and goes back to a blissful happily ever after everyone expects to happen I really think I ll stick to historical romances Or paranormal ones This novel had a lot of potential but very meagre delivery, sadly Its strap line is Four Weddings without the Funeral but actually having a funeral might have been a good idea as it would have inserted some much needed gravitas into the general veneer of fluff.I think one of the main problems is I really didn t like the heroine, Evie, who s obsessed with appearances, not terribly bright and acts like a 12 year old most of the time She s supposed to be 27.The big motif of the book and the thing that s supposed to make it excitingly different is the fact that Evie has never been in love or been in a relationship of than a few weeks, and wonders if she ever will I m sorry That s a key issue when one is 27 years old Hey ho, you can see what I mean about Evie s low intelligence rating Anyway, when she does finally meet Jack, who turns out to be The Man, it s really not much of a relationship and actually I found it both dull and unbelievable Jack could very well do better The cliched ending and the culmination of their love story is teeth grindingly bad and I groaned and skipped over it There s also a friend Charlotte whose sole characteristic is that she s overweight, another friend Valentina, who is obsessed with money and appearances but at least, unlike Evie, she s honest about it , and a couple of other friends whom I could never confidently differentiate between Oh and the chapters are ridiculously short so short that there are 121 of them, plus an epilogue Lordy.The only good parts of this book are Evie s wonderful mother who is a delight, and the very funny scene in the disco with the vibrator That s it, really.Verdict 2 stars Shallow nonsense. I feel like I m starting to sound like a broken record when it comes to reviewing Jane Costello s books, but I can t help it, because to borrow an English phrase they re just SO BLOODY GOOD I love ALL the characters in her books Like ALL of them Yes, there s always a bad guy and a good guy and by guy I refer here to possible male and or female characters but even those, you tend to love in a love hate sort of way.Who couldn t love Valentina, who is self obsessed, and hilariously charming in a Scarlett O Hara sort of way Or Charlotte, who I bet so many women shared a connection with as she went through her inner turmoils, ups and downs, and endured so much talk from so many people, which pushed her into committing the one mortal sin that could break the sister code Or Georgia Modest, funny, down to earth Georgia Or last, but certainly not least, Evie Good old Evie, who thought she suffered from commitment issues, when her only ailment was the fact that she just hadn t found the right guy yetthat is until Jack Sigh Jack The embodiment of perfect male sculpted into a fictional of course character in a book, making it absolutely complete.The only part I really didn t like and found unnecessarily silly was the scene when Evie felt forced to make up that boyfriend story for Jack s benefit in a moment of panic Honestly, it seemed childish and a little immature for a twenty seven year old It also felt like Costello was trying to create a conflict for no reason, when the Beth thing was way better executed in my opinion.All in all, Jane Costello has yet to disappoint me with one of her books And my only regret is that I ve finished reading all of them, and now have to wait for her next novel to come out which won t be until 2012. Release Date March 8, 2008 Genre Chick Lit Actual Rating 5 starsI know this is an older title but I feel like it would be a disservice not to tell people how freakin awesome this book is I found myself laughing out loud almost the whole way through I loved the girls in the novel, how the story revolved around weddings, being a bridesmaid and never the bride , and friendship There is a bit of drama towards the end which was very unexpected , but this book is an all around good read despite this The only problem with this novel is that it s not available as an eBook I think this really sucks because many people ONLY read eBooks these days because they are super easy to just download when your in the mood for a certain book Hopefully the author or a publisher will put it out as an eBook so others can enjoy it as much as I did Anyway, I purchased this as a paperback because it was on sale and I was in the mood for a light, fluffy story for chicks I also couldn t help myself because the cover is so cute I admit, I purchase books because of covers quite a bit And overall, I am so happy I did I plan to buy of the books in the near future I have two books of hers to read first. There s a lot to be said about this book.But first things first.It s Bloody Fantastic Evie s romance is certainly not the central theme It s something I noticed even in the previous book I read by Jane Costello Yet it s not an issue that is too troubling.In fact for the first half, Evie s mostly focused on her interaction with her close friends and their lives Her love interest Jack doesn t even occupy that many pages So that is why I am cutting one star I am actually surprised by how much I was invested in this book There are so many lessons to be learnt from here The most annoying people can be quite comforting and supportive when the time comes And those who appear to be angels incarnated can be the most vicious snakes I really hoped the said snake in this story could have been given someore karmic punishment but c est la vie One has to make do with whatever little we get because life is a stingy witch.