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I m just going to start this out saying that I love Sarah Dessen Along for the Ride is definitely on my Dessen all time favorite list Right up there with Just Listen and This Lullaby The characters is this novel are freaggin fabulous That is one thing I can always count on with Dessen, she knows how to create a believable and relatable character no matter the situation And Auden is no exception I reveled in her transformation throughout the story Ultimately that s what this story was a bout for me, some people might see it as a love story, but for me is was a story of transformation.Even though I ve read almost every novel Dessen has written, it still surprises me how engrossed I can become in the atmosphere and settings that she creates I mean the places she writes about are often based on actual places, but she has a knack for making them rich and enticing places I mean a coffee place in the back of a laundromat, with pie How ingenious is that I ve read people complain about how every Dessen book is the same, and to some extent I agree with them They follow similar plot lines, but each individual story is unique in it s own way I ve never felt the same emotionally with any of her novels She s a spectacular writer I d love to see her do a male pov Along for the Ride is outstanding and it s a great summer read This is pure Sarah Dessen It s a comfort to read her work, because you know you are going to come away with something to think about I m afraid I didn t like this one as much as the others It s because well it feels a little like I m reading the same story Tons of others have mentioned it, but she seems to be sticking to a very strict formula Which I wouldn t mind too much if the characters didn t seem so similar They all are so reserved and issue driven One of the reasons I think that it didn t work so magically in this one was because Eli the love interest doesn t get explored enough He s dealing with some truly heavy stuff and we do see glimpses of vulnerability but it s not enough Does that make sense But please don t mistake my irks with it as a bad review for the book I love Sarah Dessen s writing Even though she tends to use the same storyline it works because she knows how to work it One of the things I was thrilled to see was the subplot story of Auden s baby sister and her new stepmother Heidi We don t see this relationship much in young adult books and it made me smile to see Dessen use her own life experiences and insert them in her writing You know what they say, write what you know.As always the minor characters are pitch perfect My favorites in this one were Maggie and Adam Everything is always done so well character development, dialogue, growth it s no wonder people love Dessen s work All the symbols like the bike, quest, beach, are done in a way to make you get attached it to it so much, and thinkyeah I TOTALLY get thatBy the way I thought the idea of going on a quest soundedawesomeand was a real unique way of getting Auden and Eli to really connect It was funny to see all the cameo appearances from people in previous books The funniest being Jason Macy s old boyfriend in the The Truth About Forever Dessen should totally write a book about him I appreciated the way Auden and Eli meet Most of the time they seem to click easily, but it was a bit harder for them so that was a welcome change I hated Auden s dad What a selfish guy, but one of the main lessons of this book is that people can change I want to mention all the minor characters like always there is a lot going on but I simply can t You ll just have to delve into the pages yourself Brilliant idea of setting a lot of the book at night It gives the book and the conversations that extra special touch Even though it was not one of my favorites do read it It will make you look at growing up differently. @EPUB ⛓ Along for the Ride ß It S Been So Long Since Auden Slept At Night Ever Since Her Parents Divorce Or Since The Fighting Started Now She Has The Chance To Spend A Carefree Summer With Her Dad And His New Family In The Charming Beach Town Where They LiveA Job In A Clothes Boutique Introduces Auden To The World Of Girls Their Talk, Their Friendship, Their Crushes She Missed Out On All That, Too Busy Being The Perfect Daughter To Her Demanding Mother Then She Meets Eli, An Intriguing Loner And A Fellow Insomniac Who Becomes Her Guide To The Nocturnal World Of The Town Together They Embark On Parallel Quests For Auden, To Experience The Carefree Teenage Life She S Been Denied For Eli, To Come To Terms With The Guilt He Feels For The Death Of A FriendIn Her Signature Pitch Perfect Style, Sarah Dessen Explores The Hearts Of Two Lonely People Learning To Connect And the award for my most vanilla book of 2016 goes toI think I get it now The whole appeal with Sarah Dessen and the million or so romance books she s churned she s no Stephanie Perkins but reading her work is just so easy. Or at least this one was, my first one yet.Butthan easy, it was boring Mundane Unexciting VANILLA.Just like vanilla ice cream, it s enough to have me gobbling it up in one go, but doesn t quite manage to leave a satisfied mark like chocolate would Of course, this analogy is entirely redundant if vanilla happens to be your favourite flavour and you hate chocolate In which case, WHAT ARE YOU In fact, let me add to that comparison with Along For The Ride, I thought I ordered a nice, rich scoop of caramel, drizzled with hot fudge and whipped cream abound, but what I got instead was a 1 cone from McDonalds.I feel like this story held so much potential Auden s personal problems dealing with family issues, social situations, insomnia, even as far as cycling yes, I am 18 and only just learned how insert gasp they were all things I could directly relate to within some depth And so I went into this hoping I could take away something profound, and if not, then learning things from a different perspective at the very least No good book is a good book unless it leaves an impact on its readers some way or the other.But this It did nothing for me Absolutely nada, zero, zilch Unless you count feelings of frustration over a wasted 6 hours and lost sleep as anything The entire storyline boils down to having no important point to it at all and if it s meant to be a semi inspiring coming of age novel, then it s done a gosh damn shoddy job of it The one tiny aspect that I did appreciate was the concept of how teenagers should be given the freedom to find their own niche, figure their own life out without the pressure from parents or anyone else at all to follow a certain path Also, how appearances and gender stereotypes are a complete and total sham.Buuuut.While well written, that message was lost amidst poor execution with a yawn worthy plot and a ridiculously detached romance seriously, I havechemistry with the subject chemistry than these two do with each other and that s saying something.You re better off going to Ikea and shopping for furniture something I missed in favour of reading this than hopping along for this ride that d beadventurous than Eli and Auden s late night adventures ever will be.Final rating 1.5 starsBook song Flume Quirk Peoples, this book ain t worth it.Number one THERES NO PLOT LITERALLY NONE This author was all like, oh let s put a normal teenage girl who has low self esteem AHEM.BASICALLY HOW ALL CONTEMPORARY NOVELS GO.And let s not forget about that boy Of course Dessen went for the typical approach Meaning BIKER DUDENow, see I thought it d be some great guy who s hot and sports a six pack and all..basically my dream guy in every book.DA HELL TO THE NO.This dude restrains from wanting to strangle him HE S STUPID.HE HAS A FREAKING IQ OF A DAMN CHEETO PUFF.There s just nothing to him He s got the looks, everything else is just..00.And this leads to number two ALL THE CHARACTERS ARE BORING They just have no life to them whatsoeverAuden, MC , gives nothan a crap on making friends, and likeis the next freaking Einstein at school tho.Eli.the dumb biker dudeHer mom an assholeHer dad evenof an assholePEOPLES U CAN SEE WHERE IM GOING WITH THIS.And there I go, stupidly reading all 383 pages of useless nothingNumber three all stories go with problem and solution right Mostly.YAH NO, THERE AINT ANY IN THIS ONE.It s justthis is girl, this is boy, now kiss hallelujah chorus Me rips hair out My friends, I m warning you.DONT READ IT. 3.5 starsMaybe it s true, and being a girl could not be about interest rates and skinny jeans, riding bikes and wearing pink Not about any one thing, but everythingAlthough the story was a bit slow, it was written nice and easy I really liked the premise and the characterization of AudenShe grew up under the strict tutelage of her intimidating, condescending mother while her barely visible dad always manages to escape his daddy roles in the guise of perfecting his craft in writing I don t know which one I dislike , her mom or her dad I guess there s no other way to put it They both suck I d hate to be Auden and I clearly should beappreciative of my parents.I could strongly connect with Auden s poor social skills but only because I m me My mom is nothing like Auden s mom In fact, my mom might be one of the most sociable, affable mothers you ll ever meet You ll probably wonder why one of her daughters turned up like me I got the hang of it though when I reached my twenties I m still socially awkward but at least I m perfectly okay with it Gosh, how did I manage to twist this review and make it about me Blame it to my poor social skills.So overall, Auden s journey in rediscovering herself, rediscovering people, actually experiencing childhood i.e learning how to ride a bike , gaining friends and even a romantic interest, understanding her parents and learning to loosen up and do things just for fun in an entire course of one summer is a story I quite enjoyed I may not be fully invested with all the characters but I was very much Along for the Ride. Cross posted from my blog review Auden is your classic overachiever she s studious and entirely too serious What s , she deprived herself of a normal high school experience one with friends and fun opting instead for the academic route Which did indeed work, because she got into a great university, the one she d be attending come August In the meantime, there is the whole summer stretching before her, and suddenly, spending it at home with her holier than thou, my feminism is better than yours, literary professor of a mother and her revolving door of grad student flirts, dinner parties and drinking isn t cutting it So, Auden decides to spend summer in Colby this isn t set in Lakeview with her father, her stepmother Heidi whom her mother deems a waste of space because of her girly tendencies , and their newborn Thisbe her father is also a literary snob.She isn t sure exactly what to expect in Colby, but it s definitely not what she finds a hookup she stupidly stumbled upon, her father immersed in his novel and not paying any heed to Heidi and the ever crying Thisbe, Heidi s imminent breakdown, or the job she inadvertently falls into, keeping the books for Heidi s shop, Clementine s With the job come three girls the other employees who re everything her mother stands against girly and frivolous Set in her snobby and shy ways, Auden secludes herself from the group and works diligently in the back room.However, she can t keep hiding away forever She doesn t sleep at night, and neither does this strange guy Eli she keeps seeing around One thing Eli s help in placating Thisbe in the middle of the night while Heidi catches up on some sleep leads to another seeing Eli at a party and they become night buddies, embarked in a quest to give Auden a second chance at the childhood she never had, one food fight at a time.As the summer progresses, Auden aggregates herself to the trio from Clementine s, faces the errors of her prejudice toward people influenced by her mother, and basically examines her entire life up to that point The summer is, quite simply, a Renaissance.Auden s character resonated with me Like her, I ve changed school multiple times seven, if memory serves and that s made me feel like I ve missed some crucial school experiences and rendered me socially retarded Granted, I hide it a lot better than she does seriously , but the underlying insecurity is much the same Also, her prejudice toward fluffy girls is something I ve faced as well, as was her discovery of substance beyond the pink exterior This is terribly realistic stuff for us self absorbed teens who figure we know everything and are always the smartest in the room.Which brings me to the characterization Sarah Dessen is quite accomplished at possibly every facet of writing and storytelling, but I believe her true forte is her characters Even Thisbe, Auden s newborn half sister, had personality I loved how all important characters had layers upon layers that continuously surprised me, the reader Reading this book was a peeling the onion experience, to be sure.Another thing I love in Sarah is that she doesn t write about foreign futuristic or fantastical worlds but rather about the one in which I reside, and yet her world building is so adept, rich, filled with detail, that I can t help but lose myself in it In the hands of another writer, her books would probably be half their size and probably still be good I love her familiar yet foreign approach to plotting universal situations in an unique way , but wouldn t come alive as they do with her mastery of setting me in the mood and atmosphere.And finally, I love that this is a smart read Aside from having smart sounding content Auden is, after all, an ambulant brain , the book itself is smart in that it ll probably identify with each person in a different way I identified with Auden s alienation and her awakening to the people around her, but with the number of other things going on, I m sure other parts will speak louder to other people Her dysfunctional family situation, the unresolved divorces, the overall complicated nature of each troubling aspect of the book Quite frankly, like with Laurie Halse Anderson, I wonder where Sarah Dessen gets so much experience with such an array of different topics to write about them with such bang It s downright formidable, the skill these two possess.Now, ironically, given the book s subject matter, I read this one during one of my insomnia episodes In fact, it s 7 52 a.m as of writing this sentence, and I just had breakfast and sat down to write this review I ll be going to sleep soon as I finish it, quite satisfied at that, because this book turned an otherwise destined to be useless night, exciting, interesting, and memorable Which isthan I can say about all the others, considering I can t even distinguish one from another I have to say, though and this is one of my only minor objections to something in this book I m not sure if insomnia is exactly what Auden has She has a general discomfort with sleeping at night explained in the book , but insomnia is the inability to sleep, even if given the opportunity She just drinks loads of coffee to snap out of it There s a difference, and believe me, as an insomniac, I envy the people with the choice.Anyway.Sarah Dessen is definitely on an uphill climb of quality She is one of those authors I am damn near worshiping and would die if I had the opportunity to interview or something Counting this one, I ve loved her last three books, each successivelythan the other I didn t think she d be able to top Lock and Key which is second only to This Lullaby, as far as I m concerned anytime soon, but she did with this one Her work particularly at its best is the kind that inspires me, moves me, even in the bleakest or most boring, as was the case of scenarios Definitely required reading. not the best sarah dessen, but, you know, not the worst.there s kind of an interesting exploration of feminism and female gender identity in here which is not exactly what you d expect like, when this book started out by describing the protagonist s mom with this paragraph She was an expert on women in literature but didn t much like them in practice Partly, it was because so many of them were jealous, going on to describe her unbeliiiiiieeeeevable intelligence, success, beauty, and rockin bod apparently, these are goddamn envy kryptonite to women everywhere.not a great start.but then the book takes a truly astounding number of pages to kindatake down that way of thinking very lightly but like a lot of this book works as a depiction of women who can be both smart and pretty, both sporty and girly, both intellectual and pink dress wearing.it does so sloppily and slowly and maybe inconclusively but it tries.unfortunately still a boring as hell guy still a boring as hell girl but also female friendship but also really terrible parents who maybe shouldn t have been redeemed and also a whole lot about bikes, which is weird as hell.bottom line i say again not the worst dessen but waaaaaaaaaay not the best. Reading Sarah Dessen is like walking into an air conditioned store after a hot, humid day in the sun Reading Sarah Dessen is also like drinking an ice cold smoothie after a long, harsh marathon And finally, reading Sarah Dessen is like eating comfort food you always know what you re going to get, a tasty, satisfying treat.Auden has just finished her senior year and looks forward to spending the summer like she usually does staying home and studying, while occasionally attending the parties hosted by her mom for her grad students However, instead of following routine like she usually does, Auden decides to spend the summer at the attractive beach town where her dad and his new family reside There, she meets her half sister, Thisbe, as well as her first group of real friends But the most alluring thing about the town is Eli an ambiguous, secretive young man who is an insomniac, just like Auden Late at night, they explore the childhood Auden never had they get to know each other, and open up from what has restricted them in the past.4.5 stars I really love Sarah Dessen s writing Previously stated by my plethora of similes in the first paragraph, it s just a comfort to be able to read her work The strongest aspect of Dessen s novels are her characters They are perfectly written nuanced, flawed, yet so extremely likable and fleshed out There s something that readers can relate to in every character whether it be the driven determination of Auden s mom, or the insecurity Auden has with failing, etc.The only reason Along for the Ride didn t receive the full five stars is because I felt there was something missing there wasn t the extra punch Dessen usually delivers in her books I just wanted to make it clear that it s not because of how formulaic some find her books to be I simply space out the time between her novels, so I don t feel like I m reading the same story over and over.Overall, very good I m already looking forward to reading another book by Sarah Dessen.Want to readof my reviews Follow me here. the thing that i love most about sarah dessen novels is the effortlessness and ease in which i am transported to a younger time, a carefree time when adult worries are forgotten and young love is all that matters sigh.however, i have come to notice that SD novels are very formulaic i mean, i get it if it aint broke, dont fix it and even though i have grown to a certain level of comfortability with her stories, i kind of wish she would break the trend every once in a while but she has a style and she does it well, so i cant really fault her for that.regardless, i think is probably my favourite story of hers so far i really enjoyed all of the characters and the storyline eli is freaking adorable my gosh i could have read a whole book about him but i enjoyed how he helps auden make up for the childhood she missed out on such a lighthearted story with a really meaningful conclusion and message this is truly sarah dessen at her best 4 stars