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When many people think of Christmas, they have in mind some idyllic holiday involving pleasant interaction with family and friends, festive decorations including cheerful fire and Yule log, good food, delightful music playing softly in the background, some time spent on not too taxing charity work, and so on It s a non sectarian commercialized version of peace on earth and good will to all.This is the Christmas eighteen year old Coco is hoping for But it s not the Christmas she s going to get, for alas, fate has other things in store Instead of the ingredients for the ideal holiday celebration described above, what she has on her hands is a recipe for disaster Ingredients 1 intelligent but sensitive teenager with issues and guilty secrets think Adrian Mole, but slightly older and female.1 charismatic boyfriend from the wrong side of the tracks 1 domineering and upwardly mobile mother think Hyacinth Bucket, but younger.1 submissive but caring father think Richard Bucket, but younger.2 fashionable guests with grumpy son in tow.1 party crasher hovering flamboyantly in background.3 lower class relatives of boyfriend.1 cuddly but independent turkey think James Herriot, but kicked up a notch or three.Pound, beat and mix ingredients until arms get tired Place in bowl Cover with crust of Murphy s Law Pinchard Pinch hard around edges Place on Kindle or bookshelf heated to room temperature Read until done Laugh your head off.Serves as many as you like. Being a big fan of Robert Bryndza s Erika Foster thriller series, I decided to give his lighter writings a go This is a cute fluffy short novella that introduces the reader to Coco Pinchard, the heroine of the author s Coco Pinchard chick lit series I finished this in two sittings today as I ate breakfast and lunch There is nothing deep here, but there are some great laughs My favorite parts were the scenes with Jean Paul Belmondo who is the turkey striving not to become Christmas dinner, and the rather disastrous Christmas dinner itself Coco s boyfriend Daniel s mother Ethel is a great character and I hope there will be of her in the Coco novels She provides some winning LOLs and helps neutralize Coco s mother, who frankly is a real b h Coco s words, not mine, but she s right I saw enough here to pick up the next book in the series I will save it for when I need some levity after a killer thriller or a bad day Recommended for all who would like a quick, light, humorous Christmas read. Robert Bryndza s romcoms have been on my radar for quite awhile now but I ve never found the time to squeeze them in or any of the other books I own since I always seem to be reading ARCs No complaining here though I am SO excited that I finally read the prequel of the series, A Very Coco Christmas and am honored to be on the blog tour I will be certainly devouring the entire series after this If you didn t guess it yet I adored this book There is something so incredibly refreshing about laughing out loud while you re reading It absolutely makes my day and makes me want to keep coming back for After all, we read because it s an escape and we want to feel and you will feel nothing but joy while reading this novella We re introduced to Coco and her boyfriend Dan, right before they are headed home from university for the Christmas holiday The year is 1985 so good and it shows here in its fashion, music, and automobiles There are pet turkeys and Christmas surprises and a whole lot of funny dialogue You will be laughing with these characters, I promise you that Thank you to Sarah and Mr Brynzda for a copy of this book off to read the rest of the series now I read every one of this author s crime thrillers as they are published but I only just found out he writes romantic comedy as well So just to dip my toe into the water I thought I would try this little Christmas novella.It made an excellent introduction Coco appeared as a student at Aberystwyth University in Wales and this was her first Christmas after meeting her boyfriend Daniel Coco s mother is a snob and Daniel s works as a cleaner so when the two families get together for Christmas lunch things are pretty sure to go wrong Very wrong in fact and very funny.A delightfully entertaining little book which caused me to load book one in the series onto my Kindle immediately I am looking forward to seeing lots of Coco. This is a short story by the author Robert Bryndza , whom wrote the Erika Foster series that I had read this year, and thoroughly enjoyed A Very Coco Christmas is the introduction to his Coco Pinchard Series A very different read from the Erika Foster booksThis besides being a Christmas themed book, was a bit on the romantic side, which generally is not my venue at all.However it is a funny little book, very well written, and enjoyable Did you know Robert Bryndza of the Erika Foster thriller series also wrote a series of rom coms A Very Coco Christmas is the zany and fun short story prequel to the Coco Pinchard series This is where it all begins for Coco and Daniel Coco is visiting home in London for Christmas after one semester at university She is completely in love with Daniel, a musician and not the sort of boy her mother approves of Coco s mother has her sights set on someone else and invites him and his parents to the Christmas dinner In short, a series of hilarious events ensues involving a named turkey, Daniel s mother and sister, and all the above folks I ve named already This is just the type of quick read one needs over the holidays to let out some laughter and look on the bright side I loved it and am ecstatic to be reading of Coco s stories Thanks to the author and Sarah at Book on the Bright Side Publicity for the complimentary copy All opinions are my own.My reviews can also be found on my blog www.jennifertarheelreader.com A Very Coco Christmas is a prequel in the Coco Pinchard series by British born author, Robert Bryndza Coco Karen to her parents has come home to England for Christmas after her first term at a Welsh University, with a boyfriend in tow Daniel and Coco are in love, but Coco is pretty sure her snobbish mother, who already has the ideal man all picked out for her, won t be pleased Daniel s carol singing stunt at their door confirms this, and hard words ensue A far cry from his Erika Foster series, this short story gives an excellent taste of Bryndza s earlier and much light hearted writing Coco s madcap antics combine with some quirky characters including a turkey called Jean Paul Belmondo to give the reader some almost slapstick romcom There are three full length novels and another Christmas themed short story to be enjoyed in this series Great fun The Christmas holidays can be a crazy time of year, and Robert Bryndza shows just how zany things can get in his short story, A Very Coco Christmas Prequel Short Story Having read only his first two thriller novels, I wasn t sure what to expect, although I was aware that he has also written romantic comedies But what can happen when a college girl from an upper class family brings her boyfriend s lower class family over for Christmas dinner Will it be lovely, or will it spell disaster with a capital D Karen, known to her university friends as Coco, is hopelessly in love with Daniel The trouble is, she is leery of telling her parents about him, since she feels that they are snobbish and judgmental Daniel, on the other hand, is happy to introduce Coco to his mother Ethel, who is one of those what you see is what you get kind of gals I got a big kick out of Ethel The other character I loved was John Paul Belmondo I think I ll just let you read the story to find out about him.This little holiday tale is a fast read and is thoroughly enjoyable I went from start to finish in one sitting with a single cup of tea It brought many smiles and than a few chuckles Now I suspect I will have to read the Coco Pinchard series 5 sparkly stars Full of humor, quirky characters, and Christmas dinner gone wrong I really enjoy Robert Bryndza s detective series, so I was excited to read this novella from his romantic comedy series It is book four and is a stand alone prequel to the novels in in the Coco Pinchard series.I really enjoyed this cast of characters and Coco won my heart over Coco attends a University and has come home for Christmas She knows it won t be easy introducing her new boyfriend, Daniel to her uppity and controlling mother Her mom has a certain image of what a proper boyfriend should be, but Coco isn t buying it.When Daniel s family arrives for Christmas lunch at Coco s parents house, it is like Beverly Hillbillies meet The Housewives of a London family The shenanigans had me laughing and trying to picture the entire chaotic scene.I wish I could say what happened, but I can t It was definitely a Christmas dinner not to be forgotten.Such a fun, bubbly story full of humor Grab the boxed set and enjoy all of Coco s adventures blog tour on 11 15 18 `READ BOOK ⇮ A Very Coco Christmas (Coco Pinchard #0.5) ☞ It S , And Eighteen Year Old Coco Pinchard Is Home In London For Christmas After Her First Term At Aberystwyth UniversityShe Has Started To Write, And Fallen Hopelessly In Love With Daniel Pinchard, A Devilishly Handsome Musician From The Wrong Side Of The River But Coco S Overbearing Mother Has Other Plans And Resumes Her Campaign For Coco To Meet And Marry The Right Sort Of Man , Preferably Kenneth, Son Of Her Best Friends Adrian And Yvonne Rosebury, Who Will Be Joining Them For ChristmasAs Snow Falls Softly Over The City, And Coco Tries To Juggle A Series Of Hilarious Events, The Stage Is Set For A Christmas Lunch Like No OtherA Very Coco Christmas Is A Delicious, Stand Alone Prequel Short Story To Robert Bryndza S Smash Hit Coco Pinchard Series, With A Glorious Cast Of Characters Including Daniel S Mother Ethel, Sister Meryl And A Turkey Called Jean Paul Belmondo