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This was a ton of fun, with an incredibly satisfying emotional payoff The characters are well drawn enough to evoke Cecelia Ahern without the magical realism with maybe a touch of Bridget Jones s Diary though a very light touch.What makes the book work, for me, is that I just liked Abigail so much She has been in emotional stasis for a long time and seeing her emerge, and mature, was just a whole lot of fun Frankly, it s a bit brilliant to take an ignorant observer and thrust them into the dating scene with an experienced native in this case, Robert Abigail s exploration of dating as a former outsider is fascinating as is Robert s often insightful guidance.And it doesn t hurt, of course, that Robert is such a fantastic guy As an indication of exactly how much I liked him, he still came across as studly tooling Abigail around London on a moped Hard to believe, I knowThe book went a little long in the middle with Abigail s hang up on the jerkwad jackwagon, Dave I get a week with a popular, charismatic party guy A month, maybe, with Abigail s inexperience But three months Gah Yeah, she needed the contrast maybe to understand that she isn t as emotionally detached as she thought she was And he serves as a wonderful contrast to the lovely Robert Even so, I think a good deal of that length could have disappeared and maybe improved the book a bit in the process.That said, the culmination of the book, its emotional climax, was well worth the wait I kept waiting for the cringe as the situation buildup was rather extreme and there were a lot of moving parts involved with complex characters I cared about strewn about the scenery But Burgess handled everything beautifully with a climax that flowed so well and naturally that tears actually flowed yeah, that isn t that great an accomplishment with me.A note about editions It looks like Avon originally published the book but that the author is the one with the eBook rights As such, the two aren t actually linked so if you hit on the hard copy it doesn t link the kindle book from there and vice versa That may be the case in other retailers as well with such a complicated rights issue The upside of this is that the Kindle version is extremely well priced for the quality of the writing The author messed up, some, on the formatting with what looks like one dialog word globally replaced such that if the quote starts with it you just get a comma Like this , I say It s a place marker word, though something like hmmm or m kay , so no real harm done.A note about Steamy There s sex in the book, and a make out or two that get pretty hot, but Burgess cuts well before we get terribly explicit It s just enough for me to flag as Steamy but on the lowest possible setting. So I just finished reading this bookand after all the back pain,the countless hours of sleep deprivation,the dark circles under my eyes, I have finally finished itand I just have to sayit was sssssssssoooooooo worth it I simply fell in love with the book and its characters I loved the way the author wrote this book from the starting to the acknowledgements It was simply brilliant I loved,absolutely loved Robert A guy who cooks,takes care of breakfast when you are late for work, who nurses you back to health, protects your virtue and faints at the sight of blood A man so loving and just perfect I loved him I admired Abigail s resilience and thought there were times when my heart broke as a consequence of her actions recall hotel room departure after they made love gasp I could relate to her And last but not the least, I must say I loathed that absolute cow belle and her stupid boyfriend All in all an excellent book A must read #Free Epub ⚛ A Girl Like You õ I Ve Discovered The Secret To Successful Singledom I M Acting Like A Man And It S WorkingAfter Breaking Up With Her Boyfriend Of, Well, Forever, Abigail Wood Must Learn How To Be Single From Scratch Her Dating Skills Are Abysmal, And She Ricochets From Disaster To Disaster Until Robert, One Of London S Most Notorious Lotharios, Agrees To Coach Her With His Advice, She Learns To Navigate The Bastard Infested Waters Of The Bar Scene And Practices The Art Of Being Bulletproof The New Abigail Is Cocky, Calm, Composed But What Happens When She Meets Her Match I cried I don t wanna talk about it.I love this book I LOL d I rolled around the bed one week so obsessed by the book by the time I finished reading it small rodents had settled into my hair and were debating expanding the nest to a small condo and I had gained 5 pounds from nibbling on whatever I came across in the house which, as nibblers know, is never good Again, I cried I said I don t wanna talk about it, but it should be mentioned that they were happy tears I don t often get happy tears I get sad lots, but true joy Oh yes, in this book.It was a lovely length I don t like short chick lit everything must be solved by chapter 6 and by chapter 10 she should be married no, no, none of that here Just a straightforward plot which was in all honesty predictable, but thoroughly enjoyable nonetheless Like walking into a scary house and expecting a spider to fall from the ceiling and instead having a net fall on you and you re on the floor gasping in fear and trapped while live tarantulas crawl up your leg Exactly like that Only funny and romantic.I had a few snags with the plot, but the characterization and romantic developments were fun One regret As always, every time I walk away from a chick lit book I find myself pawing through my wardrobe wishing I had a sense of style Would give to a fan of romance and believer in the one since that s the theme this book pushes relentlessly but a good relentless grandma gives me too much chocolate I m getting fat relentless. Read 2 Read 1 December 8, 2012 5 stars I m not a big rereader of books and especially not chick lits However there are certain authors and books for which I will make an exception This is one such case.How did it go second time around Bloody marvellous LOVE THIS BOOKBreaking up with him was the hardest thing I ve ever had to do There isn t much in books or music or films that helps you leave someone who is very, very nice but just not quite right He s not mean, you re not miserable, no one cheats It s just a sad, slow process of ending it So our leading lady Abigail finds herself single and back on the dating scene after a number of years in a steady but dull relationship but she s clueless how to act Enter her womanising new flatmate Robert who becomes her dating guru and teaches her the tricks of the trade of London s dating scene akabe detached, be bulletproof And obviously drama and hi jinx ensue Abigail is a great leading character She s so clueless and funny, yet nice and normal Robert is one of my all time fav book boyfriends He s just EVERYTHING you want in a chick lit boyf And the cast of supporting characters are a great addition to the storyline whenever they pop up This is just funny and lighthearted and I think I may have even enjoyed it the second time around four and a half stars rounded up to five Original review August 2014Love, love, love, love, LOVE Chock full of all the things I love in a chick lit likeable leading lady, swoon worthy guy, bags of humour and a storyline that I fall for every time four and a half stars A sweet light read Heroine annoyed me a little at times, but THAT ENDING Purrr fect Read reviews at The Beautiful World of Books The Rules of Surviving SingledomBe coolBe detachedAct brutalStay in controlBulletproofAlways leave them before they leave you BEWARE You are about to enter a very happy, rambling episode of Inside Aly s Brain This review probably won t make sense, but bear with me.When reading this book, you may encounter the following symptoms Lack of oxygen The Giggles Dizziness swooning Hyperventilating Weight gain from overeating of ice cream, cookies and other sugary products Unexpected flashes of anger HelplessnessGuys, guys THIS is the reason I love chicklits This book is the reason It s fluffy, it s cute, it has an adorable MC you just want to cuddle slap bitch at be best buds with cry over a tub of ice cream with, it has hot guys that you want to kick punch murder kiss cuddle do the dirty with It has a beautiful sister bond, an even beautiful family bond and oh my Christ, if you don t like this, we can t be friends.This is classic chicklit feat The Ugly Truth Sassy, witty, fluffy and romantic Swoooooon.The Summary After splitting with her boyfriend of seven years, Abigail Wood is single and very ready to mingle She can t remember how to date or even how to act around a guy without scaring them away She s desperate ew to mingle but has no idea where to start or where to stopEnter Hot, ravishing Robert, her flatmate and his six rules to surviving the single life and you get a beautiful, cheesy, fluffy book that will leave you giggling and sighing.The Characters Let s scream Hurrah for all these points NO annoying, pathetic, whiny Mary Sues Abby is fucking hilarious She s smart, sarcastic and witty and knows what to say in all the right and wrong situations I found it impossible to dislike her and even when she was acting like a complete dickhead, I still loved her unconditionally Her attitude and outlook on life is something to admire Even being stuck in a dead end job, she tries to see the positives in everythingIt s not perfect, of course the en suite bathroom is poky, and the wardrobe is tiny, but my clothes have adjusted very well to the transition They re such troopers.I look down at my black peep toes Yes, you, I think You re a trooperNO annoying, moronic, stalkerish psychotic Gary Stus insert hurrah fist pump here Robert is fantastic He s funny, hot, incredibly caring and straightforwardSexy outfit Sexual harassment in the home environment, I say sniffily Sorry You look like shit Go have some fun Luke, Robert s best friend and Abby s sister s fianc is a loyal best friend and brother in law He s witty and funny and defuses every situation quickly Let s not even TALK about freakin Dave It s impossible not like and relate to the characters With every page I turned, I found myself either giggling or sighing and trust me, even if you re out of breath after all the giggling and sighing, get an oxygen mask because you will feel the need to continue said giggling and sighing.I can t believe I didn t read this before Admittedly, I skimmed over this book when GR recommended it to me because GR s recommendations have been TERRIBLE so far It wasn t until the lovely Inge where have you been all my life that I decided to finally read this.And boy, I was NOT disappointed From now on, I vow to follow Inge s recommendations forever and always Don t let me down, girl.This story has many ups and downs and it s incredibly easy to read I admit it took me a while to get into it, but it wasn t the books fault I just lost the will to read this past week, so it took me much longer than the average book, but when I finally sat down and read it properly, it was unputdownable that is a word now, ok This GIF depicts everything I m feeling EDIT 7 5 2015 Lowered rating to 2 stars I ve been thinking it over and it doesn t deserve a three You know em, you love em, welcome to the stage Nice Natalie and Cynical Natalie Nice Natalie It s been a while since we ve been called upon to do a review.Cynical Natalie Because Ms Monroe was a lazy ass and didn t take notes So now we have to do her dirty work.Nice Natalie Oh, come now It s only because she doesn t know what to feel towards A Girl Like You.Cynical Natalie Well, I know exactly how I feel Abigail deserves to burn in hell with Nora Grey and the rest of them She s in her late twenties, but acts like a ditzy high schooler Nice Natalie Becky from Confessions of a Shopaholic is immature too, but we love her A lot of chick lie heroines are like that it makes them relatable.Cynical Natalie Are you kidding me I don t want to relate with her I don t want to be the same species as her She has no idea what the fuck she s doing We re 21 and we have a better grasp on life than she does Nice Natalie For now What happens when we graduate and can t find a job Or hate our job Abigail s situation resembles real life.Cynical Natalie Whatever And she keeps going on and on about Desperate Singleton We spend so much educating women that getting a guy isn t the most important thing in life, and Abigail won t stop whining about it.Nice Natalie Please, don t tell me you ve never thought about Desperate Singleton It s not anti feminist to want a man It is anti feminist to stifle literature about different kinds of women, including those romance based.Cynical Natalie Yeah, but it doesn t mean I have to like Look at the writing, for God s sakeI drew in a sharp breath, a bursting shocked feeling in my chestNice Natalie Okay, fine, that s a bad sentence But the rest of it is quite good.Cynical Natalie Her inner monologues make me want to drown her, save her, then drown her again.Nice Natalie Right So 3.5 stars Cynical Natalie I repeat, her inner monologues made me want to drown her, save her, then drown her again I m not going above two.Nice Natalie This isn t a poker game Cynical Natalie Like you know how poker works.Nice Natalie Neither of us knows how poker works Let s just mark it a three and call it a day.Cynical Natalie 2.5.Nice Natalie That s so mean Cynical Natalie Mean is my middle name Now fold.Nice Natalie STOP USING POKER REFERENCES Cynical Natalie Nice Natalie FINE But no putting it on top And the star rating stays three.Cynical Natalie Fine by me For those of you still reading, it sucks.Nice Natalie It really doesn t.Cynical Natalie Let them decide who to believe the honest, unapologetic reviewer Or the spineless, let me give you a consolation star reviewer Nice Natalie Hey Cynical Natalie Check fucking mate.Other Nice Natalie Cynical Natalie brawls reviews The Fault in Our StarsIf I StayDreams of Gods MonstersThe MartianMe and Earl and the Dying GirlCatching FireAll The RageAn Ember In The AshesHarry Potter the Cursed ChildThe Hammer of ThorThe Ship of the DeadCaravalWarcross Is that..Is that an angel singing out there Yep, I guess it is So, now I m gonna add a few gifs, just to let you know see how I felt troughout the book.Let s say, 15% done I was a little disappointed Confused I didn t like it 30% done And I was like mmmh, let s see what happens next 55% done I WANT MORE I WANT MORE.New Year s Eve s kiss THE Hong Kong Kiss and..Well Robert s final wedding speech IT WAS SO PERFECT.